US state prisons, 3,277 inmates test positive for coronavirus — 96% show no symptoms

The death rate may be far, far lower than we’re being led to believe.


As mass coronavirus testing expands in prisons, large numbers of inmates are showing no symptoms. In four state prison systems — Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia — 96% of 3,277 inmates who tested positive for the coronavirus were asymptomatic (meaning that they showed no symptoms) , according to interviews with officials and records reviewed by Reuters.

Vast Undercount

Reuters surveyed all 50 state prison systems. Of the 30 that responded, most are only testing inmates who show symptoms, suggesting they could be vastly undercounting the number infected by the coronavirus.

“Prison agencies are almost certainly vastly undercounting the number of COVID cases among incarcerated persons,” said Michele Deitch, a corrections specialist and senior lecturer at the University of Texas.

This means that the death rate may be far, far lower than we’re being led to believe.

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Thanks to Stephen Bird for this link

“You read right,” says Stephen. “Everybody’s got it but it don’t show. It’s more on a par with a cold than influenza except for an unlucky few.”

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  1. Wearing a fabric mask causes one to re-breathe a part of the exhaled air, which raises blood CO2 levels. This is called hypercapnia, and can cause headache, dizziness & fatigue. It’s not a good idea for people who have any restriction in their breathing like COPD. Nor is it great for some neurologic or muscle diseases.

    Just saying. My local Foods Co. wouldn’t let me in today cuz I won’t wear a mask. Doers anyone know if they can legally exclude me for this? Internet won’t tell me of course.

    So I went to Walmart instead, where I somewhat ostentatiously gave away all the copies of the first 4 pages of that I had on me AND led a 15-minute discussion of covid-related matters in a loud conversational voice right in the middle of Walmart.

    I’m through pussy-footing. If Knut Wittkowsky & Dan Erickson can make me admire them by passionately speaking truth, then I can do it too. I have just as many arms and legs as they do.

    • Thanks for your post! That’s very interesting info on face masks… which I refuse to wear unless it was legally required. My reason is partly I do not believe they are helpful (unless you are a person working in a health care setting or service industry and have a properly fitted mask). I also have bad allergies (stuffed nose most of the time) and claustrophobia… so no covering up my face. If I was sick (whenever I’m sick, not just covid-19 symptoms)… I do stay home.

      I saw a news post recently about someone who got into a car crash (one car fortunately) because they passed out from what the police called “overuse of a face mask” – didn’t get enough air!

      Your link was also very interesting… I’ve seen numerous recent articles about that sort of online companies suppressing information.

    • Go girl. Well done Penelope. Please be careful. I was cycling through Spain when I got locked down. Most people here just follow blindly, though the cops and Guardi Civil are very strict. Would love to try what your doing, but the people wouldnt understand me. I just ride my bike around and around and around the town, defying the lockdown secretly

      • Paul, the link is available in Spanish. At the beginning it says “languages” & you just select “ES” for espanol. If you print pp 1-4, 4pp print on 2 sheets of paper automatically. However, some countries are already threatening to rescind doctor’s licenses for info contrary to the mandated propaganda, so I don’t know if this is perfectly w/o risk.

        In my Spanish-speaking neighborhood the other day, as I was passing a homeowner on the sidewalk and he asked me how I was I answered, “Muchas mentiras” (a lot of lies) while shaking my head. A complete stranger, yet he understood at once the reference & answered, “Quieran acabar con nosotros.” (They want to do away with us.) Oddly reassuring to me.

        • Thank you Penople alas I don’t carry a printer on my bicycle. In have copied your Spanish and I will learn it and use that. And, I have forwarded the link. Mucho gracias

    • The same would – be elite who wants to use a global warming hoax in the face of an incipient ice age to reduce the earth’s population, wants to use this unjustified so-called-
      pandemic lockdown to reduce humanity’s numbers to a more manageable number and hasten the demise of western civilization.

      • I’d been thinking this situation is a good example for us to consider how our respective governments and populations are likely to react to an actual Ice Age. Food for that, right?

  2. This is absurd. The emperor has no clothes, and I’m damned if I’m going to pretend that the covid assertion has so much as a rag to cover itself.

  3. meanwhile my state Victori is supposed to be blitzing 100k tests before may 11th
    they wont lift the lockdowns even a day early for mothers day
    every other states been far more reasonable with citizens freedoms.

    • ps prisoners in Aus are trying to use covid as get outta jail free card
      not working
      bailed folks are still out as courts went into slow to no mode and they decided to leave em as is.

  4. What I find even creepier than that – all this letting prisoner’s out of prison so THEY won’t get covid-19… and that has included murders (even serial or mass murders… one that got let out had previously killed 49 people!), rapists, and gang members. No, not good!

  5. The Dr. Dan Erickson video press conference that youtube censored is now here. Before it was censored it had 5 million + views.

    Knut Wittkowski’s 2d video is here. He’s angry and he’s passionate.
    I’m sick to death of doctors and others who seem to be saying, “As a scientist I can’t have feelings or see any political implications.” What do they think is going to HAPPEN to science under the evolving regime? Scientists have the responsibility to exercise democratic oversight too– just like the rest of us.

    Sorry. Here’s Knut:

  6. Am I the only one who has noticed that, as of May 1 statistics on, Michigan, whose governor is ruling like a Central American dictator and who threatened doctors with jail if they prescribed HydroChloroquine to COVID patients, has the highest death rate (9.1% of reported cases) of any state?

    At the other extreme, South Dakota’s governor decided early on to keep the state open for business, while suggesting sensible precautions, and the governor announced that her state would be a testing ground to see if HydroChloroquine works. The death rate in South Dakota is the lowest of any state, at 0.83%.

    If “following the science” meant following the data, instead of following politically biased scientists over a cliff, those results should be the opposite of what we’ve seen. Also compare Maine, a state with another militant Democratic governor, also a large state, thinly populated, but with about 50% more people than South Dakota, with a death rate of 5%, or 6 times as high as South Dakota’s. These are the states with death rates of less than 3% of reported cases.

    Texas — 2.79%
    Hawaii — 2.59%
    Alaska — 2.47%
    N. Dakota — 2.08%
    Iowa — 1.89%
    Tennessee — 1.71%
    Nebraska — 1.64%
    Wyoming — 1.25%
    Utah — 0.95%
    S. Dakota — 0.83%

    States at around 3% are: New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Mississippi, Alabama, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

    Seems to be somewhat of a pattern, except for Hawaii. But I think I can safely say that mere facts won’t change any minds.

    • Michael, interesting about the high death rate in Michigan. I just looked it up: They have a low test rate & that would explain it.

      Death rate = Number of deaths divided by Number of test-positives

      So it takes a large denominator (test-positives) to lower the death-rate

  7. There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.
    Attributed to Disraeli and often quoted by Mark Twain
    And government facts come from statistics.

  8. Robert, thank you for starting this subject. It is one that has been on my mind for a couple weeks living in Ohio. I think your numbers may be low for prison infections. I would like to highlight one prison in Ohio in Marion County, which is just north of Columbus Ohio. They have a prison that has 2500 people in it. A Staffer died around April 7th – link.
    He tested positive on March 30th. Ohio has seen a jump in cases, partly because prison populations have been tested. Marion County where this prison resides had a big jump in covid cases shortly after this. This is a link for daily cases in Marion County.
    This is a link to the latest Marion County covid cases minus the prison.
    This is a link to the latest Ohio state data.
    From this last link you can see that no prisoner has died, and I can estimate that Marion County should have about 20 people hospitalized. This would mean that with over 2000 prisoners, only approx. 8 are hospitalized and no deaths. It has been about 2 weeks since the big jump in cases, but obviously covid 19 was in the prison earlier.

    Meanwhile our governor is slowly reopening things. I don’t get it, but in my opinion he was always one to do what he was told. Numbers, science be damed. The people are ignoring it though. Seen many groups of kids and parents socializing much more in the last few days.

    Whatever your opinion, these prisons are the perfect petri dish. You know the population and you know its medical history. Why this doesn’t get more attention, I have no idea.

  9. Did you know that FDA and CDC approved tests show that 59.3% of 43 year old women can fly? Don’t believe it? Why not? The tests were not only APPROVED but they met the highest standards of government testing. I hereby personally guarantee on my word of honor that these results are just as valid as the ones you do believe.

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