Unusually Bold Climate Fraud from the UN – Video

Tony Heller exposes yet more global warming fraud. He also comments on that starving polar bear.

As to that starving polar bear, I flew over Baffin Bay on Saturday (9 Dec 17), where sea ice is slightly above normal, says Tony. Whatever made this polar bear too weak to hunt has nothing to do with global warming or sea ice.

Leaving polar bears aside, in this video Tony attacks a new article entitled “Global warming may harm children for life.”

Citing U.N. sources, the article claims that by 2070 the number of days with the mean temperature above 32°C will rise from one per year right now, to 43 days per year.

“There’s so many things wrong with this claim that it’s difficult to begin.” says Tony.

To begin with, 32°C is 90°F.

A day with a 90°F mean temperature is extremely hot. An example would be a day with daytime temperatures above 100°F, and nighttime temperatures above 80°F. There are very few places in the U.S. where this could even happen, says Tony.

Especially when you realize that the trend for days when the temperature has exceeded 90°F have been declining – declining! – for the past century, since 1917.

Declining temperature trend – Courtesy Tony Heller

This phony narrative is also being pushed by Stanford and M.I.T., formerly respectable institutions, says Tony.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video


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  1. As a graduate of MIT’s Earth, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences department – in the deep and distant past, when they knew and admitted that the SUN is the source of long-term climate cycles on this planet – I am disgusted by the department’s pandering to this ANTI-scientific balderdash.

    SOME of us still know, and freely admit, that the nuclear furnace ~92million miles away in space is the source of most of our major climate changes. With some help from local phenomena like volcanoes and the like.

  2. I grew up in one of those places. Central Valley California. Summers in July and August it was common to have days or 100F to 110 F, rarely below 90 F. Night didn’t cool off much.

    With no A/C, we would often sleep on top of the covers wearing as little as possible, yet still sweaty. At about 12 years old, we got a window mount A/C and that helped.

    Hottest day I personally remember was 117 F near a town called Marysville in the early 1960s IIRC.

    Strange thing is, all us kids grew up just fine and did pretty darned well with the summers. It was the winter ice and cold wet that resulted in colds and congestion.

    Biggest risk in summers was sunburn and overeating at the park and BBQ events.

    Fond memories of swinging on rope swings into the river swimming hole and having dunks in the irrigation canals when we couldn’t get to the river. Playing in sprinklers at other times.

    Somehow I think the idea that all the children of Arizona, West and South Texas, and Florida are damaged compared to Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana is just a bit daft.

    I also wonder why 1/2 of Canada goes to Florida each year if it is going to damage “The Children”… /sarc;

    • I agree with your thoughts.

      When I was a kid we looked forward to summer even though where I live winter isn’t cold.

      Today these alarmists are ruining childhood. The worst thing about summer is sunburn and that ain’t caused by CO2.

  3. As has been clearly evidenced, employing so-called Climate Models as instruments which can specify Future climate conditions – is a Farce. . . Even in honesty, Prognosticating future Temperatures via Climate Models which simply trend past Temperatures – is as false a notion as trying to predict the number which shall come up next in Roulette – via basing the guess upon prior results of the wheel.. Climate has not and cannot fit into any neat replicable formula…

  4. Excellent report!

    I am really disappointed to hear however that both Stanford University and MIT have involved themselves in this nonsense! I worked for many years at MIT (and one of my close friends when I worked there was a biochemist who got his doctorate from Stanford).

    I always thought MIT was above such nonsense and had some of the best scientists in the world. Alas, RIP MIT !!

  5. No matter what the topic or how physically impossible deviant Alarmists’ fabricated Luddite/Malthusian gobblygook may be, grant-monies ensure incestuous propagation of this drivel through c. AD 2030.

    Cut poseurs’ fiscal air-hose, Ecrasez l’Infame.

  6. my state in aus in a cool state

    Next 48 hours
    12 months rainfall
    28 days rainfall
    Dec 15 SAT
    Dec 16 SUN
    Dec 17 MON
    Dec 18 TUE
    Dec 19 WED
    Dec 20 THU
    Dec 21

    mostly cloudy
    Mostly cloudy

    mostly sunny
    Mostly sunny

    possible shower
    Possible shower

    windy with showers
    Windy with showers

    mostly sunny
    Mostly sunny

    mostly sunny
    Mostly sunny
    Maximum 26°C 27°C 33°C 39°C 33°C 23°C 25°C
    Minimum 9°C 10°C 13°C 19°C 24°C 15°C 12°C
    Chance of Rain 5% 5% 30% 50% 80% 60% 5%
    Rain Amount < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm 1-5mm 1-5mm < 1mm < 1mm
    UV Index Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme
    ….33 is warm ish. 39 is hot and its likely to be foul n humid not hot n dry that day from the look of a change due ie the rain the same day..if it gets to 39c at all it will be exactly the second pretty hot day so far since last january.
    people work outside and animals dont die unless they dont have water or shade in that weather. the warmists must live indoors with aircon i reckon.
    as for that bear oh how i wish theyd got the body(IF it died) and autopsied
    disease or it was injured prior/ had rotten teeth etc i bet

  7. Does anyone seriously think the global warming people would repent and start telling the truth?
    There is too much power and money at stake not to mention the personal survival of the elites.
    When the major glaciation or even a mini ice age sets in the elites need the public to be brainwashed and caught unprepared so that the public is so impoverished, starved , culled and generally disabled that they will not be able to threaten or get revenge thus enabling the elites to tyrannize what is left of humanity indefinitely.

    From the elites point of view an aware and re-moralized public is a disaster that must be avoided.

    • That is what happens when the end justifies the means. The puppeteers manipulate the puppets that have absolutely no qualms about lying and cheating in order to fulfill the goal that a purposely faulty education has implanted in their minds.

  8. I think we have those mean 90F days every late summer here in Oklahoma. Temps over 105 and nights in the 80s.

    survivable to say the least.

  9. In talking over climate with my grandfather, who then lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, he recalled the 1930s as being especially hot. One night the low for the night (emphasize, low for the night in St. Paul, MN) was 98° F (37° C). My mother, who grew up there when air conditioners were rare, remembers regularly waking up in a bed soaked from sweating all night. When I lived in the Twin Cities, I saw one day reach 95° F (35° C) for the high, the rest of the time cooler summers.

    Admittedly, that’s just one city, but it’s enough to make one wonder what those guys at Stanford and M.I.T. are smoking.

  10. 90F is only “extremely hot” compared to, say, 30F. I see claims like this and wonder what they’d think if they lived where I did in the desert…. average summer daytime high 112F, peaking at 122F. We’d have taken 90F to be an unusually cool day. Funny thing, I didn’t notice any kids melted on the sidewalks (tho just about everything else did).

    [thinking] Could it be that Global Warmists are so dumb that come summer, they don’t take off that extra layer of winter gear??

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