Unseasonable cold delays western Manitoba harvest – Losses in the millions

“The cereal crops have been hit the hardest, with wheat, barley and oats all suffering.”

7 Oct 2018 – “The brutally cold and snowy weather that hit Manitoba during harvest time will likely cost farmers millions of dollars, according to Keystone Agricultural Producers.”

“When we start adding the acres and what the potential loss is, you know, this could get into the millions easily,” warned farm policy and lobby organisation president Bill Campbell.

“Farmers who live in Alberta, near Edmonton, may be used to dealing with snow storms at harvest time,” said Brandon grain farmer Roger Lepp, “but not those in southwestern Manitoba.

“We’re not really quite accustomed to this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some guys have crops that get left out all winter.

The weather in western Manitoba has been unseasonably cold and the next few days look to continue that pattern.


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7 thoughts on “Unseasonable cold delays western Manitoba harvest – Losses in the millions”

  1. interesting re Barley..its a SHORT cycle crop usually 90days or so..so why the hell is it along with wheat n oats all just at harvest peaks?
    barley should have been off paddocks long before oat/wheat were ripe.

  2. The news media here in Canada this past week has been saturated with news from a group of climate “scientists”, promoting a narrative of climate Armageddon. They suggest that we are at a tipping point, and that the planet will become virtually uninhabitable by 2030.

    Have we not heard these sorts of dire predictions before? (Must be grant application time.) Meanwhile, the most concerning weather stories–like the one presented above–are barely in the media’s radar.

  3. Was doing some fish rescues this weekend on the irrigation canals, weekend was sunny and farmers were out combining madly….but today,…back to snow!

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