US Summers Getting Much Cooler

We’re being scammed.

“Every single metric shows that summer maximum temperatures are cooling in the US,” says Tony Heller. “Heatwaves are becoming shorter, less intense and covering a smaller area.”

We need to know the truth on this, because summer temperatures can greatly affect crop production. It took only two years of crop failures to bring on the Great Famine of 1315-17.

See entire article, along with more graphs:

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  1. Of course it’s getting colder, from recent memory summers were road meltingly hot — some in the mid 1970’s, most of the 1980s and in mid 1990s. From recent history 1936 was THE record year!
    Since then, all through the 21 century it has been a slow decline (so far). Though hopefully this decline will not accelerate before governments realize (not too late) that action is required.
    Surely the only reason for any government is to ensure, and to organize, protection from probable harm for all its citizens. So far these past decades most have been a failures at that elementary task.

    • Unfortunately, governments, as with the average person, need more dramatic proof before they acknowledge that the next glacial period is coming soon.

    • I think you might find that the mixtures used in modern bitumen have a higher heat capacity especially when laid as asphalt.

  2. im not sure if “govts job” is to do more than ensure roads and services are appropriate for use
    protection from “probable harm” is a huge umbrella
    the kind the agenda 21 and onwards mob tout
    means too much power for little evidence or proof of need

    local people know what bits flood, and they should also be the ones halting blocking riverways and drainages by inappropriate building/land use. or not removing silt etc when waterways are clear enough for the work to be done(uk floods due to that prime cause)
    cali is a prime screwup
    all those drained dams and they did bugger all in cleaning them while at lowest levels.
    frankly anyone relying on govt n bureaucrats to DO let alone do it RIGHT
    is doomed to disappointment.
    im from the govt and im here to help you..
    run! run a mile!

  3. The idea is to reduce the global population, you can’t do that by saving lives. Somebody has to die. Wasting time and resources on distant, harmless and mostly imaginary warming, is perfect deception for the coming killer cold.

    • Or, as Dickens wrote: “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

      Government has become the new Scrooge.

  4. There is still no evidence that a major or minor glacial period is on the horizon. Alarmism isn’t restricted to the warmists.

    Anything can happen and no-one knows what the future holds.

    We know the Sun can heat the Moon to over 120°C so our modest temperatures here on Earth could easily be exceeded – we know from past proxies that it is likely today’s temperatures are at the low end – only a few degrees above major glaciation.

    We know there were periods when Earth had no ice.

    The glaciation cycles of the past could be over – definitely not because of CO2 – but it could be over and the Sun may well ramp up again – no-one really knows. It may be unlikely but it is possible – anything can happen.

    And whilst I’d be smug to see the alarmists discredited I for one hope bitter cold doesn’t return – I wouldn’t wish to see the misery of the impoverished increased.

  5. It used to routinely reach 100 degrees forty years ago, it still occasionally does. You’d think from the way they talk that it only used to reach 59 degrees at the warmest, and you’d also think that they didn’t like hot weather, and most of them seem to actually like warm weather more than most, it’s a strange phenomenon. Subconscious wishful thinking and bias on their part?

  6. True – except for last summer in the SE. That was ridiculous here in June and July with above normal temps. Although yes overall I will agree that the US is getting cooler in summer – just can’t notice it every summer in every part of the country. This summer is certainly cooler in the SE than in 2016 and we have an autumn-like coldfront pushing off the East coast tonight.

  7. New England coastal comment for the day:

    Where’s the record Atlantic Huricane Season predicted by the AGW Channel ?? LOL.

  8. I agree that things are cooling down. I work for an engineering firm and have project that overlap thus giving me a year around picture of the maximum and minimum temperature around where I live. The summer temperatures used to have several days of 100+ days in the summer each summer. But since the global cooling started in the 90’s, our summers have gradually worked their way down the 90’s temperature scale.

  9. One of the tricks the global warming cabal is using is focusing attention on the “heat index.” The past few summers I keep hearing people talk about it instead of the actual ambient temp.

    I was talking to friends the other day and mentioned that the summer I married (1986) we had several days over 110F ACTUAL temp, and one responded, “well, the heat index was 110F yesterday.” But when I ask them what was the actual temp, they never know.

    Here in the South (Arkansas) we have high humidity in the summer. So a heat index is 110F means the ambient air temperature is only around 94-95F.

    BtW, the 10 day forecast here is for highs in the 80s each day. That is absolutely unheard of for Arkansas in Aug.

    • Same thing here in Texas, usually highs in August are pushing 100 but we’ve only had a couple days where we eclipsed 90.

  10. Ryan: “It used to routinely reach 100 degrees forty years ago, it still occasionally does.”

    In the Dallas / Fort Worth area, where I live, they keeping saying it’s getting hotter and hotter. In 1980 they had 69 days of 100 degrees or more. 1998 and 2011 had a lot of days over 100. Otherwise it’s been pretty mild for the this area, the last few years.

    Many years lately only have a handful of 100 degree days recorded. And I found out that many of those days are faked. When checking the official records, that record the temperature every half hour, days that don’t get higher than 98 or 99 are often recorded as 100 degrees. Sometimes they even get creative enough to change a 99 degree day into a 101 degree day.

    I guess close doesn’t just count in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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