USS Al Gore Research Vessel

Ha, ha, ha, ha !

Thanks to Jake and LearningToFly for this photo

(If you know who I should credit for this, please let me kn ow.)

16 thoughts on “USS Al Gore Research Vessel”

  1. If only St. Greta was stuck on board!
    CO2 is source of all life. Stop the Ice Age!
    Let’s get it up to 800ppm for Gaia’s sake!

  2. One of the funniest memes ever! LOL

    Thanks for cheering me up.

    And this is how we have to fight the climatewar.
    Ridicule and cold facts.

  3. Robert:

    Here is an excellent article concerning the burning Amazon nonsense that media and climate catastrophists have been pushing.

    I thought the closing paragraph of this piece did the best job of putting AGW in perspective that I have seen:

    “The most fervent devotees of climate change don’t really want science, no matter how often they invoke the word; they want drama and memorable images, believing they will catalyze action in a way that a properly modulated account of the best research won’t.

    If they have to blow their credibility, one faux emergency at a time, so be it.”

  4. For starters, where was that picture taken? The other boats look OK and the sea is water not ice. Freezing rain can coat objects with ice like that, so can freezing sea spray, helped along by an even colder wind.
    Ice nucleation is another process which causes fake cold snaps with serious risk of the above kind of ice covering trees, power lines, roofs etc. I once saw a Youtube video of 3 poor donkeys covered in it. Proof this thing is not a conspiracy? Here’s the patent:

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