Up to a foot of snow likely across Midwest and close to that in Philly, NYC and Boston

Snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour possible. Near blizzard conditions possible near the coast. Travel could be hazardous. (Understatement.)

A complex winter storm will start today in the Midwest with heavy snow from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley, including the Chicago metro area and eventually into the Northeast, according to the National Weather Service. Chicago should see 5 to 9 inches of snow, its second snowstorm within one week.

On Sunday, the snow and wintry mix will spread into the Mid-Atlantic region. Washington D.C. could see 4 to 6 inches of snow in what could become the city’s biggest snowstorm in two years.

A potential Nor’easter will then intensify and significantly impact portions of the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England on Monday and Tuesday.

By Sunday evening, the snow will move into Philadelphia and by Monday morning, snow will fall heavily along I-95 from Philadelphia to New York City to Boston.

Snowfall rates could reach 1 to 2 inches per hour on Monday and Monday night, the National Weather Service in New York said.

Snow totals are expected to reach 5 to 11 inches in Philadelphia and 6 to 10 inches in New York and Boston.

Snow will develop over parts of the Northern Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley through today.

Meanwhile, snow will develop over parts of the Northern Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley through today.

By this evening, the snow will expand into parts of the Upper Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley. Along the rain/snow line, rain/freezing rain areas will also develop from the Middle Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley and into the Central Appalachians and adjacent foothills.

The rain over the Southeast will shift offshore by Monday morning.

Overnight, snow will move into southern portions of the Mid-Atlantic. There will be areas of rain/freezing rain over parts of western Virginia and North Carolina on Sunday.

While the snow will wane over the Upper Midwest overnight Sunday, it will continue over the Ohio Valley, parts of the Great Lakes, and into the Mid-Atlantic through Monday morning.

Meanwhile in the West, multiple fronts will move into the Pacific Northwest/Northern California today.  The systems will produce rain and higher elevation snow over the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, continuing through Monday morning.

Near blizzard conditions are possible for the coast, the National Weather Service warned.



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3 thoughts on “Up to a foot of snow likely across Midwest and close to that in Philly, NYC and Boston”

  1. It’s called “winter”. The real danger will come in some foreseeable late summer n-years from 2021, when low-altitude snow-packs lie unmelted o’er the fruited plain.

    Glaciers do not “move south”, they land on your head, accumulating compact layers. Although Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age (AD 1350 – 1850/1890) was indeed a cool spell, it never laid a glacial base.

    Once that process starts, as soon enough it will, your Global Warming fuss-pots will throng to equatorial climes before conceding their multi-$trillion scam from 1978 was all BS. As cyclical Pleistocene reality sinks in, presaging 102-kiloyears of (how you say?) “snow days”, Klimat Kooks will spin widdershins-about: Cold kills.

  2. A foot of snow? D’You want pictures of the 7’6″ of snow piled up in my yard from cleaning off the front steps and the sidewalk???/

    OK, it’s winter, and it’s normal, but if it stays through Spring, I’m moving to another planet. 🙂

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