Video – Holuhraun Volcano, Iceland, November 2014

Like looking into the bowels of hell.

If anyone tries to tell you that nature is benevolent, invite them to view this short video by Jon Gustafsson.

Holuhraun Volcano, Iceland, November 2014 from Jon Gustafsson on Vimeo.

“All of this was shot handheld on a Canon 6D through a small sliding window,” says Jon. “The key is to work with a great pilot but I would also love to try this with a 4K camera and stabilizing equipment.”

Video info:
Directed by: at
Music by: Veigar Margeirsson
Pilot: Reynir Freyr Petursson

Thanks to H.D. Mellema for this video

13 thoughts on “Video – Holuhraun Volcano, Iceland, November 2014”

    • Given that Iceland is just a solid cap on a very big mantle plume plus the mid Atlantic rift fault I would have to say that anything is possible. Some think that the Siberian Traps eruption at the end of the Permian lasted a million years and killed off as much as 90% of all life forms on earth and it was fed by a mantle plume. Something to think about. What would a similar event do to the atmosphere over time? With all that sulfur dioxide constantly being injected in to the atmosphere one would expect a temperature decline plus acid damage to life forms. Under the right conditions would this not contribute to an extinction level event?

  1. iceland keeps hanging on… but gaia seems intent on removing it from her face.

    on a serious note, when is the US going to start taxing nations for allowing volcanos to spew toxic atmosphere harming global-warming elements in to our air? Seems Iceland owes us a great deal of reparations.

    • No the reparations are the other way round.
      For consuming 75% of the worlds resources by 25% of the popluation and then wasting them in a throw away culture, and the biggest wastes of all, the two worlds largest financial frauds – 1920 and 2008 subprime, and now creating the biggest fraud of them all, the AGW Carbon tax fraud.

    • What are you talking about? There is no way to stop a volcano with current day technology. They can’t tax a country for something that isn’t their fault. US can’t tax any foreign country for anything but imports, anyways.

    • How could a geological feature of the earth owe you or humanity anything? Please do a reality check. The world is just doing it’s thing and you are just along for the ride.

    • I was born and raised in Iceland,but left for the US in 1967. I am keeping a very close eye on this because I have feeling this could be the end of Iceland,eventually kick starting Laki,Katla and Hekla.
      On a “less serious note” who the hell is the US to bill anybody for anything. Let them bill GAIA. Iceland is not doing this GAIA is.They can do a Google search for the address.

  2. Just wait until we experience a magnetic reversal. Then it’ll be hell worldwide. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. What I found particularly interesting – even though it is obvious – is the large area of ice free ground surrounding the volcano.

    Natural “ground” and volcanic rock both have a low thermal conductivity – volcanic rock probably due to its nature of trapped air pockets – but this low conductivity still keeps the ground clear of ice for significant distances from the actual vents. The “boiling” lava is contained by the sides of the vent.

    As Robert often says with thousands of undersea volcanos having been identified – for example the Pacific ring of fire – there simply cannot be any mystery as to what is heating the oceans.

    Luckily water is subject to free convection and “spread” the “heat” – makes more sense to me than surface waters supposedly “heated” by the radiation from evil manmade CO2 and – once heated – defying thousands of years of known science and deciding to sink to the bottom when every known rational observation says warmer water – or any liquid or gas for that matter – actually rises in the containing environment.

    Surely the death of the “greenhouse effect driven climate change” hypothesis had to be the invention of the excuse the missing “heat” suddenly decided to defy all rational science and “hide” (like a naughty schoolchild) at the bottom of the ocean !!!

  4. you guys are hilarious. taking what is obviously a slap at watermelons as serious. yet, many greenies have thought such a thing re: taxing bush fires, taxing US states for forest fires, taxing farmers for burning their croplands.

    If they were to take that the rest of the way, then they should demand taxes\reparations for what their country spews via volcanos especially if they want to tax countries on their total CO2 output.

    Greenies are antihuman and antifreedom pure and simple.

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