Unlike other countries, Sweden has so far avoided both isolation and economic ruin

“Unemployed people are a great threat to public health. It’s a factor you need to think about.”
– Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist

5 Apr 20120 – As European countries moved into strict lockdown mode, Sweden has carried on almost normally.

Under the strategy developed by state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, Sweden currently stands alone in its efforts to tackle Covid-19, allowing the young to mix normally while requiring only the frail and sick to remain isolated.

Grade schools, preschools and offices remain open, as do bars, shops, parks restaurants (although only for table service to avoid gatherings at the bar), and public gatherings of up to 50 people are still permitted.

The elderly and vulnerable have been asked to protect themselves by staying at home but, as a whole, the Swedish population has been trusted to “behave like adults” in limiting the transmission of coronavirus, as prime minister Stefan Lovren said last month.

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, told Britain’s Daily Mail: “We can’t kill all our services. And unemployed people are a great threat to public health. It’s a factor you need to think about.”

Perhaps this is the fastest and safest way to handle Covid-19;


Coronavirus? Pandemic? For many in Sweden, life goes on as usual


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26 thoughts on “Unlike other countries, Sweden has so far avoided both isolation and economic ruin”

  1. Take a look at the actual statistics for Sweden :
    Infected : 9,141
    Dead : 793 people
    Deaths per million : 79 !

    Then compare that with where I live Australia
    Infected : 6152
    Dead : 53
    Deaths per million : 2


    Australia is in lockdown.
    Sweden is doing it’s let it rip thing called ‘herd immunity’

    I think some of the Swedish herd people might give their elected pollies and epidemiologists a huge kick up the bum for gifting them this policy. If I was Swedish I certainly would. It kills people in abundance !

    • Right now the death rate is substantially lower in Sweden than in locked down Britain, draw your own conclusions! Also the Netherlands have a death rate 40 percent lower than neighbouring Belgium, the former has not gone into full lockdown.

      • I suggest that you check the Population and Population Density of Sweden compared to the UK.
        You can practically fit their whole population in greater London.

  2. Give it 4/6 weeks or so & we’ll see what happens! Probably it’ll be reminiscent of the the Immigration virus which no doubt every body just loves!!

  3. When the aim of the billionaires is to turn tens of millions into serfs they control lock, stock and barrel, why do you think that they actually care about the economy? They WANT to destroy the economy, make tens of millions into begging weaklings, so they can they control them with digital certificates, quantum dot trackers and forcible vaccination.

    This is all about greed, psychopathic power complexes and dominance dungeon hierarchical addictions.

    If it were not, the Swedish model would be the norm, not the outlier.

  4. There will be a lot to learn from this pandemic but as soon as you hear the fateful words ‘lesson will be learned’ uttered by any politician or bureaucrat you can be certain that they won’t and we will be at risk again.

  5. Do you know why? Because Sweden is a huge social experiment, a socialist country that will be used as an example for all of us stupid others where to go. Sweden and China are two countries that are treating this “dangerous pandemic” as it should be treated – totally ignored.

  6. 9141 cases as of just now on the johnshopkins map
    793 dead

    compare to aus just on 6204current with 53 deaths
    similar well equipped hospitals,
    we test more,
    we locked down
    and almost all our cases were OS visitors or those brought home by air or ships.
    swedens only testing those admitted I gather, so arent finding asymtomatic carriers either

  7. Please correct me on the numbers. If the world population is 8,000 million and the average life expectancy is 80 years, then the annual turnover is 100 million. If there were a hundred causes of death, then the average annual death rate per cause = 1 million.

  8. The problem with the global warming meme is that it is a tired, worn-out racehorse that much of the world simply ignores. Global warming alarmists have tried every trick in the book to stampede the world into Sustainable Development. They have knowingly falsified climate data, flooded the world with inaccurate academic reports, held world meetings like the Paris Accord in France, threatened and bullied their critics, created a global youth movement to shame leaders into action, etc. All of these strategies have failed to usher in the UN’s Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, and show little promise of success in the future… soooo


  9. Jon Rappoport:
    When this fake pandemic crisis is declared “done,” several themes will emerge. They will be promoted in various ways, employing many messages. I’m talking about official government and media propaganda.

    First of all, the “pandemic” will be described as major turning point in human history. A great shock to the system. All sorts of professional shills and bullshitters will talk about BP and AP. BEFORE THE PANDEMIC and AFTER THE PANDEMIC.

    We will be told, “We can’t go back to the way it was before.”


  10. There were TWO waves of infection. One in asia the other started in Italy, different strains. EU wave did NOT come from China but the USA.

    • It is unknown when covid was already active last year worldwide. People who got ill outside china were thinking about the flu they got; symptoms were according to what is now decribed to covid.

    • What is the source for the statement that the EU wave came from the USA ? I saw a video in Jan of an Italian Mayor welcoming arrivals from Wuhan with hugs as a sign of solidarity. The are many Chinese workers in the fashion industry there as they bought up the companies for the ‘Names’ and Wuhan has a big fashion industry.

  11. Thats because the swedish are.dosile enough to have the RFID without a crisis…lmao…dumbasses

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