Video – We’re just 15 years away from a “mini ice age,” scientists warn

Video – We’re just 15 years away from a “mini ice age,” scientists warn

“AOL is actually reporting this? Amazing,” says reader.


So what does that mean for us? Pretty much what you’d expect.

Bitter cold winters – cold enough to freeze River Thames in England, which is exactly what happened when the last “mini ice age” hit between 1645 and 1715. /21208356/?icid=maing-grid7%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl8%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-1115257387

Thanks to Don Bishop and Michael Jenkins for this link

“This is something that hasn’t happened in 300 years,” says Don.
“I was totally stunned today to see a headline and article on AOL / Huffington Post today,” says Michael. “The headline, “Scientists Warn ‘Mini Ice Age’ Could Bring Deep Freeze,” describing the work by Professor Valentina Zharkova in the U.K., regarding a coming major reduction in solar output that may result in another Maunder Minimum.

How did that get past the censors? Heads will roll at AOL / HuffPo for letting that cat out of the bag. Check it out soon, before it’s removed.

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  1. One has already started in 2013 I feel, it has been masked by the grand solar maximum that ended around 2000 and and large amounts of heat the oceans took in during that 50 + year event, lag time is ending.

    July summer Frost in Europe the last few days another signal.

  2. Wonder when the new hockey stick will make an appearance?
    Showing man made global cooling.

    Seriously people, this is perhaps one the most sobering moments since the advent of bits and bytes in the 60s.

    Wonder if farming will become legal again here in the south or are will we still be under bondage?

    Already people that had different opinions(not all but most) on global warming vs cooling are coming up stating that this is most sobering and quite scary, as well it should be. \

    Will we be herded into larger cities where we can be better taken care of by our Uncle Sam?? Where was that cave again?

    Time to get mind set now eh.

    Be seeing ya

    • I don’t think we would be herded anywhere. Herding people costs time, organization, and money, and more people already die in the winter from cold than in the summer from heat. So a vicious cold snap will do the trick.

      All they need to do is turn a blind eye to a cold snap and let nature do their dirty work and let the dominoes fall. No expenses paid, and no one to blame but the victims themselves for being ignorant. I’m more inclined to believe we would be abandoned before we’d be targeted.

      So if you have several back-ups in place, you will survive. Backups for heat – When electricity fails, use your wood stove. When the local government places a temporary ban on wood burning (for air pollution reasons, they have done this before), use a propane heater and make sure your carbon monoxide detector is in good working order. Multiple types for different scenarios.

      • One of the most amazing things brought to my attention recently is that China has giant empty cities already build in AFRICA. Where has our news been on that one.

        My son sent me to stuff on it. I’ll try to find it again. Maybe I’ll just go move in. They have water, power, roads to nowhere and lots of empty buildings. They have done this in multiple places.

          • Where the new I-49 is to come in due west of my location new bridges have been built into small communities, 71 highway needs them much more, new steel tall standing power lines have been installed going into small communities. And yep hometown Wal-Mart stores came up rather quickly following the new interstate. Are stocked with more food than we can ever dream of purchasing before expiring.
            What cometh my way from a pipeline leading out of Mexico??

            Sheep herders??

            Where was that cave again??

        • You might want to look at tropical medicine in Africa first.

          Some of the worse possible health issues (not forgetting Ebola, but add to that malaria, schistosomiasis, sleeping sickness/trypanosomiasis, possibly the worlds highest AIDS rates, onchosomiasis, etc., etc.) are in that part of the world.

          Just heard a talk yesterday from a Navy microbiologist who just came back from Liberia, dealing with the Ebola epidemic. Sobering, and scarey!

          • TIs’ not a secret that WHO experimented and or still experimenting with different strains of AIDS infused into inoculations.


      • Buy southern farmland…you can’t go wrong. Check your soils first, and what it was used for (i.e. cotton & tobacco are highly chemically intensive).

    • Why am I not surprised. The warmist censors must have dozed off for a minute when the first version went to press.

    • ” The model suggested the minimum might temporarily slow down the warming process by 20-30 percent. But within a few decades afterward, the temperatures would go right back to where they would have been anyway. Sigh. ”

      Reread the last two sentences in that quote following the update. “…Anyway. Sigh.”

      Need I remind people this is a reporter? At first, the article is full of data and science, and the update is full of… emo? What kind of language and style is she using for this update? This is something a high school student would type in a blog. It smells like bias (towards the truth) and disappointment (in her superiors).

      It seems to me that this reporter is sick of the Global Warming fraud too. I interpreted “sigh” at the end of the article to be directed at TPTB and not at the public.

    • That is funny. It’s like they don’t know what RSS and UAH satellites show for the past 18 years. Slow down? How about stopped a while back?

  3. This is a similar prediction to some others.

    Dr Libby in the mid to late 1970’s said “looking forward it will stay cold until the mid 80s (it did), then it will warm by about 1/4 degree F until the end of the century it did), then it gets cold”. When asked how cold she was predicting a 1-2 degree F drop with an outside chance of a 3-4 degree drop.

    Dr Abdussamatov at Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory says not only are we likely to get a little ice age in the next 30 years but that we could be in for a 200-300 year cold spell.

    While I hope they are wrong I’m insulating and any windows that need replacing are being replaced with triple pane.

    • Perhaps you might want to fill the building with concrete to stop the roof caving in with weight of extra snow

    • We are due for a 100,000- year event with all of the growth of the continental ice sheets and alpine glaciers seen during the last event. However, while conditions will gradually grow cooler and wetter in the coming years, it seems doubtful to me that anyone living now will be alive to see Chicago or Detroit buried under a thousand feet of ice. Mini Ice Age conditions? Yeah, we’ll probably all see that. 🙁

  4. If we are just 15 years away from a “mini ice age,”; of course , it will be the result of Mann-made Global Warming…

  5. At first it’s treated as “clickbait”…then (in 1-3 yrs) it becomes obvious. The US wealthy have all cashed out of their northern real estate. What’s left are the worst examples of multiple Detroits, which we’re all somehow made to pay for….along with greatly higher food & energy costs. But that brings real revolution & regional super-states in the South & West.

    Europe is just now recognizing what the Euro has done for Germany & screwed everyone else [see: ] so this could fall apart about the same time the cold hits big-time. The UK doubles-down on Thatcher’s adamant refusal to join & turn British agriculture over to Brussels. The EU comes unraveled like a cheap Soviet suit.

    Global markets will telegraph all you need to know, buckaroos.

    • The UK kept the pound sterling and also operate with the Euro. They are and have been considering going back to their own currency. The situation is much more complex and is weaker than they want any to know.

      • Here in the UK, we only use sterling. We have never had the Euro (i’m glad to say) and hopefully never will, so therefore i’m not sure where you heard we are “considering going back to their own currency”?

  6. This site has been proven right even when they said globe warming was on us. I think they knew, and just said the opposite just to save some time to get troops in place. Jade Helm 15. preparing for lack of food. unrest. Time to move south.

    • Yep. Move south. no one else will think of that. LOL.

      Just kidding.

      We believe with the inclusion of the weight brought into the equation from the 11,500 year cycle, that we may be seeing a much stronger change than expected. Can I be wrong? Yep. It’s the weather. BUT here is the idea, some scientists have presented a hypothetical. From their studies in these longer cycles they see sudden changes are more common than not. To the point. As I understand it we literally could wake up tomorrow and experience 3 feet of snow and I’m in a place where it’s been over 90 degrees for weeks on end.

      It just seems with the 360 year cycle, 206 yr AND the 11,500 converging right now that we should expect worse than better.

      I’m open to better.

  7. We’re almost into a Maunder solar minima event now. What he is talking about, I think may happen much sooner, say in another five years.

    • Since I’ve been waiting for such a long time, I hope you’re right about this happening sooner than later. I’d still like to be here in order to see what all those naysayers have to say when the cooling begins. But at the age of 68, I might not have the time to wait 15 more years. 🙂

      • At 67 years that applies to me as well. A 15-years- postponement would suit me though. I hate cold!

    • Since I’ve been waiting for such a long time I hope you’re right about this happening sooner than later. I’d still like to be here to see what all those naysayers have to say when the cooling begins. But at the age of 68, I might not have the time to wait 15 more years.

  8. To follow up on my post about the (amazing!) “global cooling” story on AOL, I see, about 5 hours since I posted my comment about the AOL story, that it has already been removed from their rotating list of 40 news stories.

    Presumably, they got a call from the White House, and some poor devil at AOL just got fired for that slip-up.

  9. I posit that this is now becoming public knowledge because those in charge have come to the realization that the Solar minimum when coupled with the fact that we are overdue for a new Holocene Style event means that there is little time to prepare, and the cooling cycle facing us is much much deeper than previously contemplated. This will be more disruptive than the industrial age and the information age combined. Stated another way, this could put civilization as we know it back a bit….

    • I rather doubt that “those in charge” would do anything that doesn’t somehow enhance their own POWER. That understanding should be the starting point in this discussion.

      The real change here is the willingness of some Big Media – Ruling Class owned and controlled Big Media – To allow any such discussions such as this to become public, discussions that serve to undercut the Glo-Bull warming meme and let it seep into the public debate. Now THAT is a change.

      Q: What reason could they possibly have to let any argument that undercuts the “humans-are-killing-the-planet-with-CO2” meme to roam loose in public?

      A: Some in the Ruling Class believe that this will somehow enhance their POWER.

  10. TV New Zealand news on Monday July 13… Likely little Ice Age -citing the discoveries at the University of Northumbria. Echoed in the morning on line Stuff web site Tuesday 14. But by afternoon we are told on Stuff website not to worry , cooling not likely just because of a quiet sun- citing scientist Victoria University New Zealand Dr James Renwick
    So theTV news announcers can relax.

  11. It’s unlikely that major rivers in England and for that matter the Rhine that have major Power Generation sites on them will freeze over due to the amount of waste warm water returned to them.
    Equally in London during the Maunder period London Bridge acted as fresh water dam or weir and retained slow moving water in the lower reaches of the Thames its this area which froze.
    This Solar Minimum started with the first shallow AMP event during SC23 and has continued with the Major AMP event during SC24. It has taken this long (19 years) for the excess energy stored in the oceans by the previous Solar Warm period which ended in 2008 to be released back to the atmosphere and returned to space.
    At present the prediction for the length of the Solar minimum is this cycle, the next SC25 and a recovering cycle during SC26. The cycles which follow will be similar to the 1930 before leading to another Solar Hot Period like SC21, SC22 and SC23.

  12. Where do they get the 15 years from? It has already started, just look at the weather events around the world.

  13. The talk here may be of a coming mini iceage in the near future, that is very probable. However there is much too much concentration on immediate / short term of temperature changes. The longer term picture is more informative and for mankind much more disconcerting.
    Our current beneficial, warm Holocene interglacial has been the enabler of mankind’s civilisation for the last 10,000 years. The congenial climate of the Holocene spans from mankind’s earliest farming to the scientific and technological advances of the last 100 years.
    The usual lengths of past interglacial periods are 10,000 – 11,000 years, so the Holocene epoch could well be drawing to its close. A climate reversion to full, encroaching, glaciation is therefore foreseeable, if not overdue, in this century, the next century, or this millennium.
    Using ice core records and looking at climate change from a century by century or on a millennial perspective the overall millennial difference during the Holocene since ~8000BC has in total been a cooling of ~-1.8°C to date.
    The data shows the early Holocene encompassing the “Climate Optimum” of ~ 7000BC and lasting for about 7000 years was relatively constant with a temperature loss of only about -0.05 degC per millennium
    However since 1000BC up to the present day the temperature drop was at about 10 times that rate at ~0.5degC / millennium.
    The last millennium 1000AD – 2000AD has been the coldest millennium of the Holocene overall.
    Most of the Holocene temperature loss, ~-1.5°C, has been in the last 3 millennia since 1000BC.
    The scale of temperature changes that alarmists anticipate because of Man-made Global Warming and their view of the disastrous effects of additional Man-made Carbon Dioxide emissions, the much vaunted and much feared “fatal” tipping point of +2°C would only bring Global temperatures back to the level of the very congenial climate of “the Roman warm period”.
    If it were possible to reach the “potentially horrendous” level of +6°C postulated by Warmists, that extreme level would still only bring temperatures to about the level of the previous Eemian maximum. The world has been there before and survived.
    Current Modern warming does not even bring temperatures back to those of the Medieval warm period.
    Already the most recent 3 millennia which have experienced accelerated cooling, a continued natural climate change towards a colder climate would now appear more, rather than less, likely. This makes the late 20th century warming look congenial but pretty insignificant and nothing to get distressed about. Now that the warming of the last 25 years seems to have tailed off the world can now only expect to revert to cooling again in line with the millennial trends. The predicted mini iceage will just be part of that trend.
    Warming alarmists expect the man-made effect to reverse the climate trend of the last three millennia within this century.
    Just not plausible !!
    In other words, viewed in historical context, all policy decisions to curtail warming are facing in exactly the wrong direction.

  14. I saw this a couple of days ago on the UPI feed. Just now I read the article over at Huffington Post–you should see the global warming crew going into overdrive. I suspect that given all that insane weather last winter–and some that is happening even now–the MSM is coming to the realization that the gig may well be up.

    • It was reported on left leaning government tv in New Zealand – Most unusual.
      We have had a constant drumbeat of “we are all going to fry” stories in the lead up to Paris.

  15. For what it’s worth, I went over to HuffPost to check the story again and–unsurprisingly–it is no longer there (and I first clicked on the link on the Yahoo feed about 90 minutes ago.

  16. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they decided to spread these news now. Does it suit their agenda in some way, I wonder?

  17. The rich must have placed their bets during the 25 years of bullshit. Now they want to drive the value of those bets through the stratosphere.

    Expect to see areas for growing staples shift 5 – 10 degrees closer to the equator, with obvious implications for land values.

    Short Canadian, Ukrainian and Argentinian land? Not to mention the Northern Mid-West…………

    Key questions are what will happen to rainfall in California, North Africa and the Fertile Crescent, not to mention the source regions for the Tigris and Euphrates……….don’t see a reduction in heat decreasing productivity there, nor in most of India.

  18. Getting past the censors:

    Quote: ““This is something that hasn’t happened in 300 years,” says Don”.

    I didn’t realise that HuffPo had been around that long!

  19. I disagree that the solar cool down is coming in 15 years. I am of the opinion that it has already begun and is accelerating. The end of the solar cool down may end in 15 years, but the damage will already have been done. Slow starvation or fast starvation, pick your poison.

    Decreasing solar output coupled with a declining magnetic field brings increased cloud coverage and possibly more volcanic activity.

    • You are absolutely correct. That is what the scientists are saying also. The cooling has begun and will accelerate. They expect the sun to continue to decline in output to a low in 15 years. I would not be surprised if this wasn’t a “mini ice age” but one that lasts for thousands of years. Store supplies now and construct a greenhouse. If you live in an area that was harsh during “the little ice age”, sell and move now. Once this is wide spread knowledge property values in these areas will drop like a stone.

  20. It depends on just how bad of cold you are expecting….a degree or two we can convert some of the more northern regions to do what is being called freight farming. For those who don’t already know its converting those huge shipping containers into greenhouses that have UV light bulbs installed in them….They also not only pump heat into the building but they try to keep CO2 at around 800 to 1000ppm pretty much twice as much as what is in the atmosphere to accelerate plant growth. I’ve heard of such farms are already in the Boston/NYC megalopolis and I have seen them in various areas of Northern Minnesota

  21. California: Snow in the Serrias this weekend.
    Personally it is the coldest SoCal summer I remember in 50 years.
    Pelicans flying south to Mexico is the thousands.
    Chop and store firewood and stock up on food folks.

    • You say the pelicans are flying south. Are there any studies of the leaving times of migrating birds from your part of the world.
      Be interesting if birds further north are leaving earlier than usual.
      With the sun cycles, the PDO and the AMO both in negative it might be an indicator of another cold winter up there.
      Downunder its colder than usual.

      • I recall an article 2 years ago about Snowy Owls heading further south, when the Vortexes started up.

        • Talking to local wardens the snowy’s were seen as far south as Oklahoma as far west as Hawaii and East into New York here in the States.


    (CNN)Scientists have made a discovery about the sun’s “heartbeat” that they say indicates that Earth’s Northern Hemisphere could experience a deep freeze in 15 years.

    The sun has a “solar heartbeat,” or cycle of activity, that produces energy that causes sunspots and solar flares. Scientists at Northumbria University in northeast England developed a model that illustrates the history of these heartbeats and that predicts there will be irregularities in them. The model suggests that solar activity will fall by 60% during the 2030s

    • Anyone notice this line in the CNN article ?

      “The researchers’ model showed a 97% level of accuracy, said Valentina Zharkova, a Northumbria University mathematics professor.”

      Now where have I seen that 97% figure before – just can’t put my finger on it at the moment ???

  23. Get more CO2 into the atmosphere.
    For one, the plants are starving for it: “The fundamental reason why carbon dioxide abundance in the atmosphere is critically important to biology is that there is so little of it. A field of corn growing in full sunlight in the middle of the day uses up all the carbon dioxide within a meter of the ground in about five minutes. If the air were not constantly stirred by convection currents and winds, the corn would not be able to grow.”

    Secondly, the whole fable of man-made global warming (AGW) is in any case a political and intellectual fraud, as in

    Thirdly, AGW is, further, not allowed by THE FOUR LAWS WITHOUT WHICH NOTHING WHATSOEVER THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE THAT HAPPENS, HAPPENS as in and their corollary as in

    And lastly, that Little Ice Age is entirely under Sun-Control and no human political intervention imitating King Canute could do anything about it anyway.

    • Fortunately fast growing corn requires cell respiration which uses O2, and gives off CO2(no different from animals).
      In this way, plants can provide some of their own CO2 needed for photosynthesis. I never see this mentioned, but see many mentions of CO2 as ‘plant food’.
      They also need Oxygen in order to grow. I don’t know what the ratios are for production and consumption of O2 and CO2 for plants, but I imagine it depends on several factors such as time of season, growth stages, light intensity, and so on.

  24. So an ice age “slows warming” eh? Just like starvation reduces weight gain?

    I hope this report is wrong! I don’t want another ice age, mini or otherwise, just to spite the AGW crowd.

    Their foolishness may cost me money, a real ice age may cost me my life.


  25. Personally I’m more worried about the drastic effects of what the increasingly weakening earth magneticfield is going to bring about for our planet and humanity in the(near) future.
    If a magnetic polar reversal is in the making, it won’t matter much if our climate becomes a bit cooler than usual, for the effects of a disappearing magnetic field will be infinitely more severe, climatewise, with geological upheavals and destroying our biosphere in general.
    I find it remarkable that the greater scenario as mentioned above never seem to be discussed on this site.
    Why is that I wonder? Is an imminent polar reversal regarded as an unlikely event in our lifetime, or are we too apprehensive to discuss this mostly lethal scenario should it come our way ?
    I believe the magnetic Northpole has accelerated its excursion from Alaska into Siberia and if it reaches the point of no return below a certain latitude, it could mean the start of a magnetic poleshift with unforseen consequences !
    What say you ?

    • “I find it remarkable that the greater scenario as mentioned above never seem to be discussed on this site.”

      Really? Where have you been? You have definitely not been reading this site or its sister site.
      Have you ever read Roberts books?
      Are you a troll?

      • Didn’t know that other site is still there, couldn’t find a link on this site. Sure, I’ve read Robert’s books and why do you think I’m a troll ? ?
        Are you new on this site ? I did suggest to Robert a while ago that ice and magnetic reversal info be combined, for there is such a strong link between them. No reply so far.
        I quite often comment on articles and refer certain articles to Robert.

  26. The magnetic field may be weaker this time compaired to the last mini ice age and may actually be a arctuarian pole shift .The weaking is enough to break the bond of the earths lithosphere .This weaking is actually internal . When the bond breaks the crust of the earth will shift over the expanding core and lava. Fields.This is similar to what Charles Hapgood believed. What hapened to atlantis.

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