UK set to have coldest Halloween in 100 years

-5C with snow predicted

UK weather: -5C Halloween set to be ‘coldest in 100 years’ as SNOW predicted

Also from the DailyStar, another article about where the “bitterly cold” mornings and snow are expected over the next three weeks:

The Met Office has forecast  and “erratic” weather ahead from this weekend, subjecting Britain to an “early winter” onslaught.

The Met Office suggests temperatures will stay “mostly below normal” until November 17, meaning the cold snap could last three weeks.

The bitter spell is expected to kick in on Thursday night.

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“Interestingly, the article also says this from the betting pits,” says H.B.: “Bookmaker Ladbrokes has slashed odds on this winter going down as the coldest ever.

“With temperatures set to drop into single figures, odds have been slashed from 7/2 to just 3/1 on this season being a record-breaking winter.

“Meanwhile, the firm is offering a 5/2 shot for any part of the UK to have a ‘white Christmas’”.

14 thoughts on “UK set to have coldest Halloween in 100 years”

  1. On a very cold evening at a bus stop i noticed a shivering young lady rubbing her hands together in an attempt to warm them. I spoke to her noting how cold it was saying it seemed winter was coming early this year. Amazingly but perhaps unsurprisingly given the currupt lying media and brainwashing education system she casually attributed the cold to what else… global warming, saying jokingly yup global warmings gonna kill us all.
    So i pointed out the tamperred data the satellite records the failed models and predictions and so on. she was surprised as she was unaware of all those things but still insisted its all due to co2.
    Whats so laughable and also very troubling is that since the narrative has been changed to anything and everything is due to climate change, it seems very probable if not certain to me that very many people will not think twice during the grand solar minimum to blame snow in july on global warming. Cold equals warmth, double think at its worst. So you see nothing will convince these people.
    Have the deceivers have won? Have the loser lying ipcc fake scientists scum won? I sure hope truth will eventually prevail but the level of deception in the education system and media is so prevalent and pervasive that i wonder if this co2 narrative will ever die out.
    Our children wont know what snow is…ya right..our children will be burried in snow, and it will all be because of global warming and people will believe that…So sad.

    • God gave us brain and free will, so we can use it or not.
      Some brains are so empty that they don’t even need to be washed!

      • God gave you no free will. He is not a humanitarian. In fact He created most to send them to Hell just like animals. If you are not one of His sons you are as useful as a rabid dog. Only the few accept the Truth and obey.

    • The NAZI party in Adolf Hitlers 1930’s and early 1940’s Third Reich managed to pull off a similar kind of mass indoctrination. The only difference being that in their day everything that were going wrong were blamed on the Jewish. Now 2018 everything that is going wrong is being blamed on CO2 levels. Going back further in time to the 17th Century during the 1666 Fire of London and the Parliamentarian Civil War everything going wrong at that time were being blamed on “witches” and “witchcraft” emanating from the Catholic Monasteries, so much so that the mob burned them all down and although you never hear about it in school history lessons, nevertheless it is a fact that Oliver Cromwell during his eleven years of rule personally over saw the burning of no less than at least 100,000 “witches”. It is a form of mass insanity and paranoia called SUPERSTITION. It is running rampant as ever before in the past and it is getting increasingly worse. As a student of medical science I consider such mass insanity as being the first manifestation of the disease plague. Second manifestation being hideous sores and then comes the third and final manifestation being internal organ failure and DEATH. According to the World Health Organization we are now living in the post antibiotic age. SUPER BUGS are killing more and more people. Since 2010 in the British Isles the numbers of those getting a super bug infection whilst visiting a hospital has quadrupled and the numbers are just going up and up. Super bug forms of STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases are also going up and up. Spiraling out of control. Mass insanity is the first sign of wide spread infection.

  2. Blocking high parked to the west of Ireland, Arctic low parked over Scandinavia generating a squeezed Northerly airflow of Gt Britain.
    The high has ridged northwards from the Azores High over the last 2 weeks, following the Large Coronial hole facing the earth last week, that long lasting coronial hole should return around the second week of November, in time to reinforce the High as it move east to settle over Scandinavia.
    A November beast from the East.

  3. well i dunno how they can think it wont be cold and snowy myself
    a 3 week cold run before dec when the real cold is due…is a hint to prepare i reckon.
    next will follow the tales of woe from the idiots trusting the met i guess

  4. Sorry but this is from James Madden who does this every year with his totally inaccurate forecasts from Exactaweather. It does this website harm to publish this sort of thing. The models you can see on Ventusky show no such thing happening.

  5. Gerry, Aye, you’re on the ball with this one. I am very cynical about Madden’s predictions and Nathan Roa’s reports. We’ve had cold October’s before ( 1980 and 1981) with cold winters to follow and mild Octobers ( 1962) with severe winters to follow, but my experience in Scotland is that snow before Halloween is never a good sign.

    • Ron, the BBC is forecasting significant snow showers in parts of Scotland the next seven days, as well as a wadge of snow from east of Paris northwards on 30/10.

      I would not rule out snow in London, but Madden is certainly not a person to look to for reliable forecasts.

  6. Well, I’ve got friends in Ulster, and this evening they told me that it was really cold, and that snow could be expected on high ground. Maybe Ventusky is getting it wrong?

  7. I think Robert should be very wary about putting too much credence on these reports from the British tabloid ‘toilet’ papers, as it may detract from the credibility of this site. Certainly looks like a cold Halloween in Scotland with heavy snow above 1000ft, but record cold does not look likely or any substantial incursion of the Arctic air as far south as London. Standard models are all over the place as to what is going to happen in early November, but a prolonged cold period does not look likely.

  8. I live in Belfast. At Halloween the normal highs are around 10C-12C. Today, Friday, the expected high is around 10C. Nothing unusual there except that the wind chill will make it feel much colder. Snow is most unusual in N. Ireland in October even on the higher hills. There may be a little on Saturday on tops over 1500 feet. Saturday is expected to see the lowest daytime temperatures at around 8C, but, yet again, it will be the wind chill that will be noticeable after such a mild autumn so far.

  9. Well, as I write this it’s 2 degrees according to the thermometer outside my window, very close to the house, and It’s been hailing non stop all morning. My pals in ulster told me once again that it’s cold over there. And they’re staying in a seaside town. Where the climate is often much milder. We better get used to this kind of weather because it’s the future. We’re all going to wish there was such a thing as global warming.

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