UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

Back in November 2017, a United Nations climate report warned that even if every country should abide by the grand promises they made in Paris to reduce greenhouse gases, the planet would still be “doomed.”

The report said unless global greenhouse gas emissions peak before 2020, the CO2 levels would be way above the goal set for 2030, which, the report went on, will make it “extremely unlikely that the goal of holding global warming to well below 2 degrees C can still be reached.”

Well, it’s now 2020. The list of what needed to be done by 2020 included: Boosting renewable energy’s share to 30%. Pushing electric cars to 15% of new car sales, up from less than 1% in 2017. Doubling mass transit use. Cutting air travel CO2 emissions by 20%. And coming up with $1 trillion for “climate action.”

Oh, and coal-fired power plants would have to be phased out worldwide, starting right then.

According to the report, “phasing out coal consumption … is an indispensable condition for achieving international climate change targets.” That means putting a halt to any new coal plants while starting to phase out the ones currently in use.

“Good luck with that,” said this article on investors.com. “There are currently 273 gigawatts of coal capacity under construction around the world, and another 570 gigawatts in the pipeline, the UN says. That would represent a 42% increase in global energy production from coal.”

And that’s just the beginning. It is my understanding that during the next five years Japan intends to build 22 coal-fired power stations to replace its nuclear power plants. Those 22 coal-burning plants will be built at 17 different sites in Japan.  It is claimed those 22 power plants will emit almost as much carbon dioxide annually as all the passenger cars sold each year in the United States. And don’t forget the coal-fired power stations being built in Germany, China, and God only knows where else.


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12 thoughts on “UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud”

  1. Has anyone sent a copy of this report to Greta?

    How about sending a copy to every cockamamie liberal you can think of, with the caption “You lose, we’re going to burn up”.

    They can read it while they are looking out their windows at 7′ of snow.

  2. It looks to me as many of the countries have and are following a policies of Do as I say to their public, but not as I do in energy generation planning and construction.
    With the exception of the UK, who still cant build a single Nuclear Power station untill 2050 and remain cursed the Labours Climate Change Act, which has simply exported industries and Jobs to China.
    Improvement can be made – Defund the UN Ologarcy for a start
    and the Climate Alarmism will disapate.

    • While a Labour government came up with the Climate Change Act only FOUR MPs voted against it so the liberal Tories can’t duck their complicity with this mental Act.

  3. Here in Australia we have idiot central promising “Net zero emissions by 2050”.

    They have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, they do not understand the impossibility of replacing all mining, agriculture and international transport with zero emission technology .

    Just to show you how gullible people are we have this story:-


    “Scientists Built a Genius Device That Generates Electricity ‘Out of Thin Air'”

    “We are literally making electricity out of thin air,” says electrical engineer Jun Yao from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “The Air-gen generates clean energy 24/7.”

    Firstly nothing generates energy !!!!

    Energy can not be created nor destroyed – merely transformed from one form to another !!

    But this story has already run amok amongst the gullibles !

    Whilst I do not doubt that these scientists have generated a few microvolts of electricity using the techniques and that they may be able to develop this it is simply impossible to scale the amount of energy contained in water vapour in the air to the point where hundreds of kilovolts will be available to drive transmission of electricity to our cities and factories !

    Roger Pielke Jr wrote an article on reaching the 45% by 2030 target and showed it required the world building a nuclear power plant and shutting down an equivalent coal plant EVERY DAY !

    He also showed the enormous amounts of either solar or wind, with the closure of the equivalent coal or gas plant, EVERY DAY.

    Net zero by 2050 (or any time really) is a stupid “catch phrase” with as much chance of happening as if politicians promised a pink unicorn to every one who votes for them – actually the unicorn promise has slightly more chance.

  4. greetings from New Zealand……..the latest from Boris, all airports will be closed by 2050!! UK only. I could be still around, happy person, 87 in August!! It would be fun to travel by ‘electric planes’?? regards, Trevor.

  5. rather funny, now it needs to get spread widely on faceache and other media the sheeple go to, because they dont get their info anywhere but there and msm and they sure wont run it.
    and of course email it to all and sundry too;-)))

  6. The UN can also admit a lot more. What to say about the role of WHO w.r.t. corona virus? What to say about her Migration Pact in which also climate change plays a significant role? Apart from this. I just heard a talk about a new world order,i.e., restructuring the way money has been rolling last decades. The spread between the low income and the top income is unjustifiable. In that restructuring plan, climate change caused by humans, which is for simplicity put equal to climate change, is one of the main reasons to restructure world’s finance. Can’t imagine what that means but the drawing conclusion is that unbiased opinion(s), like climate change, to say the least, are (is) used to push through this justified believe to get out of the present financial mess. It also makes clear that the mission statement of defining climate was, maybe, how to control climate for the benefit of humans.
    P.S. It is expected that the temp. on the artic will rise soon temporarely 20C, that will be used as a justification of the upheating of the world, not the fact that ‘ice’ increased last decade.

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