UK – Met Office warns big winter freeze coming

-14C temperatures predicted – Widespread snow and ice

7 Nov 2016 – Brits have been warned that the country faces a big winter freeze.

Road and rail chaos are expected after the winter’s first snow hit northern England and Scotland this weekend.

The Met Office is even briefing the Cabinet Office, emergency services, transport bosses and councils that November to January will see below average temperatures.

Polar Vortex imminent

The cause in the icy drop is blamed on Polar Vortex winds.

When this happened in 2010 temperatures fell to -16C in Wales and in 2009 temperatures fell below -16C in Scotland when the Polar chill came south.

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22 thoughts on “UK – Met Office warns big winter freeze coming”

  1. If I were in the UK I’d break out the barbecue – the UK met office has an abysmal strike rate for both summer and winter – hell all – predictions.

    • 🙂 snap, Rosco;-) that was my immediate thought too,
      every bbq summer turned out cold n wet i seem to remember

      but this cold was forecast some time the mets superduper puter isnt saying anything lesser funded sources didnt already
      musing on were the prior years La ninas as well?
      seems about right

    • I would agree with you except that last night, in Southern England, the temperature did fall to -3 C, which is very unusual, especially before Christmas. If we get snow here at all, it is usually in January and February.

      I suppose even the Met can get it right one time in a hundred!

      • It’s been very cold where I live too. Very unusual in the hottest November on record, according to the wonderful Met Office.

  2. Japan, Mainichi Shimbun 2016 November 7, Hokkaido morning edition: Record early November snowfall:
    In central Sapporo 23 centimeter early November and observation record number.
    Under the influence of pressure distribution of the winter monsoon was intensified, Hokkaido is 6 days, becomes the heavy snow in many places, in Chuo-ku, Sapporo was recorded snowfall of 23 centimeters.
    According to the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory, since 1953 it began the observation, it was most of the snowfall as early November.
    Winter tradition “Sasara train” for snow removal the trajectory of Sapporo power was also the first time dispatched earlier 18 days than last year.
    Down snow strongly around the central Hokkaido and Dohoku local, 24-hour snowfall.

  3. Off topic I know, but I have always wondered about the “new improved” temperature graphs we keep seeing. None of the new ones even faintly resemble the older ones as any warmth from the past is “corrected” into cold.

    There were plenty of reports about Arctic warming and ice loss in both the Arctic and Antarctic in the early to mid 20th century but the “new” graphs show no such thing and certainly no warming at the time.

    And I have always wondered why Irving was dreaming of a White Christmas – just like the ones we used to know. Was it perhaps because there were less of them due to the “now corrected” warmth during the 30’s and early 40’s ?

    • yeah charts got removed PDQ from the BoM
      in 2009 i looked up past highest evers
      and was not smart enough to copy n save the entire page just the link
      1930s record breakers from WA NSW and Qld were on a chart
      excuse was “housekeeping” and they put them in a fomat i couldnt even find info ON..hidden among many pages of data

    • The mid-30’s were the hottest years in the U.S. on record still. It was even incredibly hot in Maine. Most records set then still stand as the hottest. They were all set during summers, obviously. The recently revised NASA and NOAA temp charts show recent years as “the hottest years evah!”, which is simply not true for the U.S.

      Dont read too much in the song “White Christmas” since it was first aired just after Pearl Harbor. The movie came out the same year, I believe. It became an enduring hit because of it’s popularity among our troops in Europe during wintertime. I remember snow in the 40’s in Houston, Texas, for Pete’s sake. Playing in it in our back yard is one of my first memories. There are plenty of snow pictures from the 20’s and 30’s on Google, also.

    • Take Christmas cards, at least UK ones, they all show the Snow lying deep, crisp and even.
      Christmas cards started to be given during the Dalton Grand Minimum, the same pictures have become a convention.
      How about a few predictions, the next 6 European winters are going to be just as bad as the 2010/2011 winter. HC if she wins will be a one term President after she has to row back from removing carbon from the US energy production, due to the intense cold caused by the Grand Solar Minimum and the lack of wind/solar to power the nation.

  4. Parts of N. Ireland recorded -18C in December, 2010 with the cold spell lasting for weeks. Any repeat of such conditions will have a serious effect on the health of the elderly or other vulnerable people. This autumn has been strange. The normal westerlies bringing wind and rain have been somewhat muted. Perhaps we are set for a Siberian high to ridge westwards or a mid Atlantic blocking system. I think that this is more likely to happen this winter than in any of the past five.

    • yes, we had temperatures below -20 in the Grampian and Northern Highlands in 2010. At the weekend the BBC were showing a possible -9C in the Grampians for tonight, quickly increasing to -6 and now only -3, so reliability is not convincing here.

    • The westerly winds were shut down for ages By a Scandinavian High that was doing the blocking. This was extremely unusual to occur at the end on October. Hopefully it is not going to resume as those easterly winds will strip the heat out of everyones houses. The UK has not been having to deal with a true Eastern biased winter for 50 years. It will not be the elderly that will suffer as much as people think as they remember what will need to be done to protect themselves. It will be the fast food generation who cannot make anything that will be impacted more. I have watched the building of the new Million pound flats on the river thames and all they are made of is a bit of glass painfully thin internal walls. THey will turn into ice boxes.

  5. Any “prediction” (should that not be “projection”?) from the Wet Orifice needs to be treated with absolute skepticism as it is such a highly politicized organization. .

  6. in fact in many parts of scotland temperatures were lower than the big freeze of 1962 and 1963 it was there the coldest winter since the late victorian era

    • the coldest was the winter of 1981-92, when the all time UK minimum ( -27,2 C) was equaled at Braemar and there was also another sub 25C period at Xmas 1995.

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