Unbelievable snowfall in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine – Video

“I’m from Moldova and I’m 36 years old,” says reader.

“What is happening now it has never happened in my life. The amount of snow is incredible.

“We are not talking about March. We are talking about the end of April when normal temperatures are in the low twenties Celsius.

“This is unbelievable what is happening in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine at the moment.

“Google the news.”

Here’s a short video from Moldova dated 21 April 2017:

5 thoughts on “Unbelievable snowfall in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine – Video”

  1. do not google anything anymore, they are actively harassing websites which produce alternative news.

    Use other search engines from now on.

    • There is another detailed video of a person walking in his neighborhood and showing the damage that was done by the late unprecedented snowfall in Chisinau, Moldova. This kind of snowfall has never happened since they’ve been recording weather data for Moldova in 120 years. It was a shock for local people who recorded this event in detail.


  2. Looks like kids in Europe will still know what snow is during April in 75 years from now, despite these idiots in the media telling us 17 years ago that nobody would know what snow is anymore.
    I guess they must still be hiding under their blankets!

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