Venezuela President tells women to stop using hairdryers to save electricity

Also gives state employees Fridays off for two months as one measure to offset a crippling electricity shortage.

Nicolas Maduro  suggested other ways to save power, including cutting appliance use and raising the temperature on air conditioning units.

Mr Maduro’s socialist administration blames the crisis on a drought caused by El Nino and acts of sabotage by opponents, but I think they’re simply reaping the fruits of socialism.

Meanwhile, Obama continues his misguided attempts to destroy U.S. energy capabilities.

4 thoughts on “Venezuela President tells women to stop using hairdryers to save electricity”

  1. Ah the joys of a state managed economy and central planning! Why don’t all the starry-eyed progressives and socialists in the US wake up and smell the vinegar?

  2. Obama and the other socialist UN politicians never fix the roof when the Sun is shining. They just wring their hands, when it rains in and hold their hands out for more cash, or the climate first turns warm, and then impose taxes on Carbon based energy to fund the UN, and then fume when the climate turns unexpectedly cold when it wasn’t supposed to.
    Once they have spent every cent of development money the country has, they spend the seed corn, and then mortgage the farm for massive debt, future generations have to pay for thought the nose.
    Knowing that inflation caused by the debt interest will over many generations slash the value of the original debt.
    Politicians, we have too many, that don’t understand that we all have to work, to make a profit, pay our reasonable taxes, and expect them to spend our money to improve the country we live in on our behalf, not theirs, or their hangers on in the civil service, or for than matter fudge and lie so they can tax us more for the carbon energy we recycle.

  3. I’m almost to the point where I’d like to go to Venezuela and find one of their young women who are fed up with socialist dysfunction and bring her to partake in the benefits of a free capitalist society as my wife.

    • Been considering that myself H.B. , probably be good help and thankful for a nice home, unlike the parasite’s , gold diggers and self-centered wenches I’ve seen here in IL. the last ten yrs. Gave up here 5 yrs ago. May have to stick with northern one’s , due to cold weather coming. Maybe I could catch one when they start migrating south. LOL.

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