Venezuelans Riot as Hunger Grips the Nation

This is what happens when the government gets too much control. This is why we need to rein in the EPA.

An article yesterday in the New York Times describes the horrors in Venezuela. Here are excerpts:

“With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard,” says the article. “Soldiers stand watch over bakeries. The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores, pharmacies and butcher shops. A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food.”

Venezuela is convulsing from hunger.”

“A staggering 87 percent of Venezuelans say they do not have money to buy enough food.”

“I used to be very fat, but no longer,” said 45-year-old Vanessa Furtado. “We are dying as we live.”

“Sugar fields in the country’s agricultural center lie fallow for lack of fertilizers. Unused machinery rots in shuttered state-owned factories. Staples like corn and rice, once exported, now must be imported and arrive in amounts that do not meet the need.”

“In response, Mr. Maduro (the president) has tightened his grip over the food supply.”

Remember Margaret Thatcher’s famous words on socialism?

‘The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.’

Venezuela is apparently learning that lesson.

This is what must – MUST – eventually happen under socialism.

30 thoughts on “Venezuelans Riot as Hunger Grips the Nation

  1. If this is what MUST happen under “Socialism,” why aren’t the people in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, starving to death?

    “Socialism” is not one thing, it is a broad spectrum of ideas, laws, policies. Some things in America are highly Socialized, Social Security, Medicare / Medicaid, Public Schools, the Interstate Highway System, most major airports and seaports, but we have tons of cheap food, a hundred million fat people, and a glut of oil that has dropped gasoline prices nearly 50% in five years.

    It seems that there can be competent Socialism, and incompetent Socialism, just as there can be competent and incompetent Capitalism. Donald Trump, for instance, has filed corporate bankruptcy five times, so is that competent Capitalism?

    • Socialism grants a great deal of power to the government, and to quote Lord Acton’s well worn adage, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Sometimes it just takes longer than others.

      Lord Acton also said:

      “Liberty has not only enemies which it conquers, but perfidious friends, who rob the fruits of its victories: Absolute democracy, socialism.”

      • curiously so does supposed “democracy” hand power to govts
        and they same as some socialist inclined nations arent doing well
        Id say americas included well n truly in this
        what happens when the foodstamps are a day late ?
        the film clips of the “dindus” and freeshit army right in the states are pretty “educational” to say the least

        reckon a lot of OS multinats doing deals for cheap labour and a lot of bribery n payola had a lot to do with venezuelas problems?
        thos private cos made a LOT off the backs of the poor
        so one could say that private so called democratically approved biz had a whole lot to do with the crash aslo.
        murricas not far off this, unemployment rates way above govvy spin
        homeless from 08 are still struggling
        lowpaid work abounds
        $15 n hr as a min wage and people have apoplexy over sending biz broke?
        pot kettle black calling socialism to blame fully
        your so called democracy is looking pretty Fascist right now to us on the outside frankly.
        and if trump doesnt get in..that lunatic warmongering lying POS other “option” will make you all even worse off in no time flat.

        • My problem with the concept of raising minimum wage is partly that I believe it drives inflation… big time.

          Back in the 60s/70s in the US the minimum wage was somewhere in the $2-3/hour range. But you could also feed a family of 2 (at least I did, as a single parent) for $10 a week, and that is on healthy food. Rent where I was living I could get a 2 bedroom apartment for about $85/month. Back when I was 18 and my family left my hometown when my dad retired… they sold a very nice ranch house with 10 acres of land for $40,000. They asked for $50,000 but couldn’t get it. In my hometown now the same type of house and land would likely be closer to $400,000 or even more. Same house, only older.

          NOW… the minimum wage has gone up considerably over the years, but now I also have a grocery budget of around $150/week (and now that’s for just 1) plus rent of $860/month (but in my area that rent is about half the “norm” – rents in the $1,600 are much more common). I cannot imagine that raising the minimum wage to $15/hour is going to do anything other than making the basic costs of living skyrocket beyond the ability of those same workers to pay for what they need… so I don’t think that will change their lives in any way but negative.

    • “Donald Trump, for instance, has filed corporate bankruptcy five times, so is that competent Capitalism?”

      Yes it is. The Founding Fathers made bankruptcy easy because they wanted Americans to be unafraid to take chances, and unafraid to risk failure, because that’s the only way you ultimately succeed. Donald Trump ain’t bankrupt now, but Venezuela sure is. Looks like he got out of bankruptcy a lot quicker and a lot easier than they did, not once, but five times.

    • Donald Trump also has over 500 individual companies too…and only 5 failed think about that one

    • The Scandinavian countries you list are not socialist like Venezuela. They have high tax and high social spending, but the economic engine is capitalistic free market. So Robert’s argument, and that of Maggie T, stands.

    • Oh Ray,

      You mean the communist nations that attended the opening of Swiss tunnel. Let me tell you Ray these people are something straight out of Dante’s Inferno. Very, very, very scary leaders.
      If you can muster the strength to watch this video it will lead you into the dark realm of which these people live, and are planning to become your masters. Unless of course Mr. Kraft you may already be one them (a god want to be)?

    • The countries you listed all have healthy market economies, and all have a lower corporate tax rate than the USA.

    • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland can borrow their way out of trouble but their time must come, and it will not be long now.

  2. The program set up in Venezuela would have worked fine IF a certain North American nation had let the country develop its own way of life. Instead, the problem in Venezuela has nothing to do with “socialism,” it has everything to do with outside interference and “destructive nation building” and NGOs from a certain city that probably ought to be walled in and flooded.

    • Absolutely correct.

      If there had been a little less outside interference, and a little more time, Venezuela could have developed into … say … another Cuba. Scrapping by only on wealth built decades before.

      PS — I’ve actually been to VZ a few times … have you?

    • I’ve noticed that socialist countries when they fall into inevitable economic collapse always blame sinister outside interference. Those countries also tend to produce childlike people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

      NGO’s bankrupting a country?! That one deserves to be framed!

  3. A brain-dead rejection of basic economics, and a hardline, anti-market approach of the worst possible kind. There are maximum prices, other prices controls, profit controls, capital controls, nationalisations, expropriations and every other statist, atavistic policy you can think of. An extreme left wing government has waged war on capitalism and won; and as ever, ordinary people are paying the price.

  4. Sorry to disagree with the article and with most comments. Venezuelans are where they are by their own fault. The elites had fun for over 30 years, ordinary citizens did their best to skim also. The economy is basically an oil economy no real diversification.

    When the infighting of the elites went overboard the middle income and the poor believed the sirens chants from Chavez and got a loud mouth egocentric guy in charge. He did his best to ruin the economy. And the opposition decided not to run on th next election and handled him the country on a silver platter.

    Then when he died the new ruling elites decided to put the first idiot they could manage to be in charge.

  5. From Tucson, AZ where it is NOT the hottest ever. Not even close.

    Read “Atlas Shrugged”. It is the playbook for what is happening in Venezuela. That country was a paradise and I lived there 5 years, politics has always been the problem there.

    • its the handbook for whats happening in america just taking a bit longer, but the end will be similar.
      right now youre moving between brave new world and 1984

  6. It should be remembered that although Hugo Chavez verbally attacked our country on many occasions he was very friendly with Obama when he took office. Venezuela, like Cuba, was cited as a country that the USA should copy.
    The results in Venezuela are the results facing the US if all the global warming policies are incorporated.

  7. I don’t want to appear to be rude to some of the commentators here who are spreading malevolent propaganda but no-one knows why Venezuela has the financial crisis it currently has but this story has nothing to do with climate either way.

    Further no political ideology is exempt from exploitation. A few examples of recent events that have not worked out well.

    A few years ago America and Wall Street inflicted the biggest economic shock on itself and the rest of the world in decades – totally born in the USA.

    America must surely now realise the damage it has inflicted on the middle east with the ridiculous regime change policies that have destroyed countries and thousands of innocents.

    Venezuela cannot be accused of any such actions.

    And I always find the line about socialism “running out of other people’s money” amazing !

    The corporate collapses where all too often corporate “thieves” exploit the law and escape with all the available cash leaving everyone else broke and the company worthless didn’t involve “running out of other people’s money” ?????

    The only positive thing that could be said about anyone declaring bankruptcy is IF they weren’t a stock market listed corporation and the only money they lost was their own.

    Any other example may be lawful but amounts to theft of other’s money in some circumstances.

    Why is the bankruptcy of Solyndra or Abegona a positive for demonstrating the folly of “renewable” energy and socialism but Trump’s is somehow evangelical in support of capitalism ?

    Surely they are all examples of failure and if anyone came out with any money at the end perhaps a recommendation for investigation into possible malfesance ?

    • Rosco, in reply to your comments:
      “no-one knows why Venezuela has the financial crisis it currently has”
      – We do know and it is socialism as explained by Mises in the early 1920’s. You can read about it here:

      “The corporate collapses where all too often corporate “thieves” exploit the law and escape with all the available cash leaving everyone else broke and the company worthless didn’t involve “running out of other people’s money” ?????”
      – The difference is choice. I can choose to invest in a company and if they go bankrupt I loose my money. I can also choose not to invest in a company. Socialism forces everyone to pay, choose not to pay and you are punished.

      “The only positive thing that could be said about anyone declaring bankruptcy is IF they weren’t a stock market listed corporation and the only money they lost was their own.”
      – Bankruptcy plays an important part in the economy. When a company goes bankrupt it allows the unproductive company’s assets to be sold off to others that can put them to profitable use. Something that did not happen with the fallow sugar fields in the article.

      “Why is the bankruptcy of Solyndra or Abegona a positive for demonstrating the folly of “renewable” energy and socialism”
      – I am not familiar with Abegona. Solyndra is an example of a company that went to the government to get socialized money instead of raising voluntary money in a free market. Instead of individual investors being able to say no we don’t want to invest, taxpayers were forced to invest in this boondoggle.

  8. From Margarita Island Venezuela. Hi, Im venezuelan. We are living a real social-economic disaster. The problem here is the corruption. The actual governament says that it is socialist but that is unreal it’s just a muppet. The militars have the control of the polítics and the oil national company PDVSA. Is important to say that the low oil price is a problem and another problem was el niño because it was so so HARD. In conclusion the venezuelan people will never support a “socialist” or “comunist” governament again. In my opinion in a short time We are going to have a new president and a new economic system (free marketing) I hope to see a prosper country soon

  9. So then, let’s bring this back to the Good’ol USC !

    10,000,000+ Americans would follow Old-Man-Nut-Job into Hell as he welcomes them !!


    The 10,000,000+ would Venezuela the United States in less than a heart beat (Notice I didn’t say simply heart “beat” and that is because Old-Man-Nut-Job’s followers [Worshipers] don’t have a heart as most zombies don’t either, oh and let’s include “soulless” too!!!) if and if not precisely when they could !!

    And Part ll…

    The mainstream media convenienty avoids these issues because the mainstream media sold their souls decades ago, let’s just say circa 1979, thats when climate “Science” began, just ask that “Hoe” from Texas !!!


  10. RickS- Looks like you have the honor of becoming the second case of ergot poisoning in the new ice age, as well.

  11. The UN is the ultimate socialist state desperate to rule centrally with a command economy. How can it come to this after so many examples of failure? Brexit is good for the UN who will inevitably ooze into the power vacuum of a decimated EU. The huge drop in the pound is great for Britain as it is running a record high current account deficit but all Nations are trying to lower their currency and this may cause a worldwide currency crisis. If this were to come about the UN will take control.
    The people will beg for such leadership.

  12. When I was in grade and high school back in the 70’s and 80’s, the great famines of the early Soviet Union and China were always held up as examples of how collective, centralized government planning always resulted in tragedy for The People.
    It was always pointed out that until the farmers were allowed to control their own land and benefit from their own labors, famine was the order of the day.
    When I look at my son’s history books nowadays, this poignant lesson is missing.
    When I speak to millennials about such things they look as though I’m speaking in a foreign language.

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