UK – Worst wheat harvest in decades – COLD & WET

Shades of the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age.


The UK’s worst wheat harvest in about 40 years has prompted fears of higher prices of flour, and subsequently of bread and other flour-based products.

Due to heavy rain last October, only 60% of what would normally be planted went into the ground. Add in the sunniest spring since 1929, substantially drier than usual, followed by the wettest February ever recorded, and you get the picture.

Recent droughts, with the longest period of temperatures above 34C since records began in 1961, followed by August downpours and thunderstorms have reduced the quality of wheat, according to the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and reports by Sky News.

The story goes on to bemoan the fact that “farmers are grappling with increasingly wild weather, as concerns about climate change mount.”

“Concerns about climate change.” That’s shorthand for “concerns about global warming”.

But instead of global warming, I think we should be more concerned about the number of days we have experienced with zero sunspots and the possibility of entering another little – if not full-fledged – ice age.

During the Maunder Minimum, a period of about 60 years of zero sunspots, the UK’s rainy season lasted a few weeks longer each spring and began a few weeks early each fall. That lead to disastrous crop failures and literally millions – yes, millions – of people starved to death.

As I’ve been warning all along, I fear that we will be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice. e-hike-fears-101101142.html

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this link

NOTE: The BBC blames the dire wheat harvests on ‘climate change.’


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  1. This is exactly what Dr. Valentina Zharkova predicted when she publicized her 2015 paper ‘The Hearbeat of the Sun’.
    While this world class astrophysicist (with a strong background in statistical analysis) focused on her ground breaking view of the existence of multiple, asynchronous dynamos within the sun, she noted that recurring historical manifestations arise in the earth’s climate.

    This has horrified the CO2-obsessed players and caused the marginalization of this seminal work. (97% correlative accuracy spanning 400 years).
    With the trough years being 2028 through 2032 of this imminent Grand Solar Minimum, misfocused efforts will cause catastrophic consequences, with reduced crop production being at the forefront.

  2. Someone recently posted a comment or article about China already beginning food rationing. Was this because of recent high rains & flooding or preparing for a changing, cooler climate? Or both.

    • be the flooding as even stored grains have gone rotten, a massive amount of the animals they had left after culling half a million pigs from ASF and birds for flu as well..wont be needing feeding
      but even so theres some alive, need keeping alive
      theyve bought the largest amts o corn n soy from usa recently btw.
      all through asia the drought/floods/locusts have caused havoc so there wont BE much extra for anyone to export.
      moving into LaNina in Aus so all going ok our wheat barley and rice etc should do very well in the majority of areas.
      but ever, nature decides not man.

  3. Talk to Tony Abbot the new Australian trade negotiator for the UK. Australia has enough wheat to supply the UK, or will have once the Chinese Communist Party decides to punish Australia again. We also have wonderful quality barley & the best beef! DidI mention the best wine?

    • we mightnt sell much wine to the poms
      the french have an excess due to covid dropping sales steeply they reckon
      so theyll offload to uk cheaply as EU places do subsidised to the nth degree, unlike Aussie product.

  4. Robert I hope you are archiving these postings because people are going to need to be told that they were warned at some point in the future. Good job though keep at it.

  5. musk going hard time.040000806.html
    Elon Musk produces battery-driven “clean” cars, but needs “clean” nickel and other metals, where no sulfur is emitted during the metallurgical process of recovering those metals from sulfide ores. Ha-ha!

  6. Robert , you also have been homogenised , tricked into believing that there have not been strong heatwaves in the past through this article . The lying and cheating of british institutes during the last decennia has been worldfamous , for instancethe climategate scandal that was covered up by government employees . How about lowering past temperature-readings with pseudo-scientific arguments that readings should be brought in line with satellite measurements ? Where are all the missing heatwaves of the past , not only in england , but also in the rest of europe , the usa and australia ? Nowadays the books of John Steinbeck are more accurate than the official adjusted NOAA -records .
    We owe Tony Heller a big thank you for setting the records straight about climate . Is there an englishman we may thank as well for acting accordingly ?

    • Stephen Bird In May 2019 half of Australia was in severe drought and had been for a number of years, and still was until early 2020 when many districts got good rain. All part of the low solar cycle pattern I believe, drought in South Africa too. So there was a grain and hay shortage then. Now there are crops in and or harvested. So we are exporting again. Also, despite the drought, one of the factors that kept stock prices high was demand from China for protein, amongst other countries. So not a parallel universe, just a change in the weather, and things change quick on the land.

    • That was last year due to the bad drought,just look at the dateon that article.This year we will be back to normal,good crops

  7. Hurricane Laura will be there soon to muck it up worse.
    Another typhoon headed for Korea, just forming now.
    My Grandfather sailed from London to get out of the endless wet weather. He installed the first telephone system in Hawaii , in the King’s palace. Alohaaaaaaa.
    Me Mum’s Father moved west to Seattle from a frozen homestead in Winnipeg. Prussian roots, via London, said it was time.
    Watching weather is in my DNA, always been a glass tapper. I’m spending all my time gearing up for this winter, so much to do.
    Peace, out.

      • Mum’s mum was Irish who were miners, Dad’s mum was Scottish who were shippers. So, Prussian, English, Irish, Scottish is all I know about.
        No Russian ,wise ass. Fook you and your borscht.
        My Irish Uncles would kick your ass just for looking at em wrong. Irish, hard working ROAD BUILDERS you fooking PUNK ASS PUKE STAIN ! WE MADE AMERICA GREAT YOU NOTHING TWIT. FOOOK YOU !
        You ever build a freeway? You ever do anything but be a fooking jackass? FOOK YOU!

  8. Quote: ” Add in the sunniest spring since 1929, substantially drier than usual, followed by the wettest February ever recorded, and you get the picture.”

    I believe that “the wettest February” was followed by the sunniest spring.

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