“Very unusual” November snow in South Africa

“This is like getting snow in May in the NH.”

Cape Town – Unseasonal snow has hit parts of South Africa.

According to SA Weather Service, disruptive snowfalls are expected on Wednesday over the Winterberge and the southern Drakensberg of the Eastern Cape, and also over the south-western high grounds of KZN.

“We are expecting snow in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, heavy falls in Lesotho and the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, medium/ light falls on the KZN Drakensberg, possibly coming down into towns like Underberg and Himeville, although not much expected low down, and some flurries in the KZN Midlands,” says Snow Report SA



Thanks to Etienne and Heather Koutny in South Africa for these links

“Very unusual,” says Etienne.  “This is like getting snow in May in the NH.”

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  1. Wait! I thought we were never supposed to see snow ever again by now – even in winter down there! Or even in November in the USA.

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