USA death rate now higher than Sweden’s

As of today, 15 September 2020, Sweden, which did not lock down, reports a death rate of 579 people per million of population.

The USA, on the other hand, which did lock down and for the most part remains locked down, reports a death rate of 603 per million.

I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again: Why in the hell are we locked down?

13 thoughts on “USA death rate now higher than Sweden’s”

  1. Well considering all the illegals who arrived here in less good health and all the elderly who have preconditions, we are doing okay. But time for the lockdowns to end and people to resume healthy lifestyles where they can.

  2. The REALLY interesting data from Worldometers is found by clicking on the total deaths or deaths per million columns and seeing the remarkable fact that countries with a higher “white” population have fared far worse than countries which would be regarded as poor and “medically challenged”.

    For example Fiji comes in at number 33 with 2 deaths from 32 cases.

    How about Papua New Guinea with 6 from 516 cases.

    New Zealand is the first “advanced western civilisation” at number 61 with 25 from 1802.

    Australia ranks number 162 while China ranks 186 above much of Europe and the USA.

    Virtually every advanced economy on Earth has fared much worse that countries with basic hygiene not acceptable to most tourists.

    I conclude the data is frankly worthless !

  3. Why in the hell are we locked down?
    It isn’t something that really makes sense as the whole thing is nonproductive and bad for the economy and public and private finances.
    It is like trying to stop the engine of a car by ripping out the fuel lines or putting sand into the oil intake port on top of the engine. I think debt has a lot to do with it and they are trying to induce systemic failure so that everyone defaults and the debt has to be written off or someone is after the collateral because it is worth more than the debts.

  4. weeeeelll.. you have to admit usa’s pop is larger than Sweden’s. We’re bound to have more deaths. And, we also probably have a lot more obese here, and we know now that it’s not just the elderly who are likely to die from Covid, but obese too. And think of how many AIDS people we probably have and wow they get Covid, probably can’t do much to save them. I’m elderly but I’m not too worried honestly.

  5. Maybe because here in the nordics the well-timed two month lockdowns saved so many, when compared to Sweden? As the hospitals did not fill up to brim in other nordic countries, there maybe was enough time to think HOW to treat serious cases, and with much luck, too?

    And, btw, Sweden have increased restrictions while other Nordic countries have eased theirs, so at this moment Sweden has higher restrictions than e.g. Finland (where the death rate today is 61) or Norway (death rate 49).

  6. pretty sure you have more at risk groups?
    asian african obese diabetic etc etc
    all those are raising the death tolls
    ditto the same issues italy though less dark residents
    and the UK def has those issues and higher tolls
    the insane lockdowns in Vic are paying off a huge drop in new cases is now very evident, the toll on jobs and related flow on effects however? seems fairly hefty

  7. You are locked down because the ‘Great Reset’ demands that all the jobs on Main Street are wiped out, to be replaced by robots, computers, driverless vehicles etc etc.

    This is all the excuse to wipe out Joe Normal.

    What I most wonder about is what the upper middle class and rich are going to do when the disenfranchised come to their salubrious districts and start rioting, burning down their homes and doing all kinds of other nasty things to them?

  8. I thought this was a climate related site especially on the likelihood of a Ice Age not a conspiracy theory site on a virus? Millions have died around the World because of Covid and you peddle conspiracy nonsense.

      • Robert have you seen any of the bodies? I haven’t and I never ever met anyone who had covid-19 either. When the public are conditioned to believe anything the media, governments or banks tell them they can be told anything and lose anything including their lives over a big lie or exaggeration. The graveyards, burial pits and military cemeteries are full of dead people who believed something official that wasn’t true.

      • World population 7,800 million. Average life expectancy = 70-75 years. Annual turnover = >100 million. So-called Covid deaths <1% of average annual deaths. This is a fake pandemic.


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