Utah – Heavy early-season snowfall closes roads – Video

Not something we see too often just two days into fall, says meteorologist.

Autumn cancelled – Straight to winter – Snowplows deployed

Heavy early-season snowfall forced closure of state Route 190 and Route 224 at Guardsman Pass, according to the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

UDOT also reported that state Route 224 just past Park City Hall in Summit County was closed along with Albion Basin Road, above Alta Ski Resort.

Officials in Alta reported 8 inches of snow on the ground in places.

Snow was on the ground Sunday morning in other places across northern Utah, including Bear Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon and Parleys Canyon.

KSL’s meteorologists also warned that 4 to 8 inches of snow was expected on Sunday for the Wasatch Mountains from I-80 north.


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5 thoughts on “Utah – Heavy early-season snowfall closes roads – Video”

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    Don’t believe any of it. This early “snow” is just a glitch in the programs that predict, according to Al Gored, the end of life on earth. Warming kills life !!!!

    • /Sarc on
      Interesting point of view, given that most Land Animals, Birds and Insects are quite able to cope with average temperatures at least 12C higher than now, In fact they also have this great in built technological advantage over the static coastal primate called Humans, they can migrate to more benign parts of the world by moving themselves and feeding as they go.
      What will cause a population collapse of the Human Ape isn’t excess heat temperature, they can move further up the beach as the waters rise a few meters back to the level last seen 10,000 years ago, but cold, frigid temperatures accompanying a major Glaciation period and sea levels dropping like a stone into a pond, and denying access to the sea and its bounty of protein.
      130M drop in sea level, half the landmass under ice, and the temperate zone restricted to the tropics, this is the real Holocaust coming to this world once the Holocene Interglacial ends in the not too far future and none of it related to the lagging gas indicator CO2.

  2. looks like kids in Utah will still know what snow is 70 years from now, even if teachers were screaming in their faces that it would never snow again!

  3. (…sigh!) Oh,yet ANOTHER little glitch? HMMM? Damn Trumpbots! I bet they caused the melting of the last glaciers 16,000 years ago, causing Lake Bonneville and Lake Missoula to flow off to the sea! Or, to put it another way; why aren’t we under the miles of ice anymore if it hasn’t been warming steadily since the wooly mammoths were frozen to death? And was it WARM before this glacial period? 200 million years of warmth to let the dinosaurs have their way! Oh please! Go read your rock strata and ice core samples, stop bothering me your stupid hockey stick computer models!

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