Unprecedented late night frost in the Netherlands

For the second night in a row, it has frozen in De Bilt in the night on Thursday and Friday.

In the Utrecht city, where the national main measuring station is located, it cooled down to -1.2 degrees C. The night before it was -1.0 degrees C.

Such late night frost in De Bilt is special, according to weather agency Weeronline.

Only in 1909, 1941, 1946 and 1973 was like this year mention of two or more frost nights after May 10 in De Bilt.


Thanks to Harry Zandvliet for this link

11 thoughts on “Unprecedented late night frost in the Netherlands”

    • A windmill has hit him, means that ‘him’ is a bit mad. Hearing what the Dutch governments wants to do against covid19, one could say ‘hit by a windmill?’

  1. lot of places getting frsots well past or earlier than usual ive noted last yr and now.
    Bom aus say that Adelaids SA has had the coldest start to winter in decacdes
    umm yeah well I remember it being damned cold and rains anytime from April 25th(anzac day) onwards until the late 80s?
    my area In Vic had a.6c night on the 15th and more coming by wednesday with snows due up high again

  2. On May 13th we recorded our third air frost of May 2020 in South Laois County, Ireland with an air temperature of -2.3c in our Stevensons Screen. The grass thermometer dipped to a chilly -7.0c destroying tender growth.

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