‘Very unusual’ snowfall east of Anchorage

“People at Eureka Lodge woke to an unpleasant but probably brief return of winter Monday morning.”

“The lodge got 6 to 8 inches of snow, owner Darla Fimpel said by phone.

“It was still snowing Monday morning, though, and an employee had started on a snowman.

State plows cleared the Glenn Highway around the lodge, she said.

“The lodge sits above 3,000 feet, high enough that June snows aren’t out of the ordinary.

“The first week in June it’s not unlikely for us to get an inch of snow,” Fimpel said. “But this much snow is very unusual.”

Eureka Lodge is located in Glenallen, about 120 miles east/northeast of Anchorage.


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  1. Mid Summers day is in 10 days time, the Arctic refreeze will recommence in 11 weeks time on or around the 3rd week of September, 77 days. Just sufficent to raise a crop of migratory birds and allow them to fly south again.


    That implies 288 days of below 0C tempretures and increasing over time as the warm period shinks each year.

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