Victoria, Australia – Severe damage for farmers

$180 million in damage.

“It all started in early November when an incredible late season frost blasted most of western Victoria,” says this Australian website.

“Temperatures dipped below zero, freezing lentils and chickpeas across most of western Victoria and wheat near Ararat.

“Some farmers are comparing the devastation to that of a bushfire as they were forced to watch on helplessly as a year of hard work and hundreds of thousands of dollars of income went to waste.”

The Victorian Government estimates the freeze caused $180 million in damage.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria, Australia – Severe damage for farmers

  1. Summer in Australia but —
    Sudden unseasonable cold, the shortened growing season as the sun cools, and to help the government ensures that the cost of its unreliable electricity will rise dramatically.
    Australia is just a portend of what is to come for Western nations. And the politicians will all have their plausible deniable excuse ready to hand — “But this was not foreseen, everyone said CO2 and Global Warming was the issue!”
    And some thought that the misanthropic “doom peddler” Paul Ehrlich (and John Holdren — look-up the book ) ideas weren’t being taken seriously, but those ideas are cherished by the likes of Al Gore, and UN elites and bureaucrats.

  2. hay/mulch n feedwheat will be plentiful and cheap..
    problem being theres still heaps of good feed bales left from last yr in many sheds round here.
    Bom are saying the lanina will be short and end in autumn
    err well, they havent been right so far so not many of us will be trusting this either, late but wet winter a few warm days then rain/cooler to cold all the while they kept telling us it was recordbreaking heat warm winter while we shivered and sunk in mud. second planting veg garden has??? ZIP corn peas beans even sprouting cos the damned soils still cool!!

  3. Record breaking rain hit VIC after that frost, striking SA first just as farmers were harvesting the winter cereal crops though they were able to wait it out and crops did dry without mildew forming. However there was a downey mildew warning for VIC.
    Earlier sodden fields plowed for spring veggie planting did dry out in SA with a few weeks of warm weather coming just in time.
    The rain has returned now with very low overnight temps, 13C in Adelaide in December which is Summer.

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