Underwater Volcano – Looming Tsunami Disaster in the Caribbean

Underwater Volcano – Looming Tsunami Disaster in the Caribbean

Kick ‘em Jenny has erupted 12 times since 1939.

An estimated 40 million Caribbean residents and 22 million annual tourists face a very real and possibly imminent threat of catastrophe, says this article on environmentalgraffiti.com.

According to a recent study by a United Nations conference that analyzed Caribbean earthquake and tsunami risk,  around 75 tsunamis are estimated to have claimed 3,500 lives across the Caribbean Basin in the past 500 years.

In the Eastern Caribbean, the major suspect that could generate such a tsunami lies submerged beneath the offshore waters of Grenada and the Grenadines.

Posing at least a 50% chance of generating a significant tsunami over the next 50 years, an underwater volcano named Kick ’em Jenny is slowly rising from the ocean floor to the surface.

Lurking 590 feet (180 m) below sea level and with a base 3 miles (5 km) in diameter, the colorfully named volcano has erupted 12 times since 1939. During the 1939 event, an eruption cloud shot nearly 900 feet (275 m) above the ocean’s surface during an eruption that lasted for 24 hours, while a 7-foot (2-meter)-high tsunami washed into Grenada and the Grenadines.

Sitting on a “subduction zone”, where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge plate is being pushed beneath the Caribbean plate, Kick ’em Jenny sits in a highly active seismic area. If a strong tsunami is created, its effects may be felt throughout the entire Eastern Caribbean, across a large swathe of islands stretching from Antigua to the Venezuelan coast, and potentially beyond.

Sooner or later, Kick ’em Jenny will undergo seismic and volcanic convulsions as it continues its slow journey to the ocean’s surface and claims its place on the Caribbean map.

And contribute to ocean warming, I might add.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how every otherwise interesting story has to be presented with some alarmist twist – I guess its the same old story – alarmism sells copy.

  2. When it erupts, it will be the fault of Co2 and GlobaloneyWarming or maybe the Obama, the new Markuk, the modern Sin, the real Allah; not getting re-elected….

  3. How in the hell are the oceans going to release the heat thats already there if it keeps getting replaced with more heat? Correct me if im wrong, the oceans would have to release heat content very rapidly for an ice age.

  4. Reindeer calves are freezing to death in July here in our cold Swedish summer and last winters snow are not melting away (latest climate-related news here in Sweden). So much for they global warming fantasy!

  5. Rosco friend its no a alarmists story but a fact that’s nature of volcano you never know how big or small but I was living I not want to be near the shore any way when that volcano weakens I also agree Peter you never experience natures raw power many people has this idea it not happen to me wake up and smell coffee no one is immune from nature’s fury all those ones who been killed in the past by nature’s power R.I.P

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