Unpreceden​ted widespread snow in Eastern Australia

“Much more of this Global Warming, we’ll have an Ice Age.”

“The Emergency Services have announced a little while ago that snow is going to close several highways in New South Wales, something that almost never happens,” says reader Oz Steamer.

“The snow is reported as far north as southern Queensland (similar in  latitude to mid Florida) so this is spread in an area similar from (say) Hudson Bay to (say) mid Florida. and inland to (say) the Ohio river.

“This is not a “light
dusting”, this is enough to close major roads. The Emergency Services announced a while back that the Hume Highway (the main road link between the two biggest cities in Australia: Sydney and Melbourne) is looking to be closed because of snow. Also the Federal Highway from the Hume Highway to our idiot Federal capital (Canberra) is also looking to be closed due to snow falls
making the road unusable. I don’t know if that is bad news or good news.

“This is almost unprecedented in Spring (it very very occasionally happens in Winter). The snow will melt quickly, of course. Australia is usually a very hot country and that will melt the snowfall within a day or two. The media are picking up on this, without mentioning Global Warming.

“Much more of this Global Warming, we’ll have an Ice Age.”



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    • I don’t trust Mr Trenberth. Although he was supposedly cleared in the Climategate scandal, I still look at him as a spin doctor.

      • I agree, but clearly the cracks are beginning show. It seems to me that Trenberth – in criticising the IPCC, is creating himself a nice little safety net for when things go belly up!

        • I agree, they know that their scheme is going down, and looks like much sooner than they thought, and the “smarter” among them may be starting to find a “clean” way to stay in business after the inevitable crumbling of the greatest pseudo-scientific hoax of all time happens.
          It’d be funny if it was not disgusting, morally speaking.

      • How could you possibly question someone who thinks the sun shines 24 hours a day at 1/4 power and provides so little energy that inert gases with unremarkable properties have to work hard to keep the Earth warm ?

        I’m always amazed his “Energy Budget” is given serious consideration.

        If the solar insolation is so weak – ~170 W/sq metre is equivalent to a temperature of minus ~39 degrees C according to Stefan-Boltzmann – how does the Moon’s surface get so bloody hot without the magic of GHGs ?

  1. Just out of curiosity what was Oz like during the height of the last ice age, or even the last mini ice age?

  2. According to the respected BIG sheeple-media, record snow and cold are NOW signs of a “human-made global warming”. With the logic of a believer in “human-made global warming” we would freeze to death in a lake of fire! Al Gore will not have one single drop of water on his tongue in that lake!

  3. Didn’t this country just weaken themselves with carbon taxes? Giving their gov’t more money and power? Wonder when the people will change course?

    • yeah that is true, but we never voted for it, Julia Gillard has sold us out, because we have never voted for her either.

  4. I live in South Australia and the weather here is going through a strange cycle, normally this time of year it is much warmer, sometimes as much as 30 plus Celisus. The air has this unusual cool feel to it, snow in October unreal, Antarctic Sea Ice growing and fast, whats going on? Is this a taste of things to come..

  5. Now we are getting snow in both hemispheres at times and places where we normally don’t get snow.
    Tell me there’s nothing going on. Go ahead tell me this is normal.

      • A little more and it will become evident for anyone, without a political agenda in mind, where the present trend is leading us.
        A little more and the Arctic ice will also become stable (as opposed to oscillating as it is now, despite the increasing extension during the recent winters), both the greatest oceans will enter a “negative anomaly” phase and I believe we can bet that the Antarctic ice will continue to break records. Add to this the push in the direction of colder climate that the solar radiations are doing now, and are expected to continue for many decades from now on, and the outcome becomes inevitable.
        Within a couple of years (if not sooner) everyone will be noticing what is happening.

  6. I would not be surprised if southern Australia developes a tundra with permafrost when the next big ice age sets in. If you look at the area with Google Earth you will see circular ponds that are the result of permafrost ice lenses freezing and thawing just like pot holes but on a bigger scale.

    • Some of Australia was under the sea only 10,000 years ago. You can walk around desert areas and find sea shells etc.

      South Australia had it’s first October snow in 102 years.

      However note. October snow is not unprecedented – it’s happened before. Coinciding with another period of low sunspot cycles.

    • Interesting, we might think at first that the Pacific Ocean would keep them from constant colder weather longer than the other regions with greater continental mass, but this year they have been bathed in cold ocean waters for many months in a row (as it’s happening also with the south of Africa) and a prolonged cooling mechanism like this could bring stable formation of glaciers in their region, after the onset of a new ice age.

  7. It was chilly here too in our east coast stamping ground. Thankfully no snow although if this happened in winter I would wonder. We are also going through a bit of a dry spell -marginal drought- at the moment so there isn’t much moisture around to drop on us – let alone snow. Further south there was a lot of rain etc.

    According to last ice we were dryer, more desert etc. Only comfortable liveable by our regular western standards was the eastern coast.

    Here’s an old map.


  8. Isn’t it interesting that you don’t here a single word aqout global warming in the presidential debates? I wonder if the candidates know something they are not telling us? I think the people that are closely tied to the government have been informed of what is coming and they are acting accordingly…

  9. wow!! check the sun spot trend lately!!!!
    it appears we will peak december this year?
    mmmmmmm….december 2012? trend is going downwards now and wonder for how long it will stay down?

  10. Sky News this morning ran a piece showing an Australian ski run on it’s last legs with the commentary that skiing in Australia in future would be a hit or miss affair due to unprecedented AGW.
    No mention of the snow falls of the last few days.
    Lying B#st#rds!

    • Here,here. In September I spent three nights in a snow cave near Mt Koscuiszko, Au’s highest peak, and I have never seen so much snow up there. Some huts were still entirely beneath the snow and there’s been more snowfall since then.
      Last year was similar with October snowfall making it possible to ski all the way down to the Thredbo ski resort (which was closed).

      Never believe what you see on the goggle-box. With the advent of the ‘net and Google, Sky News is on a sticky wicket.

  11. Here is a news report post the widespread snow report. It is not unusual to recieve minor snowfall in south west and central Queensland during mid to late spring, this is what contributes to the stormy buildup to the wet season. But to have 15cm+ of widespread snow is Unpreceden​ted. And you can see how well prepared we are for snow down here for widespread snowfalls, if 15cm of snow can cut power and close major roads, just think what 0.5 to 1m snowfall would do.

  12. I wonder how long it will take until these so called “experts” scream that it’s global warming ???? Hmmmmmm ???? I would expect that soon. If it’s 88 below zero in AK, they’d be blaming that on GW too.
    If it’s -127 F in Vostok,Antarctica, they’d be screaming that it’s global warming !!!
    If you get all-time record snowfall and cold, they’d be screaming global warming !!
    These lying “experts” are more than just
    full-fledged liars. There is just no way to describe their stupidity and total utter nonsense in words anymore. They must be suffering from some sort of “extreme retardation disease” in their heads that is incurable. Even brain surgery for many years would not help cure their heads.

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