USA and world have entered a ‘Mini Ice Age’, says astrophysicist

Not in a hundred years, not in 50 years, but right now.

The USA and the world have entered a ‘Mini Ice Age’, says astrophysicist Dr Piers Corbyn.

“The wild extremes since 2008 are consequences of the Wild Jet Stream / ‘Mini Ice Age (ie on average colder) climate decades the USA & world has entered.”

“The world-wide WILD Jet-Stream shifts and dramatic displaced polar vortex events this January demonstrate the total failure of the Man-Made Global warming hype because they are the wrong type of extremes for the CO2  story.”

Thanks to Piers Corbyn for this info

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    • I’m going to offer an inconvenient idea.

      The EPA posts a chart on its “Causes of Climate Change” website showing 11 larger and smaller cycles of global warming / cooling over 800,000 years. Okay, this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the US government knows that the climate has been changing forever.

      Let’s imagine that the gov knows a long ice age is coming, but it doesn’t want to scare the crap out of everybody. So it does a little trick and device, it gins up fear of global warming to enable rapid funding and development of multiple energy sources because it calculates that oil and gas will run out long before we survive the next ice age, we will have to go to solar, wind, nuclear, because the supplies of oil and gas are finite and may be largely depleted in this century, while the coming long era of glacial advance is in its infancy.

  1. Someone should ask Piers how long interglacial periods last, and when a ‘mini ice age’ turns into a full ice age, as it seems no one wants to mention the subject… ‘mini’ sounds safe and minimal… won’t rattle the markets too much, won’t disturb viewers or advertisers etc. If they’re like the govt, by the time they admit a downturn is real, is way after the fact… when it no longer matters.

    • The traditional ice-age theory is based upon changes in the shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun and our tilt angle as worked out by Milankovitch but I suspect Cosmic Rays and our magnetic field play a significant role. Earth’s field is decaying and Cosmic Rays are measured to be increasing at high altitude (read Dr Tony Phillips over at )
      If we are on the verge of a proper ice age we are in strife but it would seem more likely that this is only the ~200 year solar cycle like the Dalton Minimum.

      • Humans (species) are older than the last iceage. I suspect we could survive another one. Something to consider the tropical regions were probably quite warm during the last and previous big glaciations..just a guess. People here in Australia were around since at least 50,000 years, obviously werent eliminated by any glaciers further south.

      • That sounds comforting. The only problem is that interglacials last on average 11,500 to 12,000 years –and the last one ended about 11, 740 years ago. We’re actually due for the Big One.

        • Be that as it may most of the sheeple will be extinct because they won’t believe the truth concerning ice ages untill it kills them.

    • Fortunately the Solar Minimum forecast indicates, and frankly I my view is an indication, having forecast this Grand Solar Minimum and correctly hind cast each of the previous Grand Solar minimums.
      This Minimum should start to recover after SC25, however the following cycles, are likely to be Gleissberg in nature similar to 1890 to 1940. The Forecast then indicates another Solar Warm Period until 2199, within the warm period there will be another single cycle event around 2155 similar to SC20 in the Seventies.
      The tipping point into a major Glaciation event may not be for another 1000 years, based on orbital and solar drivers, but any geological disturbance to the Oceanic warm water current into the Atlantic from the Indian Ocean would kick off a Younger Dryas event in the Northern hemisphere and start the next Ice advance prematurely.
      Daily Update:
      Ten spotless days are recorded with the overall area increasing. The spotless run looking to continue tomorrow

      LSC Daily Draw Ref. SILSO LSC Mov Avg.
      0 Locarno 28 8

    • You can form an idea looking here:

      This shows the last five interstadials and intervening ice ages. The present interstadial is on the far right. We are currently in an apparent downward decline and have been for about 8,000 years. Compared to previous interstadials, the present “look” as if it might be a gentler incline (“trend”), but the much finer granularity of the data makes to curve much noisier than you see in older ice.

    • @gdpetti – We’re in an ice age now ( not just the website)! I think that having three permanent ice sheets (Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic) qualifies. Yes, we are living in an “interglacial” i.e. a time when the ice and snow is at a minimum. Past interglacial periods have lasted anything from 10,000 to 15,000 years. So currently we are living on borrowed time effectively.

      There has been “little ice ages” in the past most recent being the one in the late 1600’s into the 1700’s. This is when the weather takes a turn for the worse for decades but then warms up again. This is thought to be linked to solar activity (sunspots) hence the little graphic to the left.

      As to when a little ice age turns into full-on glaciation. You’ll know it when you see it but don’t expect it next week!

      • You are correct. We are currently in an inte-glacial of a 2.6 million year ice age. More here.

        We have been in this current inter-glacial for a little more than 11.500 years so we could go back into the ice box any time. When that happens North Americans will probably make a run for the border and invade Central America.

        The last Little Ice Age lasted from about 1300 to 1850.

    • from what i have read we are at the end of this one, if anything a bit late beginning the cold
      I am NOT looking forward to my old age if this keeps up.
      getting a bit fragile to be lugging logs n splitting wood already.
      and its just been average cold winter so far

    • Take a look at Wiki Paleoclimatology, and the Vostok Ice Cores, Wiki Vostok.

      Over the last 500,000 years there have been 5 cycles of warming / cooling, the interglacials have been about 10,000 years long plus or minute a bit every 100,000 years or so. If the past cycles continue, we are on schedule for the next long era of glacial advance that could be expected to last maybe 70,000 to 90,000 years.

  2. It’s good to hear about ice age;however, I am tired of warm winters in Atlanta so I want cold and snowy winters here, so do you have ideas that we also get frigid cold and tons of snowstorms in upcoming winters?

      • Joe Bastardi at says that January into March is going to get pretty nasty for winter weather especially as it gets closer to March.

    • Perhaps you should move to Canada!

      I live in Tennessee, and it is bitterly cold here right now. I can live without it!

    • I agree with you Chintan, I’m also tired of the warm winters we’ve been having here in the Houston area. I’d also like to know if there’s a chance of Texas ever feeling any relief during a mini ice age. I’d like to see an end to these long, year-round periods of heat which we’ve been experiencing lately.

      • Exactly this is too much that we are bearing from so many years now god has to do miracle with sort summer and long cold and snowy winters in entire world.

  3. I always hope that he and others predicting cold and little ice ages are wrong. Some like Dr Easterbrook hope that they themselves are wrong because they know the consequences.

    Unfortunately their predictions match reality. It’s going to get cold.

  4. In a few days the East will warm up and snow will melt along the coastal areas, in particular. It is expected to get pretty cold in January and February. You can’t say we are in a mini ice age unless people in the U.S. Northern Tier States are freezing in May and winter snows start in September and this continues for some years.

    • I’m not sure that you have to have super cold weather throughout the year at the outset of a new glacial advance. All you need are temperatures that are just cool enough to prevent new snow and ice from melting during the warmer months. Only the difference of a few degrees is required. In geologic time, it will build up rapidly. Then all else will follow.

  5. I can accept fully that the “Global Warming” is largely a scam or at least exaggerated. It’s probably used as a means to control us and also probably legislate and tax us.

    That said I am in Western Europe at the moment, flying back home to the US tomorrow. In France and UK the temperature (Latitude 50 to 55 north) is about 10 Degrees Celsius during the day and 4-5 Degrees Celsius during the night. It does not feel like winter.

    New York is -5 at night and about 3-5 Degrees during the day (about 40 degree latitude). When will Europe start freezing and will the Solar Minimum impact Europe as much as the US and Canada (which I think) is less impacted by the Gulf Stream.

    • It doesn’t just suddenly get colder all at once. The weather can be clement even during a LIA. But it will steadily get colder. It certainly ain’t getting warmer no matter what the AGW lot want to believe.

  6. overnight temps in my state in Aus are still at nutty lows
    as low as 5C in the last few days
    in late Dec?
    we have stinging nettles still sprouting
    normally theyre grown seeded and dead by now
    but they keep growing when night temps are around 12c or lower.
    unfortunately many edible food crop seeds do NOT grow while its this cool.

    • Nettles are edible, you can make soup, tea and other things out of them as well as other cooked dishes.
      The Romans introduced to the British Isles, as they can be used to make a yarn from in the same way as Hemp.
      Rose’s and Damsons came the same way.

  7. Let us see whether January 2017 is delayed December 2016. Piers’ December 2016 forecast so far has been a total bust on temperatures, albeit accurate on precipitation.

    Far better to report when Piers has got it right, not just after he has got it wildly wrong…..

  8. In a real ice age those of us living above 45 degrees latitude would have to move south. Goodbye Canada, the northern states and much of Europe.

    • Yep, and its also in fossil records that Polar Bears hunted in the sea ice off Ireland and on the coastal fringes.
      In the English Midlands the depth of Ice was nearly 2Km.
      I’m still digging up footbal sized, round boulders of Iron Ore and Granite dropped by the ice all round the area we live in and particulary in my small Veg garden. Pity its not gold, or I would have has three hundred weight of it to sell.

  9. The possibility that this mini ice age is really the beginning of a proper ice age needs to be considered. No doubt many scientists will for now take the conservative opinion as more reasonable. Nevertheless they could be wrong. Better to discuss it now.

    The only good thing I can see coming of this transition from mini ice age to a full blown ice age is that it will just get year by year colder and colder. This is good given the basic premise that we must deal with an ice age because it will keep would-be Greens from reasserting their dangerous, evil and destructive narrative.

    The world can always use more power for something. Right now it means power for heating in an expanding ice age, mini or otherwise. Especially above the 45th parallel.

    The continuously dropping temperatures should provide constant incentive to generate more power from whatever source derived. (Thanks given to the 16th Amendment)

    The sciences have been deeply corrupted by the same forces that have corrupted governments around the world. The bent of this corruption is anti-development in general and the imposition of pseudo-scientific motivations for the restraint of power development.

    We need to reassert power production as a major goal in all forms of power research from fossil fuels to nuclear; all of which have high energy density.

    We need a total review of scientific theory generated in the 20th century and now extending into the 21st. Theory constructed to serve hidden agendas is rampant and must be rooted out. The CO2 warming hypothesis is clearly the most obvious case in point. However, the theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are increasingly suspect on evidential grounds; they are also suspect on political grounds as well.

    Tesla’s arguments for power from the vacuum in the late 19th and early 20th century is an interesting case in point. For interests involved in conventional energy generation such ideas needed to go. Power too cheap to meter was a mortal danger to them. Tesla was, in fact, crushed for his claims.

    The luminiferous aether was a staple of 19th century physical science. It is therefore interesting that theories such as Relativity arrived denying the existence of an aether and won the day against more conservative opinion. For some, space needed to be empty else people would return to Tesla’s ideas.

    Did Relativity win on the merits or was it heavily financed and promoted by interests that had nothing to do with science? Who opposed Relativity at the time and what became of them?
    Does one lose funding because one loses influence or does one lose influence because one loses funding? An issue which deserves considerable research.

    Conceptually I would ask how space can become empty of an aether or just generally empty, retaining only the obvious matter, when it is subject to concepts of curvature? It would seem that space is not then nothing but something if it can be curved and out of something, some thing may come; possibly energy. This suggests the argument that Relativity did away with the aether and made space ’empty’ is bogus from the start. We have been gulled by a deceptive use of semantics.

    Quantum Mechanics has been argued by its supporters as one of the most successful theories of the 20th century and by its detractors as a parameter ridden mess for which you need to know the answer before you can adjust the parameters to calculate it. There is at least one classically oriented version of Quantum Mechanics called Classical Quantum Mechanics which appears to be far superior. See the work of Randall Mills at Brilliant Light Power.

    Of course Dr. Mills is heavily condemned for producing fake science by the established community of physicists but in this age such people are not to be taken at face value.

    We need can do physical theories instead of can’t do physical theories. Physical reality may be what it is but public funds for inquiry do have a different motivation. We need scientific theories which can provide the foundation for engineering advance. If nature objects we can object too and pull our money and place it where nature will be more cooperative. We can place the money with physicists who are more positive in their assertions and can be watched to see if they fulfill their claims.

    Public demand should be for cleaner coal, oil and gas, nuclear engineering that fixes the problem of ionizing radiation and new sources of energy which have neither the dirty nature of fossil fuels nor the ionizing radiation of nuclear power. New physical theory justifying such new sources and the required engineering to usefully develop it should be promoted. Theories which have demonstratively failed to produce, even if they are ultimately right, should have funding pulled.

    Usefulness, as a criteria for theory, rather than truth is not necessarily contradictory. It is unlikely that a theory will prove useful for long if it is not true when applied to the domain of discourse it is constructed for. Yet it may happen. Still it is a win-win situation for much useful engineering can be done with the wrong theory and the financial support may lead to eventual discovery and replacement with a more correct theory which will likely also prove to be useful. If not it is time to begin moving to new pastures.

    But care must here be taken for usefulness for some people applies to other matters than science and engineering and that must be carefully policed. Manipulative scoundrels need to be chased away.

    An ice age may be a boon if it forces the public to closely examine the scientific and engineering communities and strip them of hidden agendas. We will need generations of scientists and power engineers who have only the ambition of producing more power. An ice age should well force us all to get them.

    • I have been doing experiments with a friend for some years. This year we will release our findings to the scientific community.
      We believe we have been playing with the same forces Tesla manipulated, we have no explanation for our findings.

      My thoughts are it is the missing part of the universe that the mainstream cover up about by inventing dark energy and dark matter. To me it is energy of a different type filling the entire universe an aether if you wish.

  10. I wish a more solid advocate could be found, Piers is the brother of Jeremy the leader of the Labour Party in the UK, Jeremy is much derided as a very left-wing political lightweight and no hoper, and friend & supporter of terrorists, Piers has stood up to support his brother, judgement is questionable, it’s a great shame to the cause to be reliant on this person.

    • Siblings while linked by blood and DNA are not tied quantumly together like some identical twins are. Frankly, they can over time become politically opposite one another but still have a good relationship.
      Piers should carry on doing what he does, as will Jeremy, and we should not cast stones for the suposed sins of the brother.
      Both believe in what they are doing, and believe that they are right, time will tell. The problem for Jeremy is that he didn’t screw up the Labour party, Millipede and Unite did, and they and Labour party has now been taken over by the Trots with Jeremy as its figure head.
      I expect that to be politically terminal over the next 10 years.

  11. North of iron river MI. The UP of Michigan is chilly wind chill around -35 two nights ago and the wind become a live thing
    we pray for global warming. But the wild life is very nice.

  12. To early to say we’re entered a mini ice age but have probably entered an era of increased wavy jet stream. Global temperature hasn’t dropped below the long term average. Arctic to warm . One of the signs of global cooling is a colder arctic even with lots of blocking. As for this winter, it seems that any cold weather being forecasts keep being pushed back. There is supposed to be a stratospheric warming event Dec/Feb but the forecast is for stratospheric cooling instead. I would like to see this colder weather arrive but realistically, it’s probably not going to happen. Spring is probably the best chance for snow.

  13. Those worried about a plunge into a new glacial need to remember that it can get cold fast, but ice buildup is mass flow limited. Essentially, the ice sheet advances about 800 FEET per year. You can escape the advancing ice sheet by walking 4 suburban residential blocks south once a year…

    See the graphs of glacial / interglacial ice voulumes vs time.

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