“Unprecedented freezing weather” continues in Algeria

Shortages in staple food and heating gas.
“The cold snap (there’s that word again), which has swept much of Europe and even North Africa, has killed dozens and caused major disruptions in Algeria.

“A communique from the National Gendarmerie said 38 roads have been blocked due to heavy and constant snowfall, leaving several villages in the northern mountainous areas isolated.

“In these areas, heating gas and staple food are running out, and there are many blackouts because of power failures, the communique said.

“Since the bad weather began, the death toll from the harsh weather in Algeria has reached 48.”

http://www.arabstoday.net/en/2012021489758/cold-snap-continues-in-algeria-necessities-badl y-needed.html

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

8 thoughts on ““Unprecedented freezing weather” continues in Algeria”

  1. wonder who? or what communique went out to media morons to make a concerted effort to belittle the severity by using cold snap..

    if this was USA they would be screaming blue murder of the extreme event ie snowmageddon labels last year.
    seems its only serious if its usa, for everyone else its just a bit cold..a blip on their event calendar.

  2. If in 2010 I’d said that in a few years time there’d be regional cooling with snow in Algeria and ice on the canals of Venice I’d have been disregarded as some sort of “denialist nut-case”.
    They must be having some serious planning meetings on-board Al Gore’s gravy-train.

    • You’re totally right. They only will give up when some kind of “global” (they love this word) catastrophe happens with the entire system (civilized society) breaking down due to (ultimately) their arrogance.
      We must spread the word of our minimum but *certain* knowledge that the Sun is about to bring a long period of cooling everywhere.
      The questions that still remain to be answered are: how long it’ll take and how deep it’ll go.
      Then, people will start to read our comments and at some point they will start to team with us and do something to prepare.

  3. When a large bulge of coolth moves out of the Polar Cell a corresponding mass of warmth has to move northward from the Mid-Latitude Cell to replace it because air is not super elastic, having many characteristics of a fluid. e.g. mild Nth America this winter.
    The polar regions are net heat losers so when a mass of warm air gets there, it rapidly loses its energy to space or into the ice but this is not the norm.
    By my reckoning we are now seeing extra heat loss from Earth’s atmosphere over and above the norm of the past 22 or 44 years and it is this unusual heat venting which is perhaps more significant than the actual cold event in Europe.
    As far as I’ve looked we don’t have polar heat radiation data over many solar cycles so I cannot back up what I’m saying with actual science yet.

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