“Unprecedented” Arctic-warming claims are false

The Arctic was warmer in the late 1930s.

The media keeps shouting that the “global warming” that took place during the late 1990s was unprecedented, and therefore definitely man-made.

But that is simply not true.

Take a took at this graph based on Hadcrut data.


Temperature artiche: l’andamento dal 1900 ad oggi: riscaldamento paragonabile a quello degli anni Quaranta!

The graph is relative to all areas between 70 and 90 ° Latitude North. Temperatures are taken from the CRU (Climate Research Unit).

After a period of cold culminating around 1916, you can see that the Arctic underwent a period of heating leading to the historic peak in the late 1930s.

The high in Arctic temperatures reached in 2010 was actually lower – lower! – than that of 1938.

This means that the warming between 1979 and today is not unprecedented.

Indeed, the most rapid heating period seems to have occurred between 1916 and 1920, when Arctic temperatures went up as much as 4 ° C in just four years.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this info

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  1. Well the fact is that if one were able to measure the Arctic Sea Ice in the year “86,753,099” BC, then one would find virtually no Sea Ice !

    And please, don’t change that number !!!

    • Cretaceous!
      Mean atmospheric O2 content over period duration c. 30 vol %[1][2]
      (150 % of modern level)
      Mean atmospheric CO2 content over period duration c. 1700 ppm[3][4]
      (6 times pre-industrial level)
      Mean surface temperature over period duration c. 18 °C[5][6]
      (4 °C above modern level)

      • C02- 1700 PPM, maybe that’s why the trees were 450 feet tall and the dinosaurs were so big, and one has to wonder just how big people were in the past also, since that is forbidden knowledge and everything is a Indian burial site. Yet giants are in the bible and Indians claim to have killed the last of the giants in the southwest USA. But we all won’t have to worry for to long if this Nazi shit continues.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWlek6HdCgQ

        • Sorry folks, I think that Geoengineering video I just posted is an hour long, but well worth viewing if posted. They just smoked us big time across mid-west USA last week and I was working outside and didn’t even see it til a friend called me, that’s how easy it is to not notice it and I have seen it several times and look for it I was just to busy. I guess they want us arguing over 0.04% trace gas while they continue to poisen us. WHO SOLD THESE BASTARDS OUR PLANET AND DO WE NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHATS BEING SPREAD ON US ??????

          • And if that geoengineering is affecting the climate, which I doubt, because it’s one of their excuses, but lets just say for example it is , would this make data about weather slightly off or inaccurate where it’s being done?

  2. The highest years of solar radiation ever recorded were 1936-7.
    The hottest decade of the previous century was the 1930’s.

    Everyone to their own religious beliefs

    The current global warming scare has

    • http://www.sws.bom.gov.au/Educational/2/3/2

      “Whilst not of record amplitude, Cycle 22 still rated as 4th largest of the recorded cycles and continued a run of large solar cycles. (Cycles 18, 19 and 21 were all exceptional!) A very notable feature of Cycle 22 was that it had the shortest rise from minimum to maximum of any recorded cycle – just 34 months.”

      This site has a table listing the year of solar maximum with the maximum Sunspot numbers of solar cycles from January 1902 to July 1989.

      What is plainly evident is that alarmists lie !

      From the early 1900’s solar activity increased, with a few downturns, to the point where in the second half of the 20th century to 1990 4 of the most active solar cycles ever recorded in the whole of the recording period occurred.

      After 2 large cycles a weak one was again followed by another 2 large cycles. Cycle 23 was also an active cycle though not listed in this table.

      5 of the largest solar cycles in terms of sunspot numbers occurred at the same time as the “unprecedented” global warming which ceased part way through cycle 23.

      You can believe this is coincidence and had nothing to do with global warming but it is strange that after 2 strong cycles a weak cycle occurs and climatologists begin predicting a return to ice age conditions is possible – the 1970’s cooling scare.

      Then another 2 strong cycles and we have the global warming scare.

      Another moderately strong cycle followed by a weak one – 23 & 24 – and we have the “pause”.

      All of this while CO2 levels have been climbing inexorably.

      It may not explain everything – it may be irrelevant – but the correlation between sunspot cycles and “climate change” over the last 110 years is a much better fit than CO2.

      Coincidence ?

      • There are also photos of US submarines surfacing through thin ice and finding some areas of clear water at the north pole in the 1960’s.

      • Hi Rosco,
        It isn’t a coincidence but a result of solar cause and effect over many years of lag time which impacts our planets climate over time scales of several, perhaps tens of human life times.
        The issue is how the Sun orbits the constructed gravity well of the whole Solar System, a constructed gravitational point which is under continuous movement around the central 3D area of the Solar System. Due to the changing impacts and relationship between the Sun and its 4 orbiting companion proto failed stars, the Jovian Gas Giants
        Yes the Sun is the largest single gravity well in the system, but when combined with all the other gravity well sources in the solar system, the combined gravity well is slightly deeper by a few percent, but sufficient to cause the Sun to attempt to occupy the space created by the well, it can’t because it can’t lose its momentum and come to a stop like a ball at the lowest point of a dish because of its gravitation link to other local stars and the massive gravity well at the centre the Milky Way and its own momentum.
        Therefore it orbits the Solar System BarryCentre by radically changing its orbit in the same way a ball will roll downhill until it reaches a flat point or point of balance in the gravity well.
        It is this radical, or even stable orbital path which controls the Sun’s energy output, tight trefoil orbits that regularise the orbit around changed position of the BarryCentre is what causes the significant drop in energy output at the end of the UV spectrum, of our UV variable star over a decades long period, after all the Sun own orbital period is ten years.
        This same dance of the Sun around the Solar System BarryCentre also has profound gravitational impacts on the inner rocky planets, particularly those with planetary plates systems such as our Earth, and with Venus in particular. Perhaps during the Sun’s disturbed 1500 year orbital period, it is these gravitation effects which causes Venus to have a continuous 1500 year planetary wide volcanic cycle and then stabilise during a solar normalised orbital period of a similar length, rather than a Green House Gas run away cycle as proposed by Carl Sagan.
        Not only do we live on a dangerous planet, but in an equally dangerous solar system with the unknown effects of a Neptune sized planet Nine on a ten thousand year orbit around the Sun, coupled with a cloud of Pluto sized Ort cloud objects, which has yet to be taken into the gravitational account balance of our UV variable star.

  3. Of course, what they would do with this data is start the graph at the 1960s, and then, voila, the trend they want.

    It’s like rain in California. If they want it to seem drier than it is (why would anyone actually want to do that, however they do), then they will say something like, since the new year, it’s been dry for San Francisco, for instance, ignoring the first part of the water year since October, which would make it average or above average. I think that’s what they did last year.

  4. they were running ships through the channels there in the 30s and thats on record..so yeah present day isnt anywhere near that..
    but hey
    they rely on idiots NOT looking or asking..its how theyve got so far spinning utter bullshit!

  5. I wonder if the same would be true of NASA’s temperature series? I recall that they were fiddling the data to lower the 1930s as it is rather inconvenient to have it being warmer than today.

  6. The period of Arctic cold up to 1916 was the last stages of the last Gleissberg cycle from the end of Dalton to around 1916 http://www.traced-ideas.eu/solar/solarcycles.html, and the max warming period 1916 to 2008.
    What is interesting are the above authors ‘s concentration on the conjunctions of the planets rather than what the gravitational impacts the planets have on the position of the Solar System BarryCentre and the Sun’s reaction and change of parameters of orbit around it, during its ten year orbit of the BarryCentre.
    The Sun’s orbit can change from near circular to a series of tight trefoil orbits which has significant impacts on the orbital speed of the Sun’s own atmosphere, strength of magnetic field and energy emitted via the Solar wind.
    The tight trefoil orbits are the type of orbit exhibited during solar minimum periods from Oort to this modern minimum, with less pronounced trefoil orbits during periodic Gleissberg cycles, to energy enhancing circular orbits during high output warm periods such as cycles 17, 18 and 19 and 21 to 23.

  7. Article full of hype about the famed Northwest Passage opening up (due to global warming) for shipping after Danish company Nordic Bulk Carriers made it through in 2011 and 2012, at the peak of Arctic warming on above chart:


    Current article from Washington Post full of CYA and double speak explaining why shipping through the Northwest Passage isn’t happening any time soon. “But it’s still melting!” FUNNY!

  8. In Holland the KNMI mowed 16 heatwaves from te list of 40 heatwaves in Holland. Du to better (uhum) meseurmants it was found that 16 of the waves whear no heatwaves. Strange inouf all of them are frob befor 1950.

    • To use a financial term, the recent warming rise from 1916 to date is simply a dead cat bounce, in comparison to other Major Solar Warm periods, they have risen by around 1.8 C and then dropped abruptly by 2.1 C into an MIA, and have done so since the Minoan Warm period.
      However, the head line temperature is downwards towards the Glaciation tipping point in around 700 years from now. By that time the Socialist practise debt pyramid selling to later generations won’t matter, as there won’t be any body around to pay the bar bill as soon as the major Glaciation effects starts.

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