Video – How the Laki Event effected the UK

Amazing documentary on the massive eruption at Laki in 1783.

BBC timeline Killer Cloud Laki eruption Iceland.

Thanks to Simon for this video

4 thoughts on “Video – How the Laki Event effected the UK

  1. There’s no need for concern: If there’s any problem it will be Bush’s fault; or whoever the next Republican “villain” will be.

    That’s all that really matters: Assigning blame to conservatives.

    • I’m not aligned with any party. Nearly all politicians strike me as being self-serving. Some are just more obvious than others.

      It takes a rare one to care about public health and well-being.

      That’s why I don’t point fingers at him or her; I just focus on telling people who are willing to listen, collect supplies and learn the skills I will need later.

  2. Wow! After having read Dark Winter, this really puts things into perspective! And I too noticed that the High is currently in the same position now that brought the Laki “fog” to Europe back then.

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