Underground hacking conference reveals how easily voting machines can be hacked

Can be hacked within six minutes ! ! !  – See video: “How Hackers Can Target Voting Machines.”

Following the world’s largest underground hacking conference last year in Las Vegas, NBC News’ technology correspondent Jacob Ward provided an inside-look into how hackers can target voting systems with ease.


Ward learned that Dominion’s Image Cast hardware is easy to hack. So easy, he says, that if the would-be hacker can remain behind some sort of screen, the machine can be hacked within six minutes. (Dominion voting machines were used in several states during this year’s election.)

2 thoughts on “Underground hacking conference reveals how easily voting machines can be hacked”

  1. why on earth would anyone trust electronics as vote storages anyway?
    insane idea.
    you want hard copy and even thats been fiddled with!
    the signed outer envelopes i gather were discarded
    so rechecking becomes somewhat iffy
    id say a total REDO of the votes and all on paper and ALL to have both parties reps present.

  2. Now why am I not surprised?

    The other night I was having trouble sleeping due to my allergies … and I started thinking about this whole topic of the Dominion software problem. I realized that if one could get into the guts of that how easy it would be to include code in the processing (not a “glitch”, but something they put there on purpose) to add a little bit of code that would switch results.

    I did coding as the major part of my job for years, and could figure out easily how to do that in SAS and also how one could had that in a macro that would get called up and easily hidden without an audit trail. I recently read that that equipment was also originally designed TO allow voter fraud… and it is totally believable.

    I think the only “solution” to this problem (where we’ve had something like 30 states use their equipment)… is to require all states that used it to do a 100% recount by hand (not using a machine)… and then bad use of that equipment altogether. To offset cost there should also be a lawsuit against the company for faulty equipment.

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