Unprecedented snowfall in West Azerbaijan

See video: For lack of snow shovels, they’re using regular shovels.
3 Feb 2017 – Provincial Department Mhr- Snow in different provinces created problems, power outages in Gilan, passengers caught in Haraz and Firoozkooh axes, increases gas consumption and West Azarbaijan and Golestan warning field use, accidents, obstructions and rural roads are only part of the problem with snowfall over the past 24 hours.

Relief work is being conducted in 27 provinces, ie all provinces except Sistan and Baluchestan, Hamedan, South Khorasan and Hormozgan provinces, including 172 towns and villages.
Avalanches of snow in some areas, including Firoozkooh and Haraz road, have killed several.
Also injured was taken to Tehran by ambulance. (..)

In West Azerbaijan, it is a snow record.

According to experts, such snowfall in Urmia in the past 20 years is unprecedented.

The heavy snowfall that started this week in some areas of West Azerbaijan caused heavy blizzards and rural roads have been blocked.


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