Up to a meter of snowfall in Sweden

Northern Sweden hit by worst snowstorm in more than a decade. Thousands lose power.

15 Jan 2021 – The heaviest snowstorm in over ten years limits the power supply in parts of Sweden

E.ON customers who continue to go without electricity are offered hotel accommodation.

E.ON employees have been on duty around the clock since the storm began on Monday to ease the situation in the affected regions and ensure the population’s electricity supply.

Despite difficult circumstances, E.ON has succeeded in ensuring that by Friday morning nearly all of the 12.000 households originally affected have access to power again. For E.ON customers who, despite intensive efforts, still have not had their power restored, the company will pay for overnight accommodation in hotel rooms until the power is back.

The snowstorm, which hit Västernorrland and Jämtland on Monday evening and lasted until Wednesday, led to widespread and persistent power outages in the region. Up to one meter of snow combined with strong winds caused trees to fall on power lines in many places, limiting the power supply.

In response, E.ON has brought in additional personnel from other parts of the country. Right now more than 100 service technicians are currently on site. Helicopters are inspecting power lines and assisting in removing the fallen trees, and mobile power generators are additionally providing power to E.ON customers.

As the affected areas are sparsely populated and some of the power lines are over 100 kilometers (60 miles) long, the situation on the ground is still challenging.


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