Videos of Massive Pileup Wreck on Ice in Fort Worth, Texas

Includes video of FedEx truck and trailer slamming with staggering force into the 100-car/truck pileup.

Brutal Arctic air across much of the United States has led to treacherous conditions on the nation’s highways. At least five people perhaps as many as eight or more – were killed and many injured in a massive pileup in Fort Worth, Texas. Car after car after truck crashed into each other on I-35, which was coated in a slick sheet of ice.


Thursday, February 11. This particular video is circulating on social media and is believed to be originally posted to Facebook by Edgar Velazco Moncada.

6 thoughts on “Videos of Massive Pileup Wreck on Ice in Fort Worth, Texas”

  1. oh yeaugh and these same dead people were told 22 years ago in 1998 by Al Gore and others that snow and ice was going to be a thing of the past long by now. These people are now dead! These politicians should be facing homicide charges for all the deliberate lies. Instead we have an ice age here.
    And the snow and bitter cold will get much worse in decades ahead.

  2. theres this saying in Aus
    “drive to the conditions”
    so with ice snow limited visibilty etc
    wtf? are all these drivers doing such high speeds for??
    nice to see the dog rescued hope there werent more trapped or killed. poor thing will be likely jumpy at noises for a looong time

  3. Someone on the local TeeVee here in DFW pointed out that If there wasn’t the concrete barriers to prevent cars and trucks from swerving and avoiding the wrecks it would be much less damage and probably deaths.

  4. It is up to the driver to get off the road in unsafe conditions.
    They must have the courage to defy their dispatchers, who are not at risk and are under pressure from management.
    Drivers have been ruined for far less than that Fed Ex example.

  5. Can happen anywhere. Especially where people aren’t accostomed or equipped for ice. Who would buy snow tires in Texas? This year they should’ve.

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