US Army – Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change

Back in 2008, an Army spokesman asserted that a large percentage of climate change is not man-made, but rather is directly linked to the Sun.

Earth’s climate linked to both short-term fluctuations and longer-term solar cycles.

Dr. Bruce J. West, senior scientist of mathematics and information science at the U.S. Army Research Office and an ARL Fellow.

Dr. Bruce West, with the Army Research Office, argued that “changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly linked to … the short-term statistical fluctuations in the Sun’s irradiance and the longer-term solar cycles.”

Could account for up to 69% of the increase in temperature

In the March, 2008 issue of Physics Today, West, the chief scientist of the Army Research Office’s mathematical and information science directorate, wrote that “the Sun’s turbulent dynamics” are linked with the Earth’s complex ecosystem. These connections are what is heating up the planet. “The Sun could account for as much as 69 percent of the increase in Earth’s average temperature,” West noted.

In an advisory to bloggers entitled “Global Warming: Fact of Fiction [sic],” an Army public affairs official promoted a conference call with West about the causes of global warming, and how it may not be caused by the common indicates [sic] some scientists and the media are indicating.”

That was in 2008. I wonder what Dr. West would say about the Sun’s role in climate today?

Dr . West was still in the Army as of December 2015 when he published his book discussing the role of fractional calculus methodology. It is entitled  Fractional Calculus View of Complexity: Tomorrow’s Science.

Here’s the Army’s press release:

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From: Dinklage, Lindy J. Ms OCPA <>
Date: Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 12:21 PM
Subject: Army Blogger’s Roundtable: Global Warming (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Army Blogger’s Roundtable

Global Warming: Fact of Fiction

11 AM Thursday, June 5

Is global warming really caused by humans, or is it simply the result of different aspects of the sun’s dynamics?

Dr. Bruce West, Chief Scientist, Mathematical & Information Science Directorate, Army Research Office, will discuss the causes of global warming, and how it may not be caused by the common indicates some scientists and the media are indicating. Research conducted by Dr. West contends that the changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly linked to two distinctly different aspects of the sun’s dynamics: the short-term statistical fluctuations in the Sun’s irradiance and the longer-term solar cycles.

Please reply to this message if you are interested in participating.

Lindy Kyzer

Public Affairs Specialist

Media Relations Division

Office of the Chief of Public Affairs

Department of the Army



Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

13 thoughts on “US Army – Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change

  1. Funny, but I remember learning that in the first grade (1956)!

    OK, so that stuck even though I wasn’t that fond of the teacher… I remember the first day of school that she scolded me for coloring outside the lines and for insisting that the color of my house was silver — the truth! (my dad had bought up a bunch of surplus paint… silver color… at the end of WWII and for years used it to paint our house).

  2. amazed he kept his position..Bummer musta missed it!
    so the Army was clued in t truth and the airforce/marines fell hook line n sTinkers for the bummers bullsh*t speeches?
    Guess the army engineers corps were already woken to reality when they kept warning re the levies in the sth and kept being ignored in requests to be able to strengthen looked , and most likely was a handy way for the govt to grandstand climate change as THE cause not their abominable disregard for lives.
    and they did want to “clean out” new orleans for developers.

  3. The sun drives temperature of the earth should not be the great pronouncement that it is. However, not many could have foreseen the collective cognitive dissonance that has consumed our modern world.

    We salute your rational thought Dr. West.

  4. Right from nasa… maybe the effect of the sun is greater than co2???

    Typically, how big a temperature drop do you get during a total solar eclipse?

    It would probably be equal to the typical daytime minus nighttime temperature difference at that time of year and location on the Earth. It would be modified a bit by the fact that it only lasts a few minutes, which means the environment would not have had much time to thermally respond to its lowest temperature, so it would probably only be 3/4 or 1/2 the maximum day-night temperature difference. Because the patch of the shadow travels faster than the speed of sound, weather systems will only be affected very locally directly under the instantaneous footprint of the eclipse. The main effect is in the “radiant heating” component which goes away suddenly at the moment of eclipse and produces a very fast temperature decrease. If the wind is blowing, your body probably exaggerates, by evaporative cooling, how large the actual temperature swing actually is.

  5. The latest U.S Federal Climate Change Report disagrees strongly about the sun’s influence on climate, stating:

    “We find no convincing evidence that natural variability can account for the amount of global warming observed over the industrial era. For the period extending over the last century, there are no convincing alternative explanations supported by the extent of the observational evidence. Solar output changes and internal variability can only contribute marginally to the observed changes in climate over the last century, and we find no convincing evidence for natural cycles in the observational record that could explain the observed changes in climate.”

    Thoughts on this?

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