Vancouver – 3 times usual February snowfall in 3 days

More than 30 weather records (both cold and snowfall) were broken this week in regions across British Columbia, said meteorologist Carmen Hartt of Environment Canada.That pattern that will likely continue for the rest of February, said Hartt.

Parts of Vancouver, B.C. were hit by nearly 40 cm (16 inches) of snow Tuesday afternoon — with more on the way. (There is now a snowfall warning in effect.)

A series of storms this week buried the region in three times the usual amount of snow for the entire month of February in just three days.

The snowiest February on record in Vancouver came 69 years ago, in 1949, when the city saw 60.7 cm (2 ft) of snow.

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  2. I’m tempted to call it a manifestation of the mini ice age that started in 2014. Watch and learn would seem to be the thing to do for the time being.

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