UK – Heavy snowfall hits during lambing season

Farmers in dismay

3 Apr 2019 – Many parts of the UK woke up this morning (April 3) to snow, rain, hail and thunder.

The Met Office suggested that sleet and snow would continue through the afternoon in the north and west of the UK. Snow depths ranged from 12cm in Warcop Range and 7cm in Spadeadam, and 5cm in Aviemore, in the Scottish Highlands.

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11 thoughts on “UK – Heavy snowfall hits during lambing season”

  1. Nothing abnormal about this, it just does not happen every year. I can remember at least half a dozen times when April snowfall has occurred in Uk.

  2. they DID give plenty of warning it was coming so losses should have been minimal, really should have been nearly none with shelter placed early

    • That would depend on whether they have the space. Watching This Farming Life a farm had 7000 lambs – I doubt they could bring them all inside.

  3. There was a heavy snowstorm with thunder and lightning in the centre of London on wednesday afternoon. Then yesterday morning my trains were all cancelled due to iced conductor rail. Did somebody pack the deicing trains away too early? It was very warm on Saturday but plunged on sunday with a cold wind.

  4. I am UK based, hence my spelling of Whisky LOL.
    Over the past few days it got chillier after a long dry spell lasting a few months. Rain was quite heavy n all. The pavements are quite slippery with gunge and you do need to take care.
    I have a good link showing the snow scenes, including lambs:

      • From a statistical point of view you are more likely to get snow at Easter than Xmas. The reason, so I am told, is that the sea is at its coldest about March time not at the shortest days. This means things can really drag and a lot of us get seasonal depression along with colds, coughs and thinking our better days are behind us. I love Xmas and New Year with all the partying and high spirits (and I do overindulge LOL). Only I itch for warmer days and light nights where once the clocks change the sun sets 8pm which has to be experienced to be believed. I like sitting in the pub beer garden with my ‘usual’ LOL

  5. I think it’s OK to see these reports here. Since the MSM at large probably won’t report these events, low-information readers are likely assume things have warmed up everywhere and assume there is no more snow.

    Have the MSM said “hottest winter EVAH!” yet?

    These reports here are a way of keeping getting the honest reports disseminated more widely.

  6. It’s true that snow does occur in April every so often. But usually it’s just a flurry of snow, and as soon as the Sun comes out it all melts and the temperature goes up. This snow is different. It’s more like the kind of snow we’d get in Jan. Really chilly.
    Get ready for the LIA folks. 🙁 Burn that coal!

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