US breaks 125-year rainfall record

“The contiguous U.S. saw 19.05 inches in total precipitation in the past year, 3.74 inches above the average and the wettest such period in the 125-year record,” says

“The precipitation total for June was 3.3 inches in the contiguous U.S., about .37 inches above the average, according to NOAA.”

In fact, the U.S. has broken the record for the wettest 12-month period for the third time this year. Rainfall extremes included above- to much-above average participation in the Deep South through the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys as well as the East Coast, according to NOAA.

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“You might get a wet bum;-)” says Laurel


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  1. With the majority of it as snow held back until the spring thaw. Hence the flooding in regions that are not affected by Tropical rain falls. I would also check that the South East of America has had a much reduced rain fall period because of the meridional nature of the Worlds Jet Streams during this GSM.
    Another point to consider the reason for the reduced tropical storm levels in the Central/Western Atlantic is the divergence of the normal Sahara blast of hot air into the Northern Atlantic trades blowing dust as far as South America. That flow of Air has been sucking in to the Azores High Pressure system and pushed northwards into Western Europe taking its Yellow and Red dust with it.
    Hence the Heat wave in Western Europe positioned by Meridional Jet stream activity, blocked by SAW events caused by the large long lasting Coronial Holes in the Sun’s equatorial region, normal for a solar minimum period and more so during a GSM.

  2. you notice they managed to make it contiguous? so they managed to avoid the mention of the huge rainfall volumes in certain areas by “averaging” using areas with low to none..

    meanwhile downunder its day 2 of a probable 5 day run of high winds snow on the mountains and hopefully some inches of rain as well, brrr I had to throw 2 huge logs behind my door to keep it closed the winds were so bad last night;-((

  3. Storm in Halkidiki (Greece), two Romanian tourists dead
    Two Romanian citizens, a woman and an 8-year-old boy, died Wednesday after the roof of a restaurant in Nea Plagia (Halkidiki region) collapsed as a result of the extreme storm that affected northern Greece, informs Agerpres. Halkidiki is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Greek tourists in Greece, being about 10 hours from Bucharest, driving by car.

    Two elderly Czech citizens were killed after a wind blow swept the trailer they were in, on the peninsula of Halkidiki in northern Greece, according to information provided by the police.

    Two other people, of Russian nationality, a man and a boy, lost their lives after a tree collapsed near a hotel in the town of Potidea, on the Greek coast, according to the authorities.

  4. Crazy weather in Italy: devastated beaches, cities under the water. Warning for Romanians
    Today at 07:48 Source: REALITATEA.NET News site Nr. 1

    In the cities, firefighters were called by people who woke up with water in houses and basements, and the fallen trees crushed cars in the streets.

    Many roofs were also taken by the wind. A sheet of sheet fell from the roof, it is clear that it was not caught well. The wind threw it over the cars, damaged three cars parked on the street. It was good that no one was injured.

  5. What happened to all those forecasts about drought and heat?
    As to the “cause”.
    It must be all those pesky cosmic rays assisting cloud formation and all…………..

  6. I don’t understand this. 19 inches of rain in a YEAR is not much.
    Is this report correct? Will some American please explain what this means?
    For example, Cardigan in Wales UK gets around 40 inches of rain a year.
    Parts of USA get very heavy rain. Please EXPLAIN this posting.

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