UK Winter to last until June

‘Coldest start to May for more than 70 years.’ In fact, temperatures could hit the lowest ever recorded for May.

This weekend looks set to be the coldest start to May for more than 70 years, says the Met Office. The bitter weather, more like winter than spring, could drag on until June with weeks of snow, harsh frosts and heavy rain.

It is likely to be colder than the Arctic with Honningsvag, Norway, the most northerly village in Europe, falling to just 0C overnight.

The last time it was this cold here was on May 4, 1941, when the temperature fell to -8.9C in Braemar, Scotland.

“It is difficult to believe we are a few weeks away from midsummer. It is going to feel more akin to the end of November,” said Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Services. “Temperatures (are) woefully shy of where they should be for the time of year.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said parts of Scotland could see snow settling on higher ground.

Note: Piers Corbyn of already warned that this could turn out to be Britain’s coldest May in 100 years.

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13 thoughts on “UK Winter to last until June”

  1. Interesting as I believe March was one of the warmest on record… must have been our Summer right there.

    As for this month, well I woke up this morning to a small dusting of snow; not much, but snow….

    I’ve never seen it snow here in May, (Live in North Yorkshire, 8m above sea level)

    My mum says the last time she saw snow was the late 70’s early 80’s but I can’t confirm that.

    • Piers also has a good track record of extreme events elsewhere in the world – the floods in Australia, virtually the exact track and severity of hurricane Irene way before Irene even formed, extreme heat in Texas, extreme cold in NE USA, etc. I can’t recall the exact dates (careful study of Pier’s website, press releases, videos, etc. will confirm the details), but he forecast these and many other events weeks and even months before they happened. His methods are the most accurate long range methods I’ve seen. They are based on good science, and clearly show that CO2 warming is at best a mistaken theory, and at worst a hoax so governments can exert more control over their people, extract more tax from them, and reap huge grant subsidies for the vested interests that so influence all governments.

      Amongst many other researchers, Piers thinks we are now in the beginning stages of a mini ice-age. It may be time to start storing food and other survival essentials so you can help yourself, your family, friends and local community survive increasing food shortages and bad weather. Preparations which our rotten governments should be making for us, but they are too busy riding the gravy train, making political capital out of an over-hyped Olympics, or waging costly (and thus profitable!) wars on terror aimed at increasing their control of independent central banks and a terrified electorate! At least an ice age would be natural and not a man-made Hollywood epic for political ends!

      It’s a beautiful sunny day here in West Wales in the UK. The world is beautiful, and will be even in an ice-age. It’s the machinations of the greedy and power hungry which leave an ugly stain on the landscape. Here endeth the lesson.

      I’m not really bitter, twisted and disillusioned – just looking forward to the time when we are all given the truth instead of spin, on the climate as well as everything else. Those times are coming soon – June could see the start of more than just good weather.

    • You’re right John, and as I’ve said before… During the 60s and 70s I used to think that snow in those areas, even during the early summer months, was pretty much commonplace.

  2. Wasn’t it just 10 or so days back the MET office was slamming Piers Corbyns public spirited Warning of just this??
    I do believe it was..
    lying hypocritical 2faced bas**rds.
    If youre reading this and weather events can ruin YOUR life and income then maybe go to weatheraction and join up.
    relying on what passes for weather assistance elsewhere is a big mistake ..bigger computers at taxpayer expense, means faster bigger garbage out.

  3. Temperatures are set to rise 4 degrees next week.

    It’s certainly uncommon but not unheard of. We had snow down to 450m in Scotland in 1989 in June – I was walking in the Cairngorms that weekend so saw it all. When I was a kid, we had one night of snow in NW London in May in the 1970s (first time we used our toboggan several years after buying it after Christmas 1970).

    All that’s happened so far this year is that the seasons are all reversed. Not great for the garden, but the overall Mar-May temperatures won’t be ridiculously off normal…….

  4. I remember a show on CoasttoCoastAM radio show about a coming Ice Age coming to the British Isles. It seems the show was foretelling the future.

  5. Although the cooling isn’t going to be steady, I think recently we’ve seen some general trending toward cooler events, more in the southern hemisphere which the media does not pay much attention to than the north.
    We had a warm March in PA as well – while it was snowing in the middle east and Africa – and not much snow in the winter, yes, just like several other winters in the 80s, 90s and 00s. But we had 8.5″ of snow on Oct. 29th (a record for earliest significant snowstorm) and a trace of snow on April 23rd (not a record, but very late). Frosts in mid May 2009. The spring and fall months will show the greatest differences. I expect to see September frosts and snowflakes in May before I see global warming.
    In the southern hemisphere, even more pronounced. Robert has posted many articles about Australia and New Zealand. There are places in southern Brazil and Argentina that did not see any snow at all from 1918 until 2007 and have seen it in 3 or 4 of the past 5 winters now.

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