Unusually cold Antarctic air hitting South America

And it’s snowing in Buenos Aires-Bahia Blanca :



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11 thoughts on “Unusually cold Antarctic air hitting South America

  1. sth Aus copped a hiding today fom storms n rain
    so have parts of Vic, 3pm today the temp was 7.5C on my covered but not enclosed porch;-(
    with hail rain high winds and already soggy soil, its a mudbath outside;-)
    finally got my tank filled so i am not as peeved as i could be;-)
    high upswelling from Antarctica hitting the Bight and east coast for us all.

  2. Hallo here in south africa getting really cold and table mountain got snow same as in VOC times in 1600’s. Some places – 6 to – 10 degree Celsius. We are entering the grand solar minimum now for sure…..

  3. Looks like it’s hitting Australia too.

    Here is a letter sent to and published in the Australian (newspaper) on Monday July 17, 2017:

    “Life in a cold climate.

    Mornings have been bitterly cold lately. Intrigued by her silence, I checked on my wife on Saturday to see if she was alright. I found her sitting in her office, her head covered to the eyebrows by the hood of a thick jumper. I immediately felt ashamed, sad and angry.

    With the price of electricity going through the roof, little essentials that were making our lives comfortable in our old age have been turned off, starting with the heater.

    What’s happening? Instead of providing us with cheap and reliable energy, governments are presiding over the sale of our gas to nations that provide their people with cheap and reliable electricity.

    We now turn off all lights, my wife spends her evenings reading under a heavy blanket and I watch the Tour de France in the dark, rugged up in an old sleeping bag. As I ponder on our predicament, I recall that in the 1970’s when I migrated here, all I could hear was that I had arrived in the lucky country. But we don’t say that anymore. Bitterness has replaced happiness, shame has replaced pride, sadness has replaced joy. My wife is cold. I am cold.”

    Jean-Pierre Zajac, Uhima Beach, NSW.

    • Man, what a sad story !

      Only an evil entity could/would do this to you and your wife !!

      Governments are turning on their people and setting us all back decades and soon to be century’s, it’s called Marxism and Carl Marx was a practicing Satanist, so that at least now you know what you are up against !!!


      World preparing !

      I wish you both the best, God Bless !!!

      Rick – Southern California

    • That is what liberalism would have for us all. Except their leaders. They will live in walled palaces with abundant heat. They are pure evil. Welcome to the new ice age. Time for their end.

  4. Record cold. The city of Bariloche suffered the coldest morning of its history with 25.4 degrees Celsius below zero. Search for news like this:
    Bariloche sufrió la madrugada más fría de su historia

  5. Update on cold blast crisis in South America:
    1- Chile and Argentina still working to recover electricity and water in many towns.
    2- As of 18JUL17 almost the entire territory of subtropical South America (e.g. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, southern states of Brazil and some zones of Paraguay) are covered with frosts or snow. It’s now expected this will be the worst situation recorded in many decades.
    3- Huge losses are expected in agriculture as frosts will continue for a few days ahead.
    4- In Brazil higher places are reaching down to -10°C and the polar air will continue its way to the north. Even some southern parts of Amazonia will be subject to its effects in 2 or 3 days.

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