Upper Midwest and Great Lakes have never seen an April like this.

“It’s the coldest and snowiest April on record near the Great Lakes,” headlines the Washington Post. “Scores of records for both snow and cold have fallen.”

And surprise, surprise, the article tries to blame ‘climate change.’ 

Coldest-ever April in Minneapolis, Madison and Marquette.

Record snowfall for the month of April in Minneapolis, Sioux Falls and Green Bay, not just for a particular day, mind you, but for the entire month.

And we’re only half way through the month. With forecasts calling for several more inches of snow and with winter weather advisories stretching from South Dakota to Wisconsin, even more records are up for grabs.

The cold and snowions have forced postponement of a record number of April Major League Baseball games and many other outdoor events.

Even though the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin have suffered the most, much of the eastern two-thirds of the country has been both colder and snowier than normal.

As of today, April 18, nearly one-fourth (24.3 percent) of the contiguous United States is covered in snow, the 2nd-most snow coverage on record for this date.

Snow cover as of 18 Apr 2018 over the contiguous U.S. (NOAA)

Here are a few specific records:

Record cold 

  • Minneapolis: Eleven days below 30 F this month, the most on record in April by four days. As of yesterday, average temp so far this month was 28.2 F, the coldest on record by almost four degrees.
  • Madison’s average temp so far this month is 31.1 F, the coldest on record and about 13 F below normal.
  • Marquette’s average temp so far this month is 21.8 F, the coldest on record by more than four degrees.
  • Chicago: The mercury has fallen below 30 F thirteen times this month, the most on record.
  • Temps during both March and April in many cities have failed to match February levels.

Record snow

  • Minneapolis received 15.8 inches of snow April 13-16, its largest April snow event on record.
  • Green Bay’s 24.2 inches on April 13-16 was its largest April snowfall on record, crushing its previous record of 11.0  inches from April 4 and 5, 1977. It was the city’s second biggest snowstorm ever recorded in any month.
  • Sioux Falls, S.D., received 13.7 inches of snow on April 14, its largest April snowfall on record.
  • Erie, Pa. is within 1.5 inches of becoming the first big city (with a population of at least 100,000) to receive 200 inches of snow in a season. More snow is forecast on Thursday.

Amazingly, the author of the piece, meteorologist Jason Samenow, then inserts this goody: “A recent study suggested that severe cold and snow persisting longer in the late winter months may become more common as a result of climate change ….”

Uh huh.

Oh well, it is the Washington Post.


17 thoughts on “Upper Midwest and Great Lakes have never seen an April like this.”

  1. If they had ANY credibility or integrity left at all with their dwindling subscribers, they would know it’s because of the upcoming ice age!

    Maybe then people might buy that useless and despicable piece of krap newspaper again, but they would not get a dime from me because scumbag liberals are in control of that horrible source.

    • Absolutely right, Vance, because no matter what anyone try’s to say, it is climate change. One side of the coin is that weather is not climate, but the other side of the coin is that no matter how hard you try to pretend climate IS weather. True, a lot of it and not just a day of it, but it is the sum total of weather actions. There is no wrong when you see something and say it is probably caused by climate change.

      However, as Mr. Lund says the climate change isn’t global warming, it appears to be global cooling. But they have tied the “climate change” mantra to CO2, so even though the claim is right, the cause is not likely to be ever really separated from CO2, thus if the world starts tumbling into the expected ice age, everyone will still blame CO2.

  2. “The cold and snowions ”

    So what are “snowions” ? 😉


    There is a peculiar tendency for the Warmistas to “suddenly” change the predicted dire event just a couple of years before nature does the deed. I’ve sometimes wondered if they really are aware of the climate CYCLES and were trying to exploit them, but when folks didn’t “fold” on the hot part of the cycle had to change to “Climate Change” for the peak. Now o a cold dip, who knows what’s next… Wonder if they will roll out the prior “New Little Ice Age” of the ’70s again (but, of course, due to nasty oil and CO2)?

  3. Well, it IS “climate change” – just not in the direction they have predicted ( well, they’ve actually predicted everything to keep a certain part of their anatomy covered! )

    In all fairness, Kenneth, we have to respect their religion even if we don’t believe it because that’s what this scam has become.

  4. The Washington Post would not cute the author or publish the story unless he mentioned climate change.

  5. My brother lives in Madison, WI and I think he’s getting tired of all the white stuff. Sent me a photo this morning titled, “More snow.”
    Very nice shot of his backyard though.

  6. Plenty of photos of the recent snowfall from central Wisconsin here:

    What’s notable isn’t so much just the depth of snow, but the trees that have NO discernable budding. It’s already pushing the second half of April; without budding, blossoms and fruit won’t be set in line with the typical period for pollination. It might be interesting to talk to some apiarists to see whether or not their bee hives are going to collapse because there’s not enough honey for their bees to survive any more winter. And that spells trouble even if the snow would melt quickly.

  7. Tell a lie often enough people believe it as truth. I told family and friends about the cold future nobody believes me.

  8. Will people please send this to UK national newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph; The Times and the Daily Mail.

    Please send to BBC also.
    The more people that contact the UK media over such matters, the more likely they are to take notice.

  9. In most if not all of southern ontario not a single tree or shrub has even begun to flower. Buds are barely swelling.
    Not a single dandelion not a single wild leek poking through the forest floor…nothing at all. Nature is at least 2 weeks behind in breaking dormancy this spring.
    On the plus side, the season for maple syrup production has been great. The sap has been flowing for close to 2 months which makes for a very lengthy season indeed. Might see a drop in maple syrup prices during the grand solar minimum..lol. Granted i do love maple syrup.

  10. This cold snap dips down to the middle of the country as well. Temps in St. Louis averaged 20 degrees below normal in April and they never get snow, but guess what, they did. The ice man cometh.

  11. Here on central Whidbey the vegetation is all late. The fruit trees are finally flowering and the trees and shrubs are now leafing out. The ground is colder and soggier. I got oats in barely. Today I may be able to get my dry beans in. Each of the successive last few years here has seen a longer Winter, later Spring, and cooler Summer.

  12. Well yeah, it’s climate change, but not that kind. If there’s global warming, it sure isn’t getting to Upper Midwest and Canada.

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