University College team predicts one of the coldest winters in decades for UK

‘Beast from East’ to make bone-chilling return

Based on studies of current sea temperatures and a weather system over the north Atlantic, climate experts at University College London say a freezing vortex of Arctic air is expected to hit the country in the next four months, with temperatures plunging to their lowest in decades.

They predict it could be colder than the Beast from the East, which saw temperatures in the Cairngorms in Scotland drop to -14°C.

The team, led by professor Mark Saunders, told The Sunday Times: This would rank “as the seventh coldest winter in the past 30 years.”

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“So now we know why they’ve changed it from Global Warming to Climate Change or Climate Disruption or Climate,” says Sonya.

“Here is a headline and study you don’t see the warming alarmists acknowledging,” says Dawn.


15 thoughts on “University College team predicts one of the coldest winters in decades for UK”

  1. Just liars. The same dross trying to take down your NHS.

    Hemp oil, vit c in time-release iv or liposomal form would nuke 50-70% of big pharma

    Then add taking blood out and ozonating it and wow we would have so many great tools.

    Then grow your food and eliminate the glyphosate and other toxins.

    Ulktra wealth dross with money in tax havens not pay their share at all, let alone some type of fair share.

    I work for myself and capitalism can work. Byt ultra wealth are into oligarchy and not real competition.

  2. Long live George Orwell.

    Today we are at war with Eurasia, tomorrow Oceania.

    The truth is what we tell you, do as you are told, or we will have our jackboot on your face.

    The truth is the victim here.

  3. Actually, the warmists will claim the record cold is caused by warming. They already have a polar vortex caused by global warming excuse.

  4. curiously the weird wind patterns up very high over Antarctic aren’t giving Aus that much cold or rain(yet?)
    the supposed hotspot has managed to reach a HOT (NOT) minus 21c when i checked yesterday
    ok it IS “hotter than minus 70ish on the outsides of the wind pattern
    but its not exactly hot
    I AM curious to know if the warmer air has wiped the ozone hole down there???
    as they form in extreme cold upperlevel temp events
    ie why they are always at the poles
    but sometimes elsewhere like over russia and the UK a while back
    for our pommy readers see if you can find ozone hole info over the uk when the beast(lol) occurs, my bet is it WILL occur but mention by msm will be a big fat ZERO

  5. Global Warming is a rather stupid term to begin with.. Earth’s Temps – when viewed over periods of time – such as e.g., 2,000 years, undergo many call it moderate yet noticeable periods of warming and cooling… So, any one of those e.g,. warming periods, could be labelled as “Global Warming” and vice-versa.. . However, to have gone on a (False) ManMadeOnly (never Momma Nature) GW campaign for the purpose of Carbon Taxation, replete with dire predictions which were duds thus exposing BS climate models AND their Modelers – AS IF the Globe now shall forever Warm unless Man empties his pocket$ – had to be replaced with CLIMATE CHANGE – for reason that the Globe stopped Warming !

    CLIMATE CHANGE? Another Stupid Label.. For, Climate always Changes … And, with images of the prior ICE Glaciations and “Little Ice Age” etc., in mind – no one has ever denied that well-known fact.. that – of course, Climate Changes!

    And If Climate Changes to the V.Cold? .. Blame it on CO2!

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time.” – Abe Lincoln

    WHEN/IF The Climate very adversely affects Food Production, can we really expect the Liars to say, “I’m Sorry. We were wrong!?

  6. Surprisingly the report seems to use sound reasoning as opposed to models so they may well be on to something,

  7. Sorry to say but most years those are the predictions. ….I’ll wait with baited breath …uk is so hard to predict a jet stream switch by just 200 miles can massively alter things

  8. Agree with Tony, a few years ago we had temps of -19c in central Scotland (Cairngorms -27c) while London was basking in +5C.

  9. Thanks Robert for posting the UK Press info.I read it yesterday in the Sunday Times, a leading UK newspaper.
    It must be remembered…as I keep saying…….that even Mid-Wales is at 52 degrees North, the latitude of Newfoundland and Siberia.
    So a High Pressure over Sweden from January , will bring in bitterly cold easterlies from Siberia. If the heavy cold air……..or High Pressure…….sticks over Sweden for 2 months….through February……we are in for a really SEVERE winter……..make no mistake ! Sweden’s location means that moist westerlies reach the UK after crossing the Atlantic. When they meet the easterlies , with a blocking High over Sweden….we get BIG SNOW……..tonnes of the stuff!

    It only happens in the UK once in a while. The really bad winter was 1962-63 when the cold weather started before Christmas…….and kept coming for 3 months into 1963. It was desperately cold for the UK.Just Google the pics online.
    We had COAL FIRES then ! Now most have gone and we rely on electricity, produced more and more by by inefficient, trivial…….part-time, wind turbines. In light easterly winds , below 12 mph they generate ZILCH and will ice up in a severe winter !
    Let’s hope it’s not as bad as I fear……..BUT I DON’T LIKE THIS LONG RANGE FORECAST……….ONE BIT !

  10. if it was the met saying it I would make sure the BBQ was ready to go.
    this mob? dunno..whats their prior record like for accuracy?

  11. * What methods did these people use to arrive at their

    * Why are they so good at describing next January’s weather
    when they have yet to predict October’s, November’s or

    * Please see this link:

    I am sure I have read many similar things on Snopes about predictions that fail to come true, yet the predictor keeps making the same rubbish predictions and followers believe every word he says.


    It was a very, very cold winter. The blacksmith was working in his forge. He heard a knock at the door. He opened it, into the teeth of a howling blizzard, but saw nothing. Closing the door, he returned to his task. Three times more, he heard knocks, with the same results. On the fifth occasion, he wrenched the door almost off its hinges & screamed out in frustration.

    Then he noticed a tiny figure at his feet; a brass monkey with its hand extended & palm upwards.

    “‘ere mister”, said the creature. ” D’you do welding?”

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