Ukraine – Severe freeze may damage winter grain crops

10 Jan 2017 – Lack of snow cover (less than 2 inches) on the fields leaves them vulnerable.

Meteorologists forecast that air temperatures will fall to 13-17 C below zero, perhaps even to minus 20 degrees.

“The current level of snow cover is insufficient for reliable protection of winter crops against frosts harsher than minus 15 degrees lasting for five days,” said analyst UkrAgroConsult on Thursday.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

The BBC contradicts Reuters on this, says Argiris. The BBC says it’s not very cold in Ukraine, not colder than minus 8C, and that there is heavy snowfall.

In fact, there is so much snow that it hampered traffic in 4 areas and travel is still difficult on several roads in Khmelnytsky and Mykolayiv regions.

There is so much snow that rescuers removed 1,500 cars and almost 4,000 people.

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  1. The BBC over the last two days has started to admit that Europe is having a severe cold period.
    However, since the turn of the year the Environmental team has spent much, if not all of its time, lambasting Trump over his plans to upset the AGW apple cart in America, defund the IPCC, defund the biased University Climate departments, and put both NOAA/NASA and the EPA back on track of serving the American people, rather than their own Green Political Agendas.
    The BBC charter requires it to be politically unbiased, yet Climate opinion which isn’t wedded to the region of everlasting warming and that Carbon energy production is the worst sin that the west has foisted on the world, is banned from airing their opposing views on air.
    To be honest I would privatise the BBC, force it to stand on its own feet, in the process place the Public Service Broadcasting requirement on Channel Four minus the bunch of biased socialists which has infested the BBC.
    The BBC and most of the MSM lefties are completely politically biased against the new administration in the US, they want socialist collectivism to rule, and they want the UN enhanced into a world government.
    Yet the current working example of how it would work in practise – The EU has failed completely, it has No control over its borders, a religious war of terrorism is being fort within its borders, Political bullying is widespread particularly if a proposal goes against the French speaking political section of the EU. Its budget is completely corrupt with various Criminal organisations such as the MAFIA deeply embedded into the finances of the EU. Its currency is designed to provide high benefits to the industrialised north at the expense of everyone else.
    In this situation, with this amount of corruption embedded within the new UN at its conception, it would turn quickly into a world dictatorship far worse than the Third Reich, Pol Pot, or even North Korea, with no prospect of it ever being repealed into a democratic organisation which works for all human kind, rather than simply being there to reduce their population to low manageable numbers.

  2. Looking at the weather map at
    show quite a bit of regional variation.
    The text (thru’ Bing translate) says —

    To the East and South columns thermometers offer up to 5 degrees. Today, 12 January, Ukraine will be cloudy weather. Snow day in the East, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions of moderate sleet with rain, sometimes wet snow and freezing rain. On ice roads of the country. Afternoon temperatures from 0-5 degrees of frost, in the East, in the Azov Sea and Crimea 0-5 degrees. Wind mainly Southwest, 7-12 m/s, in the Carpathian Mountains, and in the eastern part of the gusts of 15-20 m/sec. at the forecast of Ukrainian hydrometcenter. In Kiev a thunderstorms. Ice on the roads. Wind SSW 7-12 m/s. 1-Temperature 3 degrees of frost. On Thursday morning in the capital of atmospheric pressure is 738 mm Hg. c., humidity 97%. In Lviv are expecting snow. Ice on the roads. Wind Southwest, moderate. Temperature-2 …-4 ° С. In the Dnieper River moderate wet snow. On the roads of ice in places. Wind SSW, a moderate, places gusts 15-20 m/s.

    I can not imagine the BBC correspondent would look any further than a few cities and airports for weather info, while the locals (reporting to Reuters) will highlight the difficulties with the food outlook.

  3. so do you listen to those who are living there?
    or to the bbc?
    sorta guess i would go with locals
    maybe the beeb oughta send some “reporters” there

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