Up to 5 inches of snow headed for Northeast US

In the middle of May!

Higher elevations in New Hampshire, Vermont and much of northern Maine are likely to see a mix of snow and rain by early Tuesday, CNN meteorologist Gene Norman said.

Snowfall in the mountains and higher terrain could accumulate to 5 inches (12.7 cm).

“It wouldn’t be surprising to see flakes flying in places like Montpelier (VT) and Portland, Maine,” Norman said. If there is measurable snowfall in Portland, it would be the latest in the year that the white stuff has fallen since May 11, 1945, Norman added.



12 thoughts on “Up to 5 inches of snow headed for Northeast US”

  1. But lookout, ABC and CNN will probably blame it on global warming after it’s over…..
    Then when the first heatwave comes to Texas, they’ll say that all the ice will be gone in the Arctic by end of summer, which is responsible for the cold and snow in the Northeast LOL

    Hot = Cold
    Cold = Hot

  2. If it snows tomorrow May 14 in e.g., Portland, then that’s later into the Spring than the May 11, 1945 snowfall, yes?

  3. Yesterday May 12 in Westchester County, NY we had mixed rain and sleet. (Just north of NYC.)

  4. I live in NE Vermont. The forecast is for 38 F tonight. I am hoping it does not snow because only in the last two weeks has the ice melted. The leaves are just starting to emerge. On the bright side my favorite foods all grow well in cooler temperatures.

  5. Yep, still snowing in the mountains of the northeast. Not sure which range in Upstate New York it’s snowing, as well as Vermont and New Hampshire.

  6. we were grumbling about the cool nights and slow start to summer in Aus this yr
    damned glad we dont have YOUR weather

  7. Here in Southern California it’s cold and cloudy and a cold rain is coming tomorrow (March 15). There’s never any kind of explanation for all the rain we are having just “nothing to see here” mentality from the media. I think by next spring people are going to finally wake up and realize that they have been lied to about Global Warming. Most people just want to know the truth and if scientists don’t know then just say we don’t know what’s going to happen.

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