Unprecedented cold on Lower Volga

Astronomical autumn in the lower Volga began with significant cold. At night, frosts are observed, the minimum air temperature tends to record levels, and the average daily temperature is 4-6 degrees lower than normal.

In the past days, absolute temperature minimums were broken in the region…. cold air penetrated not only into the middle lane, but also into the southern regions of Russia.

At night, 7 – 12°C, in places up to +4, in the north to zero.

September 25 in the north of the Astrakhan region and in Kalmykia is expected to freeze to -2°C. In the Volgograd region it freezes to -1 …- 3°C.

This is already a dangerous phenomenon for these places.

It is also cool during the day. 13…18 degrees.



Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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