Video about the emergency in Puno, Peru

Video about the emergency in Puno, Peru

It’s heart-breaking to see all of the dead animals, killed by the snow and cold.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this video

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  1. sad, and getting aid to them…would take so long, theyre so high up and so isolated. by the time they get the help mobilised its too damned late.
    no trees=no wood for decent roof battens for shelters I noticed. some decent aluminium or steel strips,that we lucky firstworlders so often dump as scrap would go a long way to helping these people manage better.
    such small things for us, are huge barriers to survival for them, to afford or even get access to.
    makes me feel spoilt and so guilty I cant help in any meaningful way.

  2. A cold wave and snow hit high altitudes (4000 to 5000 m) of southern Peru, Puno province near Lake Titicaca. Thousands of animals mainly llamas, alpacas, and sheep died. One man age 80 died when his hut collapsed from the snow. We see security personal carry the body out on a 4 hour hike. One family lived in a cave five days with their animals, babies, and elders. About 12,000 families were cut off and isolated. Hundreds of huts’ roofs collapsed. Many suffered from snow blindness. The lady reporter comes across a women walking down with her baby on her back. She says the baby has a fever. The woman has no socks. We see some people recovering in a clinic in a village. The mountain people speak both Spanish and Quechua.

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