Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics, says Senator

That’s right – a sitting U.S. Senator is suggesting that RICO laws be applied to global warming skeptics,says the Weekly Standard.

“Unless, of course, we’re just going to scrap any pretense of political neutrality on questions of free speech. Top men like Sheldon Whitehouse can make sure we don’t hear anything that we don’t need to hear about scientific research and legally punish anyone who publicly disagrees. Otherwise, the natives get restless….”

Writing in the Washington Post, Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, began his opinion piece in the Washington Post with these words:

Sheldon_Whitehouse_2010“Fossil fuel companies and their allies are funding a massive and sophisticated campaign to mislead the American people about the environmental harm caused by carbon pollution.”

“Their activities are often compared to those of Big Tobacco denying the health dangers of smoking. Big Tobacco’s denial scheme was ultimately found by a federal judge to have amounted to a racketeering enterprise.”

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60 thoughts on “Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics, says Senator”

  1. The Social Democrats to the left of Western Politics are now realizing that their CO2 fraud is unraveling, they are desperate for Paris and the climate stitch-up they want to steal.
    This is most applicable to the US Democrat Gullible Warmists with Gore as their equivalent to Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi party propagandizing the carbon credit fraud.
    The Sun has gone off reservation for the previous and this Solar Cycle, with the next Cycle even lower in solar output than this one. The one after next, SC26 will simply pause it getting colder, similar to SC23 which started the pause in warming for the last 19 years.
    This Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democratic Senator from Rhode Island should be impeached for attempting to rip up the US Constitution.
    Bluntly the Carbon based fuel companies and the CO2 they produce are NOT the significant and only cause of the Global Warm Period which ended in 2008. The increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is directly linked to the increase rifting volcanism and the warming of the oceans by both volcanism and by the recent Modern Solar Warm period of around 140 years of increasing solar out put from our Star which ended in 2008.
    Sheldon Whitehouse put your money where your mouth is and charge a carbon producer with racketeering, you will lose as the real hard solar science is against you, and when you have lost, resign and make way for a representative of the people which will uphold the values of US free speech, and not simply trash their rights because the Democrats have thrown their carbon credit toys out of the pram.

  2. Rhode Island shouldn’t even be a state…it’s an insult this corrupt clown-car even has 2 US Senators

    • Well, he’s clearly lost his head. Almost anyone could tell him where to find it, if only he could hear clearly.

  3. I simply cannot believe oil companies spend even one cent funding “climate change denial” and I think anyone suggesting they do is a moron !!!

    When fuel prices drop motorists will queue to get it sometimes waiting considerable time.

    When winter freeze strikes people can’t get enough fossil fuels.

    Why would the companies care about funding “climate change denial” when even the most radical climate change believers regularly make their purchases and celebrities own personal jets ???

  4. The more desperate the alarmists become, the more bizarre their pronouncements on the issue of so-called “Climate Change” will become. Statements like the current one from Senator Whitehouse provide a good measure of how badly support for the issue is failing.

  5. Sheldon Whitehouse is a fool, a dangerous one at that! Why not turn the tables on clowns like Sheldon. If global temperature are in fact dropping and citizens find energy and food is to expensive to purchase because of crop failure and driving energy up, let’s put Obama, Biden, and the warming in prison!

    • I’m afraid that would be as bad as what Whitehouse and The Whitehouse are suggesting. Maybe we just need to wait a couple of years for the chill to really set in. Already we have Canola failure in Manitoba, Snow in June in Norway, Neve accumulating in the Scottish Highlands, Record global sea ice, if the warmists/changeists want to continue to deny the facts then they will have a rude awakening.

  6. Novel idea:
    Use RICO laws to investigate and prosecute every member of the U.S. Federal Government.

    • How about change that suggestion to every member of Congress and the POTUS? I say that because I am a “rank and file” Federal employee. Like myself there are many of us who do our jobs to the very best of our ability, lending my education, my smarts, and my experience to trying to help my fellow citizens (I work as a civilian for DOD, analyzing health data for active duty service members who’ve been injured or get ill in the course of doing their jobs.)

      In no way whatsoever do I support Mr. Whitehouse or any of the other AGW nuts. In fact I find his suggestions “chilling”… and a threat to the Constitution. Given especially that he is “representing” Rhode Island as well. My mother was born and raised in RI, my dad was born elsewhere but raised in RI, I was born and raised in MA, but just a mile from the state line. All during my childhood I heard from both parents about how utterly corrupt the RI state government was, and that the state of RI was run by the Mafia. Maybe he ought to direct his attention to that instead?

      Also as a Federal employee, I dread the possibility that they may require us to take a new oath (original oath on getting hired was to uphold the Constitution).

  7. If you saw that democrat up all night thing they did a year or two ago senator sheldon spoke that night and he had no idea what government agency sent sent vehicles into space and thought it was NOAA.
    If he only one NASA dies that.
    Clueless he is

  8. Entirely apart from the nonsense the Senator is falling prey to, what do you call the “…campaign to mislead the American people” in terms of purported/claimed CO2 effects?

  9. A few years ago a climate change case came up in court in Queensland Australia.
    The warminists lost the case – badly.

    Since then no warminist organisation will go near the courts.
    A law suit will bring out the conflicting evidence and the warminist stuff just doesn’t stand up.

    Any warminist in his right mind will not go near a legal situation.

  10. I can think of a number of ways that RICO could be used against U.S. legislators for passing laws that conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Doesn’t that amount to a massive and sophisticated campaign to mislead the American people about the limiting authority the constitution gives the federal government? Doesn’t their activities make those of Big Tobacco denying the health dangers of smoking look like child’s play? After all, their funding is unlimited. Well unlimited until they run out of someone else’s money! Surely there is a federal judge who could find their activities a racketeering enterprise.

  11. The problem is none of the skeptics are collectively conspiring unlike the proponents of global warming/climate change. The skeptics also have nothing to gain financially from voicing and showing what they know to be the truth. Therefore does not fit the definition of RICO I.E. Racketeering.

    • I wouldnt call that Skeptics not using illegal means a problem more of a virtue.
      After all when your on the wrong side of the Solar Science and themodinamic laws over how the Sun’s energy is moderated over long time scales which the Western Government are, together with the Climate Ologists who started the Hysteria, and the Green Terrorists, such as Green Peace and CND, who are funded by Russia for the last 60 years, a major carbon fuels producer with a KGB bandit at its head. You have cartblanch to practise deception, misue of legal powers, fund jerry mandered seats such as Sheldon Whitehouse’s and create an Empire like the EPA. Why stop there, is tagging, or baning from the Internet next or simply Interment to hide the truth. The Truth will out regardless, and the Democrats can kiss being in power goodbye for generations.

    • Take me for example. Geologist retired for 13 years and completely independent of companies or government institutions. University training in chemistry and physics too. In addition a collector of historical text books. History is one discipline that is largely neglected in the climate change debate, but has a lot to contribute.

  12. Seems to me a counter suit under Rico against The Team, IPCC, Patchy, Maurice Strong, a dozen NGOs and their executives, NASA GISS and Hansen, NOAA, and the othrrs identified in the Climategate Emails would be an appropriat response…

    So who can file a RICO suit?

  13. Since Sheldon Whitehouse and his constituents are causing “environmental harm caused by carbon pollution”, then maybe the oil, gas and coal companies should place an embargo against the state of Rhode Island until you resign. If you want “War”, then I’m sure we can accommodate you!

    Sheldon, you should lead by example. No heat, no air conditioning, no gas, and no lights. Of course, I feel that the lack of light will cause you no harm since you are, obviously, “In the dark”!

    Yes! I am getting nastier in my old age, but today Sheldon is only “Suggesting”. Tomorrow it may come to reality, and the real war will begin!

  14. I am grateful for one thing, it is on the Opinion Page and not the on the Science Page. When non-sense like this is accepted on the Science Page, we are all in trouble.
    The billions in money being handed out is for pro-Global Warming “research.” Not too many businesses can go against the prevailing politically correct trend, even if it were for the high moral grounds.

    If an ice age of any sort comes our way China is positioned to handle this. Vast ghost cities in Africa, with no people. How about the signs the Sahara greening. Many things going on but Sheldon Whitehouse is clueless.

    One additional item, I hope someone will comment on this. The term fossil fuels is, I believe over used. If we were depending only on fossil fuels, I believe, we would have run out by now. I believe we are tapping into naturally occurring hydrocarbon fuels from deep in the Earth. We are not even close to exhausting these.

    Jim H

    By the way this is my favorite web-site. Keep up the good work Bob.

  15. I have the answer! Make Senator Whitehouse spend a week with Bob Felix and then another week with Piers Corbyn. If after this two week education process he does not see the light, then he truly is a lost cause.
    Jim H.

        • Wish we could make it so!
          However, my experience in debating the issues concerning scientific findings is superseded and not recognized unless tis a govt. funded project.
          They are in the dark only due to the fact that they are bitterly hard of hearing as well!
          Told one he was a liar, cheat, and would never promote his congressional seat ever ever again. He was sworn in as the first director of home land security shortly afterward and is sadly our state governor now.
          ROFC(crying) looking for some spare hearing aids.

  16. From Wikipedia:

    “A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.”

    Sounds like AGW to me!

    • Agreed, and I thought a racket was an upmarket confidence trick practised on the well off gullible .
      I think the Democrats fell for the AGW scam hook line and sinker. The problem for the Democrats is that the electorate is catching on far to quickly, it may be a to close to call election after all. Just like the UK election where the medias expectations was reversed.

  17. Whitehouse’s idea is so repugnant, ignorant, venal, immoral, depraved, degenerate, perverted, decadent, wicked, evil and liberal-democratic other senators and representatives will likely support this bureaucrat.

    He has abused the dignity of the office. I should not have to mention the man should resign from the senate by 5 pm today June 4, 2015.

  18. Really? RICO laws to use against the American populace for speaking up against tyranny?
    This senator is the result of the people he is elected to represent, not asking enough questions BEFORE they put him (or them) in office. I swear it is easier to go to Washington than to land a private sector job. I am waiting to see these people state that the “dust bowl” era was caused by the farmers and industrial expansion. What does Mr. Whitehouse think of the record snow and cold in the northeast and his state this last winter? and the prior winter?
    All these elected persons are educated idiots that have no clue to how the real world works. And we pay them to contribute to leaving the people fairly unprepared for the real threat to our way of life – bitter and unending cold and famine.

  19. How does any minuscule amount of money the oil companies would want to waste possibly compare to the billions of dollars the US alone is spending promoting this farce? It does not even count the dollar value of the free press given to any quack who wants a headline dreaming up a new possible consequence! What about the money spent by other countries? What about the cost of ill conceived regulations meant to destroy jobs and create an even larger dependent class? Obama is getting exactly what he set out to do, he is destroying the middle class with regulation and Obamacare so we will start HATING RICH PEOPLE (AKA job creaters) so we will vote for Demoncrats and fully adopt socialism of the kind that would embarrass the EU!!

  20. Ah! The new inquisition, just like the old inquisition when Galileo was brought before the Inquisition and forced to recant that the Earth went around the Sun rather than the Sun going around the Earth, which was the scientific consensus at the time.

  21. One look at the grinning simpleton’s face makes you realize there is a vacancy sign hanging on his forehead. If it weren’t for touchscreen voting machines and lazy voters, creatures like that couldn’t be elected. Nor jackasses like Insane McCain from my own state.

  22. We have a situation that is the equivalent to the witches looking for a justification to burn their christian opposition at the stake.

    • Witches were normally burnt by the Legal Authority having delegated capital rights to a Theological court. This is practiced today in countries which operate Sharia law. ISIS hides its perversion behind Islam to practice its barbarities. Terrorists don’t care how many they kill only it isn’t them and that the masses follow their perversion of a great religion.

  23. I say we hold ‘Nuremberg’ trials for the creators and protagonists of the fraud of global warming.

  24. The global warming crowd has: (a) deliberately falsified data on numerous occasions (b) obtains huge amounts of federal funding for false research (c) enables companies like Solyndra to loot our tax dollars (d) make illegal ,contributions for crony politicians, etc, etc.

    No prosecutions for these crimes. But let’s prosecute the people who disclose and oppose their illegal activity!!

  25. When I look back at what this country was when I was growing up fifty years ago, then look upon what it has become, it makes me want to just sit down and cry. If the veterans of World War II were still alive in great numbers, and still vigorous and vital, this would NOT happen.

    • It all depends on how much they like their pensions and social benefits. It would be the old carrot and the stick situation.
      If you support the big lie you get the carrot, if not you get the stick. That is how the powers that be bend over the seniors and everyone dependent on the government and make them believe lies and fairy tales. They threaten to mess with peoples assets and income if they don’t tow the party line. And that is if the people are lucky.

  26. Why not use the IRS to punish the realists.

    Both O’bama and the IRS have experience punishing people they don’t like

  27. We may have a very small voice in this debate but there is something we can do come election day remember the party that threaten us for using our God given brains and were able to cut through the fog they created.

  28. Since Sheldon Whitehouse is a carbon based organism, I have to agree with his assertion that there is “environmental harm caused by carbon pollution.” Not just the environment but obviously the Senate as well.

  29. NPDs tend to do this- threaten and use “the law” to scare people into submission. Is this a “law” or another plebiscite. So as the TPTB, Masons and their communist manifesto doctrines attempt to roll out worldwide people see the facts as they are. Step outside its cold and colder than normal. its snowing in June in the northern hemisphere. Africa and Australia are freezing even in QLD. Antartica, well they cant get to Mawson and it is only the beginning of winter there.
    I mostly ignore these paid brown nosed suck-ups and their agenda chums and like most people look at the facts. I love this saying – don’t believe anything you see on TV and 1/2 of what you read in the media – very true. Enjoy your life and don’t buy into their fear factor

  30. I agree!

    In the main that is. The global warming scam only persists because the overwhelming majority of global warming sceptics, some of whom have commented above, believe in AGW! The differences between them are simply a matter of scale.

    The only difficulty in prosecuting these carbon terrorists would be in deciding where the line of justice lies? What point on the warmist scale deliniates between warmist and sceptic?

    A tricky one. I suggest that an objective decision on guilt or innocence could best be made by Gavin Schmidt if he can take time off from his data fiddling at GISS to decide which of his supporters are innocent and which are guilty.

  31. Why don’t the oil and coal companies grab this ball and run with it? Sue Sheldon Whitehouse for defamation, he has accused them of crimes, RICO violations, and that’s defamation per se.

    The only defense is truth, i.e., that CO2 is indeed “pollution” that is causing enourmous harm, which is, scientifically, nonsense.

    I would love to try this case, for the oil and coal companies, thirty minutes on the stand and Whitehouse will be claiming he’s too sick to testify . . . put up the charts of the last 500 million years of climate change, and start asking him, change by change, to explain what caused all those climate changes millions and millions of years before us.

    “Mr. Whitehouse, as you can see, this shows 10 cycles of global warming and global cooling, ice ages, over just the last one million years . . . now, looking at the first cycle of global warming and cooling on that chart, the one that happened about one million years ago, please explain to us what caused that cycle of global warming and the 90,000 years of global cooling that followed.”

    If he can’t, he destroys his own credibility, and if he can, he disproves the hypothesis that human use of fossil fuels is a significant cause of climate change.

    “So, Mr. Whitehouse, the climate has been changing for hundreds of millions of years before humans began burning fossil fuels, right? And most of the last 500 million years have been warmer than now, right?”

    Maybe the coal and oil companies need better lawyers.

  32. “We shall compel the government … to take action in the direction favored by our widely-conceived plan, … by what we shall present as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called ‘Great Power’ – the Press, which … is already entirely in our hands.”
    “We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth … by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated.”

    These word were written more than a century ago, but seem applicable at present. Some readers may recognize the source.

  33. Politics has no place in science.
    Science is not legislated nor is it about consensus.
    Politics is founded and nourished by lies.
    Shall we do so with science? What folly.

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