Snow total in Washington, DC far under-reported

The snow-measuring device at Reagan National Airport where official snow totals for the nation’s capital are recorded was buried in the blizzard, leaving weather observers unable to record the true amount of snowfall.

The device, called a snow board, is supposed to be placed on the ground where it will not be affected by high winds or drifting snow, then wiped clean and replaced every six hours.

Blizzard of 2016
Blizzard of 2016 – Courtesy Weather Channel

According to the Washington Post, 17.8 inches of snow had fallen at the airport as of 8 p.m. Saturday. Although snow continued falling for at least another four hours, that 17.8-inch number was the final measurement submitted to the National Weather Service.

The mix-up, according to the Post, may have kept the blizzard of 2016 from breaking into the region’s top three snowstorms on record.

A massive snowstorm in 1922 dumped 28 inches of snow on D.C., while the Blizzard of 1899, which dropped 20.5 inches, was the capital’s second ranked snowstorm.

Considering that Baltimore, Maryland, 43 miles to the northeast, received 29.2 inches of snow, and that Dulles Airport, just 29 miles to the west, received 29.3 inches of snow, and that many surrounding areas recorded more than 30 inches of snow,  I think the odds are good that if it had been recorded correctly, this storm would have knocked the Blizzard of 1899 completely out of second place. By far.

In fact, it might even have moved into first place.  

Oh well. It’s interesting, how such mistakes can be made in a world devoted to the man-made global-warming mantra.

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  1. The Reagan National Airport “final total” will become the low marker for the great storm, just the same as the UK highest temperature at Heathrow Airport was inflated by 4C due to its location at the northern edge of the airport in the reverse thrust wash area of heavy jets landing that day and became the marker for the warmest summer on record in the UK.

    The Gullible Warmist will use every trick in the book to continue the never ending story of (manufactured) world wide increasing temperatures.

    How many more sequential harsh winters will it take, before the people take note and fire the AGW gerrymanders and political fraudster that represent them. Meridional jet streams are now able to take snow as far south as 23 Degree lat. the same latitude as Cuba. We have at least another 20 years of this kind of winter weather, with the worst yet to come.

    • absolutely! We have at least 300 years to go with these types of winters – and much colder after 2018 as we move into the main phase of the little ice age, followed by the other 3 ice age cycles which are also due immediately . This means total death for most people.
      There was a long comprehensive report out a few years ago on how inaccurate these “official” surface temps are. These reported temps (especially the max) readings are completely off the mark. They have thermometers that are in “hot” urban areas – right beside AC units downtown, parking garages, directly above hot asphalt in summer – EVEN beside BURNING trash cans in one instance – if you want to believe it!! Just insane why they would use an observation like this to attempt to fool anybody stupid enough to actually believe that observation!
      It was mentioned that this reading was 16 degrees F too warm because of that location – on a frosty morning when people are scraping heavy ice off their windshields and told that it’s 43 F outside. They are NOT fooling anybody! Never use surface obs in urban areas for climate data at any time. They should be disregarded as “highly” warm biased.
      Also do not trust NOAA’s reports either for long term temp data. The standard deviation charts they use have reported areas in the -3 to -4F locales as “normal” for a 30 day period in question, while locations that were normal were painted as “above normal.” Such an instance occurred in March of 2003. It’s just one damned lie after another!
      Prepare for a colder and snowier climate as we head into an ice age!

  2. How exactly do you measure .1 of an inch of snow and why would you ? Its 28 inches or 29 inches of snow period.!

  3. This is laughable. I work in the metro DC and Baltimore area. Our company has told us to stay home, telecommute, and stay off the roads Monday. This is true for Tuesday as well. Listen to local DC radio traffic and online. You will hear how they are still struggling to clean up, with dissapearing lanes(under snow plow pilings) still on the major highways.

  4. I agree 100 percent here. The Reagan DC airport likely had at least 28″ of snow on the ground considering 4 more entire hours of snowfall, which were neglected. The snow obs were way under reported! And I would not doubt it was unpurpose – somebody might have told them not to record the true snow depth because we have an idiot in the Whitehouse who is so insanely devoted to this man made GW trash to destroy the USA in the process. They are obviously so embarrassed by the real magnitude of this storm – so they do anything they can to hide the truth from the extremely gullible public. Especially considering the fact that they told the world 16 years ago that snow would be a thing of the past?? They lie thru their teeth about snow depth measurements and record cold temps! Just like the economy, which is in horrible shape with the true number being about 93 million Americans unemployed. Those “fake” jobs that were created since 2010 are nothing more but low paying part-time jobs in the first place which don’t really count – plus according to military news reports, we never killed Bin Laden either. Those were all lies! Terrorist groups are getting stronger! You can check out the report on that from an intelligence official (now retired) who reported on this on
    Americans better wake up! Everything in this administration has been a complete lie since 2009.
    Donald Trump for President!

    • The coming economic disaster of fake global warming will bring the Western Nations down but everywhere else will thrive. Time to leave.

  5. Given time and increased frequency of such events that is sure to follow as we head toward another Maunder Minimum. There will be no longer be any way to deny or massage the numbers.

  6. The media here reported that New York had its second highest snowfall, no other mention of anywhere else in the US. Nothing on Europe, China, Japan etc.

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