UN seeks urgent climate action to PREVENT “greening” of Sahara Desert

Why? I thought the whole point of  the fight against global warming was to create a greener world.

Six thousand years ago during the Holocene Climatic Optimum the Sahara desert was covered in lakes and vegetation. All this went away when the world cooled. Some of the poorest people in the world, descendants of survivors of the great drying, struggle to survive by scratching a living in the Sahel, the marginal land on the southern edge of the Sahara.

But now, thanks to global warming, the Sahel region of Western Africa will get wetter, according to WMO’s Regional Strategic Office Director, Filipe Lucio.

Wouldn’t you consider this good news?

Imagine the benefits to Africa and Arabia, and other arid equatorial regions, if global warming restored the ancient Monsoons, which failed 6000 years ago after the end of the Holocene Optimum? Northern Africa and Arabia could once again be like the Garden of Eden.

But no. “Overall, Africa needs to take action,” said Lucio. “Action is needed today in terms of adaptation, but also is needed tomorrow in terms of mitigation.”

Lest you be mislead, please understand that the initials ‘WMO’ stand for the World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. Can we really believe anything they say?


Here’s the UN report:

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  1. There is a gold mining company based mainly in Egypt that has now started to encounter problems which is have a drastic impact on their ability to mine. the main cause of the problem is groundwater that is now appearing and they are going to have to drill boreholes to drain this. A perfect example of how the water is returning and going to increase!

      • Where did i say I wanted this. Can you please highlight for me. I was just pointing out that this has happened and dot expressed an opinion.

      • Yes. I would certainly destroy the ground water to mine for GOLD. The water and GOLD have been there together so what is the big deal? Ground water runs through the ground. That means dirt, dead dinosaur bones, gold, etc. What is the big deal?

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  3. Lest you be mislead, please understand that the initials ‘WMO’ stand for the World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. Can we really believe anything they say?
    … dunno… always trusted the IPCC before. Of course they can stop global warming/cooling anytime they like because… technology… and psywar psyops you silly wabbit;).

  4. 20 years ago it was the absolute disaster of the southward spread of the Sahara that we were all supposed to worry about, now it’s the return of the savannah. We do not live in a static world, when will they understand this?

  5. The reason to reduce global warming isn’t to prevent any “greening” of the planet as you know very well.
    It’s to prevent a runaway warming which could threatened our very existence.
    It might be wetter in North Africa now, but in a couple of hundred years time, if global temperatures continue rise it won’t be.
    Also, I thought this website said global warming was a hoax and the figures had been altered to fit the warming agenda ?

    • I never said global warming is a hoax. I say MANMADE global warming is a hoax. Global warming – and global cooling – are due to natural cycles.

      • I really Wish people would read instead of just coming on posting words into other mouth miss stateing facts like that Robert.

    • Robert Filex never said Global warming was not happening as filex said both warming and cooling are repeated cycles of our clock work earth Round table.What he disagrees with and is questioning is it caused by humans.in truth you can admint to us having very slight effect with out the crazy agindas but even with slight input our effect would not out perform the natural cycles and global warming cooling ice ages will contunes to cycle regardless of what we ever do.

  6. Just read the UN report. You know, does anyone really care if Africans die in floods, mosquito borne diseases etc? Sympathy only goes so far, eventually you just have to admit they over populated their environment and it needs adjusting. Adapt or die, it is just Darwin at work right?

  7. Hail damage in Libya. 17 November, 2020
    Watch .. hail fallen in Zelitin and Khums, in large quantities, causing damage to cars.
    The fall of the “cold” on the city of Zliten and the Khums, in large quantities, resulted in heavy material damage. As it caused auto glass to break for some
    Activists on social media circulated pictures of large-sized colds and their accumulation, in addition to the damage they caused in some cars, and they also shared videos showing the falling of cold in significant quantities up to the moment.

  8. lifes classic moments of hilarity are provided by fools like these;-)))
    if it greens the moisture wil help spread the growth slowly
    but they cant have that!!!
    all the non event climate reffos they wont have
    so much scaremongering they’d miss out on.
    maybe even a war or famine less to be raved about
    tsk tsk how dare it rain!!

  9. Wow! The lies never cease and the numbers of people who buy into this stuff is shocking! I believe I learned 45 years ago that North Africa used to be full of cedar forests. I believe China already has designs on this region for food growing … they know its getting wetter there again, all due to climate change, just not global warming! The UN is one of the most nefarious organization there is!

  10. Andy, One of many things which TPTB don’t want you to know:
    “Primary water” is newly produced by chemical processes within the earth & has never been part of the surface hydrological cycle. Created when conditions are right to allow oxygen to combine with hydrogen, this water is continually being pushed up under great pressure from deep within the earth and finds its way toward the surface where there are fissures or faults. Japanese researchers reported in Science in March 2002 that the earth’s lower mantle may store about five times more water than its surface oceans.
    Pal Pauer of the Primary Water Institute, one of the world’s leading experts in tapping primary water, says a well sufficient to service an entire community could be dug and generating great volumes of water in a mere two or three days, at a cost of about $100,000. The entire state of California could be serviced for about $800 million.

    “The Fertile Crescent, which stretches from Israel to the Persian Gulf and includes the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq, is supplied at its easternmost point by a cave in an iron-red limestone cliff. This flow becomes the Jordan River. At its westernmost point are springs. One flows from the foot of a buttress on Mt. Hermon and another pours from the cliffs in waterfalls. A spring in Oregon flows at 690 million gallons a day, a spring in Missouri flows at 800 million gallons a day, and a series of springs along the Snake River in Idaho flow at 3.5 billion gallons a day.”

    This is the most technical site:
    According to the pyrolite mantle model of
    Ringwood (1975) an amount of water of between 4 to 21
    times the mass of the present ocean (1.4 •1021 kg) could be contained in the entire system. Applying a crystallographic . . . .

    Now WHO would want us to believe that there is a fresh water shortage (while they buy it up)?

  11. How fascinating to think that springs of water in Idaho feeding just one river system could produce 3.5 billion gallons of water per day.

    Considering the geological evidence of massive and sustained flooding in Idaho; such as Missoula Floods, Belt Formation Sediments miles thick, and evidence of oceanic fossils in mountains thousands of feet above sea level, is it not possible that this Primary Water system could have produced a global flood?

    4 to 21 times the mass of the current oceans would be enough to bury the entire world in water… If my understanding is correct. Even doubling the amount of surface water should be enough to drown almost every human city on earth.

    What kind of astronomical or geologic event could release that primary water?

    Also, what implications does this have towards the theory of Earth’s water being delivered by comets? If earth was once molten with little atmosphere and now has a molten core/mantle/tectonic system and, the most of the water would have sublimated or evaporated. So, this water being “domestically produced” seems to throw a monkey wrench into modern science.

    I am very interested in the implications of this research. I look forward to hearing more.

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