Do not underestimate Cat 1 storm, FEMA warns

27 Aug 11 – Though Irene has been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, Federal officials are warning residents in its path to not underestimate the mammoth storm.

“If you’re in a hurricane, you’re in a hurricane,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in a briefing this morning at FEMA headquarters. “We anticipate heavy rain, potential flooding and significant power outages throughout the area of the storm, which means all up and down the Eastern Seaboard.”

Expected to reach Norfolk, Va., by Saturday evening, the National Hurricane Center projects that Irene may weaken slightly but will remain “near hurricane strength” as it approaches New England.

Hurricane Irene caused as much as $1.1 billion in insured losses in the Caribbean, moneycontrol .com reports, just a fraction of losses that could arise from damage on the continental U.S.

A computer model run by catastrophe-insurance provider ICAT of Hurricane Irene’s potential impact puts the estimated damage at $4.7 billion,

The figure includes destruction of homes, cars, public infrastructure and other property, but does not include lost sales from closed restaurants, stores and casinos and canceled flights.

However, the most recent forecasts indicate the storm might not even be a hurricane when it reaches the Big Apple.


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13 thoughts on “Do not underestimate Cat 1 storm, FEMA warns”

  1. Hopefully this won’t give people a false sense of security the next time around. What I find utterly laughable is the media doing it’s level best to keep people pumped. They are going to have their monster storm no matter what! It won’t surprise me to see YouTube videos surface of media camera crews pushing over outbuildings so they can prop their talking head in front of it to show all the destruction this massive hurricane is causing. Hilarious really.

  2. Doomberg and Nobama want everyone to flee…so government money can be wasted for their care in shelters.

  3. While USA is facing Irene, Philippines Taiwan and China may get the same treatment from mother nature.
    Have a look! Click for larger picture.

    I live in southern Philippines and we got plenty of rain lately.
    Notice the unusual pattern, the sharp left turn, like someone is trying to correct its pathway?

  4. I saw a fox news reporter, who must have been standing in a wind tunnel between building, being blown around but people in the shot behind him walking casually around without any strong winds hitting them. It’s like they are searching out areas where they can make it look the worst. From what I saw on the news all they had was some minor flooding and minor damage from wind. Just a big storm.

  5. Dave is right. Obama is continually trying to distract people from looking too deeply into his fraudulent birth certificate, etc. His presidency will always be remembered as infamous.

  6. I saw something funny…some reporter was covered in this foamy junk from the ocean. He wanted to make it seem REAL REAL BADASS. The thing was, he did not realize it was sewage mixed with seawater!

  7. This storm cut off A LOT of power especially in the Richmond Tri Cities area which almost 75% are without power due to RIPPED poles and several hundred thousand in NC.

    That means the power crew will have to invest into each damaged pole and find a way to replace it which will be a lengthly process.

    In fact: I wonder if the PGE power equipment parts is/are even still made in the USA or if those pieces are made in China because I don’t think Richmond has enough parts if it’s as bad as they say and Pepco/Dominican electric are hurt pretty good or bad *depending on your view* as well but not like North Carolina/SE Virginia.

  8. Since Richmond got hit hard and this was only a *weak* cat 1 hurricane I can’t imagine what the infastructure would be like in a cat 3.

  9. They are saying a lot of Richmond people at the very least will have to spend a couple nights in the dark and I think they are being conservative in that department.

    Usually power outages are longer then they think from my experience.

  10. The danger in this media over-hype of Irene is that the little boy who called wolf may apply.
    Next time a real danger comes along Joe Public may not pay proper attention to the dangers.

    Irene had in Meteorological terms “lost it’s eye” before making land fall so should have been addressed as a serious Tropical Storm.

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