UK’s coal plants to be shut down ‘within 10 years’

“The UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025 with their use restricted by 2023,” says this article from the BBC. 
Relying on “polluting” coal is “perverse,” says Energy Secretary Amber Rudd.

Instead, she will recommend that gas become “central” to the UK’s future, with building new gas-fired power stations an “imperative”.

Al;though environmental groups welcomed the phasing out of coal, they criticized the  plans to focus on gas instead of renewables.

The speech comes amid concerns in some quarters that the UK could suffer from blackouts as a result of short supplies, brought about in large part from the closure of a number of power stations that have come to the end of their working lives.

Tony Lodge, who has published a report on the UK’s energy needs for the free-market think tank Centre for Policy Studies, said Britain was on the verge of an “energy crisis” with electricity demand set to outstrip available supply in the near future.

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“Environmental groups welcomed the move away from coal but criticised plans to focus on gas instead of “very expensive and highly subsidised” renewables,” says J. H.

The cost of which will hit the poorest UK workers and families living below the living wage the hardest,” warns J. H.

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  1. The Malthusians are alive and well as they work to relieve the Earth of those irritating humans who just want to keep warm. Gates-Zucherburg-Google-Soros-Obama. And Bernie who says “climate change” is worse than Islamic Jihadist terrorism.Oh well.

  2. These plants are well over their initial design life of 25 years – I was a project manager on the last one built. So to say that they will be shutting them down in 10 years is BS. What the government spokesperson should have said is that since Thatcher privatised the Central Electricity Generating Board (to undermine the coal miners) no one is going to be able to afford the £15bn it will cost to replace one. This is nothing to do with climate change theory but everything to do with ideology – this particular government is not going to admit that saint Maggie (along with saint Ronald) messed up our economy. People are too dumb to see through this.

  3. I’m a really cynical person. It’s seems to me as if they are using some form of Hegelian dialect on steroids.

    The politicians are mere actors, however both the policy bods behind the scenes and the corrupt scientist know they are lying so we have a scenario where it’s not misguided policies that will cause distress and chaos, that is the actual policy. This would seem to go beyond the left/right paradigm as there is only ineffectual protests from MP’s/Representatives in any parliament anywhere. I also wish that Americans would stop it with the Obama this….Obama that, as if the man had any more power than any of the other Muppets that not only the Americans but all the rest of the world continues to elect and re-elect.

    The climate change fraud is the most obvious model of how our own Governments are waging a war on us. Nothing new there but what happens when it becomes obvious to the great majority? It was somewhat easier to get away with WMD’s because of the political landscape with religious and racial hatreds.

    This issue is virtually a neutral one hinging on the integrity of the scientific community which now lies in tatters. It also lies in the ability of governments to respond to change (sadly we have given up on expecting even a smattering of integrity in politicians), even if those of us who do not buy into this fraud were wrong as far as we can tell there is no contingency planning. Governance, at least good governance depends on planning for every conceivable outcome. As this is not been undertaken in any way shape or form it the only possible conclusion is that they are leading us into a dystopian nightmare.

    Are the present escalations in war and terrorism part of this or merely a sideshow. If we condemn them by their own words then it’s merely a sideshow as Saunders reckons that Global Warming is a greater danger than terrorism.

  4. Where are they going to get the gas to fuel their powerplants? The North Sea? Russia? For National Security it would be in their best interest to use both Gas and coal.

    • And nuclear! The two nuclear stations I worked on have been decommissioned – we still have the expertise to build a new one and train the next engineers but we have allowed the national Infrastucture (including the steelworks) for building them to rot. So it looks like we are going to PFI them using Chinese expertise. We won’t need power stations anyway because we have no industry left. And what does this all have to do with climate change? It is all a symptom of being ruled by politicians who have no clue about science or industry and so make crazy decisions based on political ideology and not science. We are doomed .

    • Fracking of shale deposits, which is a good thing in my view.
      Given that the Solar Minimum over the next 5 years will cause a UK wide energy crises with widespread blackouts, economic disruption of valuable trade output etc, and will only get worse right up to 2035 and then slowly get more normal by 2056.
      The people and the press will campaign for a change in direction to energy security. The green terrorists and their fellow travelers the anarchists will mount violent civil unrest. Which will be answered with plastic bullets with any luck, and then inter the lot.
      I expect that the electricity interconnectors will be useless as the providing countries will want every watt of power them selves.
      Wind power will be useless, not because there isn’t any wind, far from it, but because you can’t let the blades turn with 2 “of ice on them.
      So I agree, you may need to reserve the remaining Coal stations for winter use and increase base load during the winter. It would also help the UK politicians to get their collective thumb out and built a few replacements, or convert a few coal to Gas stations, rather fiddling while Rome burns.
      As a suggestion convert Rugeley “B” to become a model multi fuel station, burning gas in the summer and coal/wood chip in the winter. That way the massive investment in the station can be recovered after rebuilding of its major smoke stack.
      There are several Coal plants in the English midlands in process of being closed, convert them to multi fuel use.
      In an energy crises, the market will cease to work as the price per megawatt will go through the roof to the point where the owners won’t get paid, and they turn off the station making the situation much worse.

  5. Possibly the most expensive way to generate electricity is with diesel generators and if it mattered, they produce far more CO2 per kW than coal power stations. The UK has a problem that when the wind stops the grid has a sudden power shortage so they are purchasing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of generators in shipping containers (from China) to place at strategic points on the grid.
    How are they going to cope in the future when they have sacrificed their coal base-load stations ?

  6. A conventional thermal coal unit like Mt Piper in NSW Au takes 72 hours to start up from cold and uses over 100,000 litres of diesel to pre-heat the boilers before adding coal. It damages the power station to let it go cold and then re-start it so they try to keep it ticking over even when there is no need for electricity on the grid and this is why night-time off-peak water heaters were introduced. You might as well use the surplus generated power for something.
    Britain’s 13000 MW of turbines are the opposite in that they only produce power 15% of the time and to date have never exceeded 8000 MW of actual supply to the grid at any one time. (the reasons for this are varied)
    It’s absurd to suggest that coal base-load power could be replaced by ANYTHING in the UK by 2025. By then the climate will be decidedly cold in the British Isles during winter and I’m guessing that after only one winter of power-cuts there will be a change of government and the old coal units will be re-instated.

    • Lockheed Martin are set to fire up their “proportional containment” fusion reactor for the first time (so they tell us).
      If this happens then the entire debate will switch to cars.

    • With what, the four current major parties Cons. Lab. LIb and S Nats are just as bad as one another with their fixation on Climate Change and not investing ihe countries infrastructure as its too expensive and it increases the borrowing requirement.
      All four of them are in fact different versions of the same nasty party with regard to looking after people who have to work for a living to make ends meet in the so called UK.
      The people who earn just above the so called living wage have allways paid and will always pay in the future the most taxes to the Establishment Junta called the Crown.
      This is the political structure created during the act of settlement between England and Scotland when the King became a figurehead head of state and the Establishment Junta took power. Power isn’t vested in the people in the UK, they are ecconomic vassels to be used as the Junta see fit.

  7. greentard whiteanting at its finest
    chew away at the guts of a nation..until its so weakened it literally crumbles from the inside and collapses under any pressure.
    Id say some savage winters would provide that pressure
    theyll be hung with nice “green” hemp rope mayhap?

  8. We shall see, when people get cold and hungry I got a feeling not only the climate will be changed. It may take voter influence, and thats scary in USA. 10,ooo more syrians, just another drop in, hmmm, now who would refugees vote for, the odumborats or those nasty repubicans who armed the enemy and caused it all?

  9. Why are the UK residents so afraid of a little warming ?

    Even if the claimed extra 2 degrees by the end of the 21st century comes to pass – and that seems unlikely – the UK will still be several degrees cooler than a hell of a lot of places where people of European descent happily live – in fact the vast majority of UK residents who move to Australia wouldn’t go back if you paid them despite the different social lifestyles.

    Historically the average temperature of a city like Brisbane is 22 degrees C and that is 16 degrees C above the average of London yet the inhabitants – including the UK immigrants – seem to survive quite well.

    Global warming is highly unlikely to increase London’s average temperature by 16 degrees C .

    • The vast majority of the UK inhabitants would welcome 16C average temperatures year round. That also implies SST levels above 26C in the Western Approaches in late summer, we wouldn’t want to convert Spanish Plume thunder storms into reasonable sized tropical storms, and we have sufficient rain as it is.
      No it’s the Westminster Bubble which is frightened of warming and the adverse public opinion whipped up by the Paper based Press such as the Independent and the Guardian, and that the Green Terrorists are heavily funded by the large numbers of political soft left within the country. You have to remember NIMBYism:
      It is the fundamental political driving force within UK politics and it is the reason why the UK is in decline, it is aligned to that other force of social interference in other peoples business, whether it’s not affecting you or any of your business. It can be summarized as the socialist propensity in making other people conform to your poor values for political control reasons and insist that you dumb down to their levels.

  10. Do not worry. By 2025 it will probably be them problem of the new Islamic government & Allah will provide

    • Yes and the 6 Billion martyrs ISIS will kill in the process, leaving 1.2 billion Muslims in bondage to ISIS and the perversion of Islam they practice.

  11. Gas burns with far less emissions because the CO2 is stripped out at the processing stage and discarded into the atmosphere. The question is not whether the Amber Rudds of this world know because we can assume with confidence that they don’t, the real question is how much CO2 is removed because it may well be far higher than the emissions of burning the equivalent amount of coal !
    The dilemma is that it is wrong of us to hang them upon their own petard when we know that CO2 levels are long past their saturation point and therefore harmless.

    • CO2 is already at saturation levels within the world oceans. Sea water on average contain 50X more CO2 than the atmosphere.
      Increase the surface level temperature of Ocean and it will release more CO2 to the atmosphere. Cool the general temperature of Oceans by the normal process of sinking, heavy, dense arctic sea water more CO2 is retained in the world’s oceans.
      This is why the main CO2 sensors readings in the Hawaiian Islands are suspect as is they are in an area where sea water is regularly above 26C as it is in a tropical storm region. The oceans are emitting CO2 to the atmosphere in the central pacific and not absorbing it as they do in the arctic regions.
      The only energy source which can regulate the worlds temperature of its oceans isn’t Man is the Sun and the Earth’s normal progress around Sol, moving from summer into winter. It’s a cycle get over it, adapt, move on, there is nothing to see here!

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