UK – Panic buying empties shelves

Fights break out, shelves empty, as relentless snow hammers Britain.


28 Feb 2018 – “Shops across the UK are out of basics like bread, milk and medication as panic spreads across the country left under deep snow,” writes Rebecca Perring.

“Desperate shoppers queued for hours at stores in Kent, which has been battered by the snow blizzard.”

Shelves at Asda in Gillingham, Kent, were bare of bread, with similar scenes reported at Sainsbury’s store in Folkestone.

Up to four inches of snow will fall in most areas of the United Kingdom, with 15 inches possible in Scotland, meteorologists predicted.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this link

“The shape of shit to come,” says Stephen. “It won’t just be the British. I wonder how many years until they’re all dead.”

25 thoughts on “UK – Panic buying empties shelves

  1. This is still nothing compared to what is coming.
    Now people can still drive to the shops, what will happen when their cars can no longer move through the snow.
    The idiots in parliament can’t help you, they can’t even help themselves.
    Your on your own, do something.

    • Responsibility-free scaremongering. What punishment will you receive when this is shown be just a bit of weather that Uk receives from time to time? You deserve something severe…..forecast for next week is warmer, frost free nights. You will not report that, as that ould be responsible….

    • I agree. Four inches or fifteen inches is pretty tame stuff and ought not cause a panic. What will the Brits do if they get that kind of snow every hour almost continuously for days at a time? Commit Suicide?

  2. Yup, the Gore said himself in a little quip that lasted no more than 5 seconds or so in his first epic tale of an inconvenient truth … to paraphrase : Ice melted in Greenland , fresh water changed the salinity in the Atlantic,then the Gulf Stream currents that brought warm air to Europe stopped. A mini Ice Age ensued… amazing for the hours long adventure into globull warming that an inconvenient truth really does in fact fit as an accurate title… LOL

    • Yup ! Gore says the Arctic is melting and polar bears have nowhere to go !!


  3. You’re right Stephen, it happened in Ireland too, shops running out of bread, milk and vegetables!
    However, currently the people know that shelves will be filled in a few days, the trouble will really start when new stocks are at best, intermittent, or eventually non existent!

  4. Quote from MI5. ‘Society is always only 4 meals away from anarchy.’

    The veil of civil order is very thin, people will literally turn on each with only a small push.

  5. Entire nation of Ireland are staying indoors. Joking and having fun. The no its a joke because they rarely get snow. Wait until the power goes and people start freezing to death. What if the power to pump water fails. The weather will last 8 more days. The people will be f@cked. Socialism makes people like sheep and dependent on government.

  6. bloody ridiculous when they had a good week or so warning it was coming
    if people are so daft they dont consider getting their meds some longlife milk and bread in the freezer(or just outside in that weather;-) then they deserve to go without and make do.
    might make them pay attention and avoid the drama next time.
    Id love a breakdown of the ones doing the panic buys
    the young/ the immigrants and the urban yuppie “we eat out we dont cook at home” sorts, would be high numbers i think.
    the oldies and the native born UK etc you would think to be a tad more with it..or one would hope so;-/

  7. We will be fighting in the streets for food and eat each other alive long before we are covered by ice!
    Ever heard of the yacht herders in Siberia? They kill the yacht and eat the eye balls for protein. But they have to skin the yacht before it freezes after the hunt.

  8. Where I grew up (New England) we always prepared for winter storms in the fall… stocking up no less than 2 weeks worth of food, more if you have room for it. My parents kept a large freezer in the basement and lots of shelves… which they filled with canned goods they bought in bulk. Never ran out.

    I have always kept at least a month worth of food in the house, even in a smallish apartment. Same reason, just did it routinely… and never ran out.

    Don’t forget the toilet paper!!

  9. I live on the edge of the city of Belfast. At the beginning of March we should be getting a high of 8C-9C. Today, March 1st, the temperature is still below freezing in the early part of the afternoon. Further south in Ireland people have been told to get themselves indoors by 4 pm in preparation for what is coming from storm ‘Emma.’

  10. What happens to the store shelves here in the US when the media hypes up a snowstorm or potential hurricane? Milk, bread and eggs are gone in a heartbeat.

    The real problem will be when a snow storm last days or a week. Followed up by frigid temps will be salt on the wound.

  11. There is a fine old American tradition called “voting with your feet,” i.e., leave. Find some place that is warmer.

  12. Don’t believe what is in the Daily Express in the UK they are the most exaggerated newspaper in the world akin the UK’s old Sunday Sport

  13. 1. A parcel of documents send by express courier from South Africa last week has been “in transit” in London since Monday, while a similar parcel was delivered in what seems to be the Outback in Queensland on Tuesday. Is the delay in London reflecting inefficiency or is it caused by postal disruptions?
    2. Are solar panels and wind turbines affected by the cold conditions reported in the Northern Hemisphere?

    • Solar panels don’t work when covered by snow.
      Wind turbines have to be turned of when it gets to windy !

  14. Peter McDonald says to not believe the Daily Express which may be good advice however there are multiple sources cited including the Telegraph which says
    “But the majority of power supply today will come from wind turbines which over the morning generated 13.4GW, or over 27pc, of all the UK’s electricity.”

    So what will happen when the wind turbines are turned off when storm Emma arrives ?

  15. I watched a brilliant documentary on BBC4 last night ‘The Great Freeze’ of 1963 in the UK. Worth a look.

    Today we’re even more dependent than the people of that generation. It all begins to fall apart extremely quickly when the water pipes freeze and the food supplies stall. We could be in real trouble a few years from now.

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